The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 429 - Slaughtering · Long Rainbow

Chapter 429 Slaughtering · Long Rainbow

No matter how advanced an object is, it is not as agile as strong people.

Known as the strongest war fortress in Eastern Europe, the gate of the Rekvia castle was completely shattered in the full-scale charge by two masters in the Invincible Realm.

Although this situation was not considered desperate, the pressure of that moment enveloped everyone’s heart like a dark cloud.

It was still raining.

The puddle of rain swallowed the gloomy light.

The sky gradually went from day to night.

The solemn and serious atmosphere froze everyone’s expression.

From the top to the bottom of the castle, everyone looked solemn.

Tostel stood in the command room at the center of the castle, and his body completely tightened.

As the usurper of the Rekvia family, this was the moment when he was closest to success, but also the most dangerous moment.

All this depended on the outcome between Li Tianlan and the Jiang family of South America.

Plus the winner’s last choice.

All the weapons in the castle were ready.

As Jiang Qiansong moved forward, the automatic system accurately locked Jiang Qiansong and Black Ghost.

Jiang Qiansong slowly moved forward, and his pace was calm and relaxed.

In front of the crumbling gate of the castle, the strong man of Rekvia still survived.

As Jiang Qiansong moved forward, Rekvia’s masters in the Thunder-shocking Realm and the Fire-flaming Realm retreated in a large scope.

Li Tianlan still stood at the top of the ancient castle, squinting at this scene without saying a word.

In the command room, Tostel took a deep breath and slowly said, “Fire!”

Jiang Qiansong could not move.

He moved forward step by step, which was intimidating.

Li Tianlan could not move.

Time was on his side, and he had plenty of time to make a choice.

But Tostel had to move.

Standing there, he had no retreat.

He chose Li Tianlan and Zhongzhou State. This choice meant that at least he had to make some actions consistent with his current position.

He really did not like the Jiang family of South America.

Especially after the collapse of the Polar Ground Alliance, the intimidation of the Invincible Realm was reduced. In the face of the ambition of the Jiang family of South America, Rekvia could hardly see any living space in the future.


Li Tianlan’s odds of winning were great.

Tostel believed that.


It was heavy and clear.

He repeated it again.

As long as he helped Li Tianlan gain this victory, Rekvia would be on the big ship of Zhongzhou State. Not only just a chance of living, but maybe Rekvia would be more brilliant in the future.

That prospect was definitely worthy of Tostel’s struggle compared to being annexed by the Jiang family of South America.

The Rekvia executives in the command room were still hesitating.

Tostel, who had completely made up his mind, walked over directly and pressed a button to activate all the weapons of the castle.

A harsh alarm bell rang suddenly throughout the castle.

The figure of Jiang Qiansong officially stepped into the castle.

The numerous lasers burst out in every corner of the entire castle.



With the dull sound, the entire huge castle began to change slowly.

The wall closest to Jiang Qiansong was shaking madly.

The walls in all directions were squeezed slowly by the flying lasers.

The entire structure of the whole castle began to deform slowly. After abandoning some tedious but useless buildings, the entire castle looked sharper and uglier.

Li Tianlan watched all this quietly.

His palm moved slowly.

Falling Stars gradually turned into a silver sword blade, which he held tightly in his hand.

The domain of the Thirty-meter Mortal World opened beside Jiang Qiansong.

Jiang Qiansong was expressionless as he punched the walls squeezing close to him without hesitation.

The earth-shattering explosions resounded without warning.

The squeezed walls encountered huge forces and directly touched the self-destruct system. A violent explosion stagnated for a moment outside the domain of the Thirty-meter Mortal World. Then the intense fire completely devoured Jiang Qiansong and Black Ghost.

The fire blasted the domain of the Thirty-meter Mortal World wildly with the impact of the explosion.

The moment the flames suddenly covered him, Jiang Qiansong raised his head subconsciously.

In sight, the place where Li Tianlan had stood was already empty.

Jiang Qiansong’s heart sank slightly inside.

The entire castle seemed to move completely at the moment of the explosion.

The muzzles of launching the lasers in all corners of the castle turned at the same time.

Countless laser beams converged on a huge stone ball in the center of the castle.

The stone ball, which seemed to be arbitrarily placed in the open air of the ancient castle for decoration, suddenly turned in the convergence of the lasers.

The converging lasers entangled and spread around the rotating stone ball, and finally were interwoven into a light curtain with a terrible high temperature.

All the lights seemed to lose all their destructive power in the blink of an eye.

But the heat kept condensing and swept everything around.

Only high temperature.

The extreme high temperature covered Jiang Qiansong’s domain before the explosion sound had fallen, and then rushed to the back of Jiang Qiansong’s domain.

The light curtain continued to spread all the way. When it passed through the domain of the Thirty-meter Mortal World, it quickly melted it away. Outside the domain, the small half of the castle was completely crushed by this blow.

The vast thunder was covered directly the moment the light curtain went by.

Cool Breeze and Drifting Cloud.

All the masters of the Rekvia family all took a full blow at the same time.

This was when the domain of the Thirty-meter Mortal World was the weakest.

It was also the best time to hit Jiang Qiansong.

No one expected the laser weapons in Rekvia to be so formidable.

No one could have expected that the self-destruct device inside the castle in Rekvia would be so powerful.

Not even the Rekvia family had expected it.

This was known as the strongest war fortress in Eastern Europe.

But since the establishment of the castle, this was the first time it had experienced a war.

All the laser weapons ran out of energy at once and destroyed half of the ancient castle. But at the same time, they suppressed Jiang Qiansong’s domain to its lowest point.

The gloomy light of the Thirty-meter Mortal World kept flickering in the fire and the chaotic light curtain.

The blockbuster of thunder immediately overwhelmed all.

Light filled everything.

In the chaotic light and shadow, Jiang Qiansong’s angry roar suddenly sounded.

The thunder was spreading.

The light curtain was spreading.

The flickering Thirty-meter Mortal World blended into a dark blade light in a quiet way.

The whole domain seemed to be darkened in the knife light.

The darkness permeated the light curtain and constantly twisted.

Thirty-meter Mortal World · Stealing the Sky for Another Day!

Stealing the Sky for Another Day.

He borrowed the strength and the power.

With the full cooperation of Black Ghost, the dark sword light and the domain of the Thirty-meter Mortal World were almost completely integrated.

Jiang Qiansong was good at defense.

Black Ghost was good at attack.

This move of Stealing the Sky for Another Day was enough to fully combine all the advantages of the two. This power could even make Jiang Qiansong advance up several places on the Divine List.

The merging of the sword light and the domain madly broke out.

The space was completely broken in an instant. In the dark night that had come dizzily, a layer of gray ripples appeared visible to the naked eye. A devastating explosion and the dense thunder were all absorbed by the gray space ripples.

The domain turned into a dark domain and swept through all the devastating forces.

The whole picture of the world appeared in front of Jiang Qiansong.

But it was not the castle that appeared in front of him.

It was the most real world that escaped from the illusion.

The most real, the quietest, the vastest, the smallest world.

The whole world began to shrink in absolute silence.

There was no sound, no scenery, no night view in the night.

There was only one sword light in the stunned but extremely real world.

The Forever Silent World!

Jiang Qiansong remembered the final maneuver of Zhongzhou State.

In the final maneuver, he had seen this move and had also vaguely tried to capture that trace of sword intent.

But at this moment, the Forever Silent World that appeared before him was completely different from what he had seen before.

This move of the Forever Silent World was just a starting gesture!

The silver sword light rose up a little in the absolutely quiet world.

The sword light was extremely brilliant.

But the sword edge seemed to be extremely heavy.

Li Tianlan held the sword as if holding the whole world.

This sword was not a sword in his Martial Arts, at least not before today.

So when this sword appeared in front of Jiang Qiansong, he suddenly felt it extremely familiar.

This was the sword Li Tianlan had been thinking about.

He had not yet grasped the essence of this sword, so this sword was not the strongest.

But it was the most suitable.

This sword originated from Wang Tianzong, the Sword Emperor of Zhongzhou State.

It originated from the day when he had set off an almost invincible sword with the 10,000-meter sword intent at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

This was a sword he simulated after his constant thinking.

It started with the Forever Silent World.

This move was called Long Rainbow.

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