The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 427 - Burning Sky · String of a Rainstorm

Chapter 427

Burning Sky · String of a Rainstorm


Ever victorious?


There was no word to describe the charging momentum of the Snowdance Corps.

The fire burst on the mountainside, and dense bullets poured out like heavy rain. In the three-nation coalition, no matter whether one was in the Fire-flaming Realm or Thunder-shocking Realm, everyone took action without reservation.

The numerous attacks turned into dazzling lights and shadows.

3,000 people were constantly decreasing, but the speed of the charge was getting faster and faster, like wildfires wantonly invading the front line and a frenzied tide running in the deep ocean.

The attack was like fire.

The momentum was like thunder.

They broke the sky.

It was no longer like a troop.

It was like a knife, a sword, a killing intent, pure and integral.

When Li Zonghu, who had been rushing in front of the 3,000 people, stepped on top of the mountain, the scarlet Star Flag flew in his hands. The three-nation coalition forces standing in front of the array began to retreat almost instinctively.

30,000 vs 3,000.

But the whole situation was completely reversed in an instant.

It was impossible to describe the situation on the mountain with the word defeat.

The most vivid description should be collapse.

It was the most complete collapse.

The dense coalition without borders immediately became loose when they contacted the Snowdance Corps.

The sound of artillery fire seemed to freeze for a moment.

The boundless thunder light and flames shot out from all corners of the battlefield, covering the entire battlefield. Ice layers condensed and burst out in all directions.

The setting sun was like blood.

Blood flowed like streams.

On the summit of the crossing between Oga State and Wulan State, a large swath of scarlet blood waves, corpses, limbs, skulls, and broken weapons were condensed together. In a scene like the Asura hell, the sun gradually set and there seemed to be an everlasting thunder light in the sky. Ice frost and flames flew in the storm of power at the same time, with blood and death, and turned into a cool and enthusiastic picture of war.

In less than five minutes, the 30,000-person coalition was torn directly from the front by the Snowdance Corps.

They were like wolves, like the devil.

But after all, this was the legion, the most elite combat corps that were completely dedicated to killing and fighting.

The 3,000 soldiers gathered together and were exactly like a huge meat grinder. The meat grinder moved forward slowly, and harvested the life of the coalition as if harvesting crops.

After 10 minutes, the coalition forces completely collapsed.

The last rays of the sun shone on the hillside, and the entire mountaintop had completely turned into the color of blood. In everyone’s sight, the scarlet Star Flag of Zhongzhou State was still dancing, unusually mad.

In the sights that had begun to shake, the soldiers of the three Eastern European countries looked distorted.

Some people threw away their guns and fled wildly.

Some people cried with pale faces.

Some people knelt down subconsciously and raised their hands.

Similarly, some people seemed to have lost their rational sense and shot crazily, and in the end, they jumped directly.

His body shook slightly. The initial pain had passed, and he gradually became numb.

Raging Fire in his hand could no longer condense.

The more than 10 bullets embedded in his chest, belly, and shoulders were getting colder and colder.

His body temperature was getting lower and lower.

In the moment of life and death, he reached out and held the epaulette on his shoulder.

The epaulette, which represented the rank of Colonel in Zhongzhou State, was taken off by his trembling hand and handed over to his most trusted subordinate.

The boundless darkness in front seemed to gradually erode, and the countless sounds in his ears became chaotic.



“Elder Zhang!”

“No crossing over.”

“Observe the battlefield discipline.”

“To the Commander!”

Countless chaotic sounds seemed to be ringing in his ears, and then went away gradually, farther and farther from him.

The Border Control Corps had the strictest battlefield discipline and rules.

The entire army was unit-based.

The five units were divided into divisions.

The divisions were based on regiments.

Pushing down like this, they could be specific to the class level.

On the battlefield, regardless of any combat establishment, when their immediate superiors were killed, they were not allowed to collect the corpses, but only the epaulettes and ranks of the dead. After the officers’ death, all subordinates had to be immediately assigned to the establishment of the same level of combat institutions and continue to fight.

No hesitation, no irresolution.

This was the battlefield and the war of the Border Control Corps.

There were only two words for the Border Control Corps on the battlefield.

Fight or sacrifice.

Those alive would continue to fight.

The victims would spread the flesh and blood on the battlefield, and only their epaulettes would eventually return to the homeland.

His epaulette left his palm.

The colonel’s sight was completely blurred.

When the darkness surrounded him, he remembered the golden epaulette that he had just worn on his shoulder, his wife and daughter at home, and Zhongzhou State. The darkness became darker, but everything on the battlefield suddenly became clear.

The colonel laughed suddenly.

An extremely intense fire suddenly burned in him.

He closed his eyes and his body was completely tight. In the terrifying sights of the three nations’ allied forces, his body flew over like a shell.

The power turned into a raging flame.

Then the cruelest coverage followed.

There was no sound of explosions, but a fire with the last rays of life exploded suddenly and devoured everything in countless desperate screams.

The Border Control Corps were still moving forward, and no one even looked at him.

From beginning to end, they received only one command.


The Star Flag ahead was still flying.

The former Thunderbolt Battalion of the Border Control Corps became the Thunderbolt Division of the Snowdance Corps. Their world had no territory or land, but only the Star Flag.

Where the Star Flag fluttered, there would be the corpses of the Thunderbolt Battalion without the Thunderbolt Battalion soldiers.

Zhongzhou State’s strongest elite corps fell down one after another.

The allied forces of the three states began to fall piece by piece.

30,000 people seemed to have surrounded 3,000 people.

But the whole scene seemed that 30,000 people were completely crushed by 3,000 people. The entire battlefield became fragmented with the charge of the Snowdance Corps. In the most central position of the army, as the Snowdance Corps advanced, the torn army formations were becoming increasingly scattered.

At the forefront of the Snowdance Corps, the flying Star Flag was about to completely break through the blockade of the 30,000-strong coalition forces.

For the coalition forces, this was an absolute shameful defeat.

But watching the Snowdance Corps rush over, everyone felt relieved.

In the face of the real army soul, everyone seemed to realize one fact.

Dignity was far less important than living.

The Snowdance Corps were about to break out of the coalition blockade.

Suddenly, the Star Flag in front suddenly stopped.

It turned around.

Suddenly, the Star Flag, which was getting farther and farther, began to get closer.

Li Zonghu never rushed out of the army array completely. But when he approached the last side of the army array, he did not hesitate to change his direction and rush back again.

The morale of the entire Snowdance Corps rose to the limit in an instant.


Charge back!

The army array that had become incredibly disorganized was instantly cut through again.

The allied forces of the three Eastern European countries began to flee in horror.

The first deserters began to appear on the battlefield.

Deserters were increasing.

It was almost time to go.

At the end of the coalition array was the headquarters that Li Zonghu never approached. A dazzling thunder light suddenly covered over from a hundred meters away.

The master of Wulan State, who had always been hidden in the army array, finally took action.

They were originally the power that would lay out the overall situation. The top leaders of the three states hoped to use the ordinary army to use up the strength of the Snowdance Corps, and eventually let the master realize victory.

But now, the strength of the Snowdance Corps had not been used up too much, and the master sitting on the border was completely unable to sit still.

A hundred meters away, the dazzling and condensed thunder light spread rapidly in the air, and directly hit the Star Flag in the front of the Snowdance Corps.

It was a Lieutenant General of Wulan State who took a shot. As a master who was close to the Half-step Invincible Realm, he could be sure that Li Zonghu was not his match. Now he took a shot that he had been preparing for a long time, at almost no less than the ordinary Half-step Invincible Realm. As long as this strike killed Li Zonghu, it would definitely be a huge frustration for the Snowdance Corps.

The lightning spread like a dragon.

The figure of Lieutenant General of Wulan State rushed into the sky, and came with the thunder lightning.

He made his fists slightly.

A full-strength blow, at almost no less than the Half-step Invincible Realm, had a huge surging force. It was about to completely cover Li Zonghu.

The world suddenly became extremely quiet for a moment.

The chaos of the battlefield seemed to be gone.

The last rays of the setting sun remained tenaciously in the sky.

But all of a sudden, the sky seemed extremely dark.

The dark sky was glowing slightly, and the crackling sounds suppressed the fights on the battlefield.

The air was getting chaotic under the dark sky.

Hundreds of meters away…

Under a dark sky, the General of Ninth Heaven of Zhongzhou State Yi pulled the somewhat exaggeratedly giant bow.

The bow was like a full moon!

The bowstring was pulled to the limit in an instant.

There was a thunder in Yi’s hands.

The thunder converged into an arrow.

The Lieutenant General of Wulan State, who was close to the Half-step Invincible Realm, was within 20 meters of Li Zonghu.

But under the dark sky, these 20 meters looked like 20 miles.

“Kiel, run! Run away!”

A hoarse sound suddenly sounded behind the Lieutenant General.

An extremely condensed killing intent instantly locked the Lieutenant General.

The Lieutenant General looked up at the sky subconsciously.

The sky changed for a moment, and there was a strange blue in the darkness.

The Lieutenant General narrowed his pupils suddenly.

It was not night.

The darkness that enveloped the sky was the extremely dense thunder.

The absolute blueness continually converged, and eventually turned into the darkness of death.

The Lieutenant General reluctantly turned around.


The sound of an arrow off its string suddenly passed through the entire battlefield.

A faint blue arrow almost reached the front of the Lieutenant General as soon as the sound was heard.

When the faint blue arrow passed by, the dark sky completely collapsed. The thunder fell like heavy rain and destroyed everything.

This arrow shot at the Lieutenant General of Wulan State.

But where the arrow passed by, all Wulan State Coalition forces turned into powder.

There was no time for them to escape.

The faint blue arrow was like a blue light.

The Lieutenant General had just moved for a moment, then the arrow shot directly into his chest.


It seemed that a bomb had exploded on the battlefield.

The blue arrow passed through hundreds of meters and smashed all the defenses of the Lieutenant General. It smashed his entire body directly in the air. The huge force wiped out his corpse and raged around him. Where the blue light passed, both the elites and the soldiers were shattered.

The whole battlefield became extremely silent for a moment.

The three states’ allied army was slaughtered by the Snowdance Corps.

None of the masters hiding behind dared to take action.

That earth-shaking arrow represented too much.

Everyone thought of a legendary general in Zhongzhou State.

Zhongzhou State seemed to have only one elite who used a bow.

Suzaku, one of the Four Spirits.

General of Ninth Heaven Yi and the one in his hand that looked like a nightmare to the enemy…

“Is this the string of a rainstorm?”

Lin Youxian looked at the huge bow in Yi’s hand, and his eyes were a little fiery.

The string of a rainstorm was one of the legendary Four Spirits Armors, as famous as the Azure Dragon Armor of Zhongzhou State Azure Dragon Gongsun Qi—Dreamy Curtain of Night.

Attached to Dreamy Curtain of Night was the world’s top optical camouflage ability.

The biggest feature of this string of a rainstorm was deformation and energy aggregation.

To some extent, this bow already had a prototype of hot weapons.

Yi did not say anything and slightly relaxed his palm for a moment. The huge bow in his hand began to twist, eventually entangled on his arm, spread all the way, and became a close-fitting and colorful one clinging to him.

“It’s your turn.”

After the arrow, Yi watched Lin Youxian and said in a calm tone, “Xuanwu will follow you with two groups of terracotta warriors.”

Yi stretched out and pointed forward.

On the hillside, the Snowdance Corps was still struggling and rushing.

Yi referred to another direction that was in chaos but temporarily was not affected by the Snowdance Corps.

“I choose there.”

Lin Youxian shook his head and pointed to the left side of the three states’ allied forces. “Hand the middle over to the Snowdance Corps, the right to the terracotta warriors, and the left to me.”


Yi and Li Wangsheng frowned at the same time.


Lin Youxian smiled.

The soft sword straightened in his hand.

He slowly moved forward, and his own breath began to change gradually.

His injuries from the former battle with Gu Xingyun had not yet recovered.

However, he broke through from the stabilization phase of the Thunder-shocking Realm to the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm, so his injuries had been completely suppressed.

One sword in hand.

Lin Youxian thought of the Martial Arts that Li Tianlan had told himself.

Such Martial Arts had no choice, no so-called path, no light and darkness, no reality or illusion.

Martial Arts were Martial Arts.

His Martial Arts were swords.

That was kendo.

The simplest Martial Arts and the simplest kendo were the hardest.

The Martial Arts and the sword of the Invincible Realm.

Such Martial Arts did not require roads; therefore he did not need to make a choice.

Therefore, Lin Youxian was completely determined when he broke through.

He did not need to choose anything.

He had his own kendo, so he still chose 24 Moves of Sword.

Lin Youxian came to the foot of the mountain.

Countless coalition forces appeared in his sight.

Lin Youxian narrowed his eyes and relaxed.

The mad sword intent spread suddenly around him.

The soft sword tightened and stretched across the grassland.

The sword intent gradually turned into a storm.

He chose 24 Moves of Sword.

After all, one day it would become his own 24 Moves of Sword.

Lin Youxian clenched the hilt of the sword, and the whole person suddenly spun around.

A violent storm rose suddenly at the foot of the mountain.

The Eighth Blade · Burning Sky.

Lin Youxian’s body spun wildly, rushing from the foot of the mountain toward the top of the mountain with a spinning sword light.

The storm wind turned into a hurricane, with a huge whistling sound that rang throughout the battlefield from top to bottom.

Lin Youxian’s figure had disappeared.

The sword intent had disappeared.

There was only a crazy storm that was almost completely out of control on the battlefield.

The storm moved forward.

Boulders and grass rushed into the sky.

The entire mountain trembled violently under the storm. The mountain was completely torn by the storm, began to collapse, and was eventually swept into the storm.

The whole mountain seemed to fly completely after the sword.

This was just a sword.

But it was like a sword for eternity.

The storm formed by the sword light tore the mountain peak and rushed into the crowd amidst the shaking ground.

Bloody rain!

Just as predicted before, it was the charge of the Snowdance Corps.

Yi’s arrow.

His sword.

They were enough for this battle.

Wulan State, August 7…

At 4:50 pm, the 30,000 coalition forces of Wulan State, Oga State, and Ross State encountered 3,000 people of the Snowdance Corps at the border of Wulan State.

At 5:25 pm, the 30,000-strong coalition forces completely lost their combat capability and completely collapsed.

In half an hour, the 3,000 of the Snowdance Corps went in and out three times in the 30,000-person coalition army array, and completely dissolved the last trace of the combat capability in the coalition.

At 5:40 pm, the elites of the Snowdance Corps officially entered Wulan State and rushed straight to Recchi City.

At this time, 12 hours had elapsed since Li Tianlan set off a dramatic change in Recchi City.

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