Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1205 - The Battle is Coming

Rui Butong and Dong Wushang agreed and both went away full of confidence.

To both of them, getting the information that they wanted from a trial, was a piece of cake. Furthermore, both of them had another nasty intention in their mind: To compete and see who can get the information in the shortest time.

Not just fast, but all without making any sound!

This would require some techniques.

Over at Chu Yang’s side, there was still Niu Dafa, who was unconscious.

Chu Yang did not participate in the trial. He just held his chin with one hand, in deep thoughts of how the whole rescue mission would go. How should the strategy be and what were the possible dangers…

Not before long, Dong Wushang came over looking proud. “I have some news.”

Chu Yang’s eyes flashed. “Well?”

“Three days later, the team escorting Han Xiaoran, Sha Xinliang and others would come through Ye Province!” Dong Wushang’s voice was heavy and he spoke as concisely as possible, “Together with the escort, there will be eight Supreme Martial Artists. Amongst these eight, there are four First Grade Supreme Martial Artists, two Second grade Supreme Martial Artists, one Third Grade Supreme Martial Artist and one Fifth Grade Supreme Martial Artist!”

“The rest of the less than thirty people, they are all at Martial Saint level! In addition to these people that we know of, they also have other experts protecting from the dark. However, we do not know their exact figures and cultivation levels.”

“This escort trip is obviously a trap for us. No doubt about it.”

Dong Wushang said, “It was only about the day before that they received news that we would be entering Ye Province today. They then suddenly increased their speed! We have re-organized ourselves for three days and they have rushed for three days. The current distance of the escort from Ye Province is also three days worth of distance!”

“Three more days of distance…” Chu Yang said, “Then, whatever that happened here, we would not be able to hide it from them. They would definitely guess that we would take actions!”

Dong Wushang nodded. “Yes, you are right.”

“Then, it doesn’t matter if we bring forward our actions, or we delay it. It would be within their expectations!”

Chu Yang frowned his eyebrows and took a long while to think and reconsider. He said, “After Ye Province, where would the escort head to?”

“After passing through Ye Province, they would head toward Ling County, then cutting right through the Stack Stone Mountain, bypassing the seaport, followed by the Long White Beach, Dian Province and finally into Law-Enforcement City!”

Dong Wushang said concisely, “Furthermore, the distance from here to Law-Enforcement City is not that far.”

Chu Yang nodded his head and went into deep thoughts.

“Han Xiaoran and the others, a total of twenty-two individuals, all had their cultivation sealed and may have also suffered from torturing. However, their current state of body and mind is still unknown.” Dong Wushang added, after thinking a while.

Chu Yang, with his serious expression, again nodded his head.

At this moment, Rui Butong walked in with a depressing look on his face. Dong Wushang and Chu Yang lifted their heads to look at him. Rui Butong laughed embarrassingly and said, “Ke… My luck is not that good, I’m up against a tough nut to crack… I have already shattered him but his mouth was still shut… He really has guts! I lost…”

Chu Yang started to laugh. “That’s why I said, you are still inexperienced. Any martial artists who have reached this stage in life, would not fear death! Even if they are those who feared death, it would be tough for normal people to use torture to bring them to a life-worse-than-death kind of juncture. Therefore, against these people, pure torturing would not work.”

Not convinced of his loss, Rui Butong said, “Then, Dong Wushang, have you gotten any information? How did you do it?”

“Yes, I managed to get some information.” Dong Wushang said seriously, “I went in to wake him up, then told him that we have captured fifteen of their people! Furthermore, Niu Dafa had already confessed. I’m just there specially to confirm the information. He did not answer my first question, shutting his mouth tight. So I took out one of his eyes with a punch. The second time I asked him, I broke both his legs. Thereafter, I told him that it was useless for him to keep mum. I could just kill him, before I go ahead to question the others. There are fifteen of them, definitely we can get something out from at least one of them. If he did not want to die terribly without a soul, he would obediently talk. As expected, he talked on my third try.”

“F*ck, so simple?” Rui Butong was dumbfounded. “I have almost torn him apart, but he still kept mum.”

Chu Yang snorted and said, “You must have told him we captured only three of them?”

Rui Butong said, “Yes, you’re right, I said that I don’t believe either of you three would open your mouth!”

Chu Yang and Dong Wushang looked at each other, speechless. Chu Yang rubbed his eyebrows for a while before he said, “In future, this kind of business, let’s try not to let Rui Butong handle it!”

“Yes.” Dong Wushang agreed readily.

Rui Butong’s pride was hurt badly.

He wanted to defend himself, but Chu Yang had already gone to wake Niu Dafa up. He said indifferently, “Heard that the law-enforcement team escorting Han Xiaoran would be passing through Ye Province in three days?”

Niu Dafa stared with his eyes wide, without saying a word.

“Heard that there are a total of eight Supreme Martial Artists, four of them are First Grade, two of them Second Grade, one of them Fifth Grade and one of them Third Grade?” Chu Yang asked.

Chu Yang continued to ask five to six questions and Niu Dafa finally responded furiously, “What’s the point of asking, when you already know all the answers? F*ck, who is the traitor amongst us? Pei!”

Chu Yang nodded his head and gave a signal with his eyes.

Dong Wushang stood up and gave a kick to Niu Dafa that knocked him out. Immediately after, Dong Wushang carried him onto his shoulders and jumped out of the room.

He had gone to destroy his body, along with any evidence of it.

Dong Wushang was indeed an experienced and efficient handler for these kinds of situations.

Chu Yang sat on the chair in deep thoughts. He then said indifferently, “If I were the law-enforcement officer in charge of escorting them, I would be on high alert at all times, all places. Therefore, a sneak attack would be impossible. We would have to face them head-on.”

“If I were the one escorting them and having already laid a trap, regardless of the situation, I must still send someone to confirm the situation in Ye Province, just before I reached, right?”

“In order to have the quickest reaction time, it would likely be at the time when they are still two days away from Ye Province. They would likely send a Supreme Martial Artist to rush over at top speed to confirm the ground situation. The rest of the group would proceed at the original pace… The latest, it would be one day later that the Supreme Martial Artist can reach back to the group, to exchange any information. So, they would have one day to prepare.”

“Therefore, they would be the weakest in strength at about two days distance away from here. That would be tomorrow!”

“Once they have passed Ye Province, their strength would not be separated anymore.”

“And the further they go, the closer they are to the Law-Enforcement City. therefore… the threat becomes bigger.”

Chu Yang frowned his eyebrow and said, “Butong, pass me the map.”

Rui Butong brought over the map and said, “Big Brother, if we can think of this, so can the enemy. Therefore, they would know that the road to Ye Province is the most dangerous. They would definitely be on full defense along the journey. If we…”

Chu Yang said indifferently, “It is exactly because of this, that we must take actions during this period.”

He examined the map inch by inch and finally, his finger rested on one particular place.

“Eagle Beak Cliff? Rui Butong lifted his head to look at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, the Eagle Beak Cliff! This is a place where a sneak attack is most difficult. One can see wide and open here. Furthermore, even if we manage to succeed, in a short time, we would not be able to escape their sight!”

“Their vigilance may have some drop here, but how would we be able to escape? Furthermore, we have to bring along so many people?” Rui Butong asked with a puzzled look.

Chu Yang replied, “I am exactly pondering over this aspect.”

Dong Wushang came in and said, “Big Brother, at critical junctures, there might have to be sacrifices.”

Chu Yang let out a long sigh. “Sacrifices…”

Rui Butong and Dong Wushang lowered their heads.

Especially Dong Wushang, he felt a warm sensation on his face. As a brother, he could totally understand Chu Yang’s sentiment. However, he still had to propose this plan which seemed totally devoid of any compassion or regard for brotherhood!

The current situation was that it was already an extremely uphill task to rescue the main target! Furthermore, even the three of them might have a chance of being compromised during the rescue operation.

If they were to plan for the safety of everyone, it was likely that in the end, everyone would die!

Chu Yang painfully pondered for a moment before he said decisively, “We have only three primary targets. Han Xiaoran, Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan! During the operation, we will judge based on the ground circumstances. If we can safely rescue everyone, then we will bring them all out. If we can’t… if we can’t…”

Dong Wushang and Rui Butong sadly lowered their heads.

Chu Yang finally gritted his teeth and said, “If we cannot, then we will just grab these three people and be on our way out! If even these three people cannot be rescued, then just any number will be a bonus for us!”

He clenched his teeth and his eyes were calm and ice cold. “I have to emphasize this point, to first protect ourselves! Only if we are safe, can we rescue them. If even we are compromised, then that will be just mere physical courage without a plan! It will be stupidity!”

Both Dong Wushang and Rui Butong seriously nodded their heads.

“Let’s begin our operation now!” Chu Yang stood up and said, “You both, what else do you need to prepare?”

“What else can we prepare for this.” Both of them gave a carefree and easy-going smile.

The three of them looked at each other sternly before they broke into laughter.

The mountainous pressure that was just formed suddenly dissipated into nothingness with this laughter…

Chu Yang was in front, followed by Dong Wushang and then Rui Butong. The three of them came out of the room in a single file. They looked up into the sky and saw a night sky full of stars and a bright moon.

“Let’s go!” Chu Yang took off quickly and instantly, leaving behind just black smoke.

Dong Wushang and Rui Butong caught up with Chu Yang without a word. The three of them formed a line and flew towards their destination in this windy and dark night.

On the way to the destination!

Eagle Beak Cliff.

Three strokes of black shadow arrived here around midnight.

Here, there was only a solitary mountain. In the first half, there was a hook shape protrusion, just like an eagle’s beak. In the middle, there was actually a concaved hole.

Other than these, the three sides of the mountain were just boundless stretch of grasslands with a dense growth of green grass that swayed with the wind. There was a single path, cutting right through the grassland, meandering far ahead. On the other side, it was a sharp cliff that had perfectly vertical walls! Furthermore, there were also cavities and potholes.

A glance here could already see through the entire landscape. Chu Yang frowned and thought for very long, before he finally confirmed this plan.

“Once the battle starts, remember to stay out of sight, Butong. Wushang and I will take care of the fighting. Once we managed to rescue our target, you will be responsible for stopping the enemies from chasing us!” Chu Yang’s eyes flashed and it reflected the starlight. This moment was actually bright and clear.

“No problem.” Rui Butong replied, “I am only worried… that Third Grade Supreme Martial Artist and that Fifth Grade Supreme Martial Artist… how should we deal with them.”

Chu Yang exchanged a deep breath and spoke heavily, “I will handle them!”

He turned his head and said, “Wushang, you have improved by one grade for your cultivation. An Eighth Grade Saber Saint taking on two of the First Grade Supreme Martial Artist, do you have confidence?”

The thick lips of Dong Wushang moved and he replied short and concise, “If it’s just to hold them back with all my might, I have thirty percent confidence to do so for five breaths. If it’s more than seven breaths, then it will be certain that I would die!”

Chu Yang stared into the distance and said leisurely, “I only need the time for two breaths.”

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