Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 262

Chapter 262

What else can I do? With mix cold feelings…I just understood that that girl just wanted to be able to get my combat spoils, and all my supplies were left with her . When Brother Roach deducted my pay for a month, that woman didn’t look at me in a good way . Until the day before yesterday, when Brother Roach restored my pay, that girl came to me for more supplies, and said she wanted to talk to me . “

[TL: The term “凉拌呗” is a Chinese slang that is a bit hard to explain . More details at the end of the chapter . ]

“What did you tell me this? Just because I took you for the first time? “Sister Cao’s voice was a little rough .

“No…it’s not that…how do I say it? The woman that I have been interacting with for the longest time is you . At first, I didn’t think of it, but now I found out that even if I die, you might die along with me . Anyways, however you say it . This world is live a day count a day, you are older than me and I don’t care, even if you work in the grain depot . ”

“Shut up!” as Sister Cao yelled . A pistol was pointed at the machine gunner’s head again, and this time the machine gunner wasn’t afraid . The surrounding fire glowed shined onto his face, showing his unprecedented seriousness and earnestly .

“I say if you want to shoot the gun, just fire . Even if you have any previous experiences, so what? I don’t care anymore . I know you are doing this for me, and that’s good enough for me . I know you’re doing this for me, and that’s enough for me . No one knows what will happen in the future . If I die in a battle, you’ll die too . If you’re eaten by a zombie, then I can’t escape it either . I already thought of it this as way . If we don’t die, we’ll be together . If we need to fight, we’ll fight . If we can have kids, we’ll have kids . ”

“ Who’s giving birth to who’s child!” Sister Cao couldn’t help but take a sip of his lips . She felt sweet hearted, that this little man could talk .

The machine gunner hugged Sister Cao tightly onto the floor . Whispering hot air into her ear repeatedly saying: “I want you to give me a baby, a boy or a girl, we have a lot of them . ”

[TL: I couldn’t help but giggle to myself . And, as always . Google Translate still sucks, but manage to translate most of the terms correctly with some minor deviation to it . But still pain in the butt to fix all their errors on actual meaning of the sentence,phrase, and formatting . ]

After hearing that, Sister Cao broke free from the embrace of the machine gunner, using her two hands to hold his ears . The light of the flame shining onto her face, with two red dots in her eyes . She looked at the machine gunner’s dazed eyes silently yelled: “Right now, I am your boss, in the future, I am also your boss, even if I give birth, I’m still your boss, got that?”

The machine gunner was shaken up and down by Sister Cao, causing him to become dizzy as he nodded his head .

[TL: Sister Cao, take me instead of that coward!]

Afterward, Sister Cao shoved the machine gunner to the ground and looked at him and said, “Why aren’t you ready yet, if you want to live fight harder . ”

The machine gunman got up and rushed to the machine gun, holding the trigger in his hand . Thinking about Sister Cao’s words in his heart, his shoulders suddenly trembled . He turned to look at her beside him with a trembling voice and asked, “You accepted? You really accepted my proposal?””

Sister Cao gave him a blank look and started to sort out the ammunition around her while ammo rustled . In front of the darkness, there was a sound of something rubbing against the floor . At first, the sound was quiet . But as more rustling started to combine, the sound became an enormous tide . The people standing on the hill listened as the sound continued to echo throughout the night, as they felt that their existence is rather small .

[TL: This sound part got confusing . Not sure how if its right, but I tried to do word for word translation right here . ]

Ahead of them was the sound of the rustling, turning into a tsunami wave as it slowly rises up from the ground . Rising up to a height that it felt like it was merging with the sky . Even the night sky has merged with the wave, slowly pressuring everyone in their head .

The faces of everyone standing behind Zhang Xiao Qiang began to lose color . Fat Chef and Director Ma couldn’t bear the pressure, as the two thin and fat figures felt like they got malaria and urinated . Both the sound of urination and the rustling tide continued its course, as the two left to a secluded place .

Zhang Xiao Qiang didn’t notice the chef and the guy named Ma has left the scene . His gaze was following the thick rays of the searchlight shining the dark steel jungle, looking for any zombie to appear .

*Tong* A small noise came from the mortar position . Three to five seconds later, the night sky was lit up by the flare as it parachutes down from its position . The cold white light source illuminated its surrounding area clearly, showing everything in its site . In about 800 to 900 meters ahead, a sea of corpses composed of countless zombies slowly moved towards the site . The front row of zombies cast countless long shadows under the illumination of the light source . As the zombies moved, the shadows also moved .

As the corpse wall slowly marched towards them from the forest, Zhang Xiao Qiang pulled out his pistol and shot it into the sky . Before the sound of the gun faded away, the heavy machine gun fired first . Twenty long light chains penetrated the sea of zombies over a distance of 800 meters .

Under the cold white light surrounded by the dark, you can see countless sparks flying into the black corpse wall . The countless black spots can’t be seen by other people’s eyes, but Zhang Xiao Qiang can see them clearly . As the black dots are limbs flying in the air .

*Crash* The 56-type double-mounted anti-aircraft machine gun fired first as it made a thunderous sound . Then the 58-type four-mounted anti-aircraft machine gun also followed suit . The light beam quickly became a small explosion in the size of a duck egg, as it fiercely crashed into the black sea walls of corpses . In an instant, the seemingly indestructible corpse wall was torn apart and flew into the sky as it no longer a black dot .

In front of everyone’s eyes, dozens of thick light beams shot into the thick sea of corpses . With countless streams of what looks like oil spewed repeatedly from the ground and into the air . A vast amount of light beams in the chain spread into the sea of corpses . Under the illumination of the flares, numerous amount of cracks appeared in the thick sea of corpses wall as it begins to split open . Cracks continued to expand along with the extension of the spot light .

[TL: This whole paragraph is a mess for me to understand . Did my best . ]

The next moment, the dazzling white sky returned into the darkness as the flare extinguished . In the absence of light, the countless light beams became more and more bright . One out of every four rounds of the armor-piercing bullets was as bright as red magma . Even more glamorous than the hot red molten steel in a steel-making furnace .

As the flares re-lighted the area, the sea of ​​corpses was once again exposed to the people’s eyes . The formerly flat wall of bodies is now twisted into dog teeth, with the zombies advancing at a slow and silent pace . Some of the zombies have their bodies riddled with holes as bullets blew away parts of the bodies, with internal organs spewing out from the holes . Some were dropped and dragged to the ground, and some were hanging on their fractured ribs . But as long as the spine remains and both legs are still intact, they continue to move forward . Many fell to the ground as they walked, and were quickly swallowed by the zombies behind them .

Everyone couldn’t see the power of these zombies, but Zhang Xiao Qiang could see the power clearly . He kept scanning the entire battlefield, as the battle has just begun . Zhang Xiao Qiang couldn’t hope that he would be able to stop the zombies from 800 meters, even if his firepower had more than tripled during the day .

In Zhang Xiao Qiang’s mind, the real blocking position is a hundred meters before the two hills . As for putting the blocking position here, Zhang Xiao Qiang has a last resort . What is the concept of 50,000 to 70,000 zombies? Calculated as less, the corpse sea in front is 50,000, if they are properly standing on the flat ground, according to the two meters of five zombies can stand 20 kilometers horizontally .

[TL: Though, I had to alter a bunch of the sentences and words/phrase . It was relatively simple, as the whole paragraph was about him strategizing his engagement . ]

Reckoning the ground, the formation of the zombie in front of Zhang Xiao Qiang can cover ​​about five to seven square kilometers . In other words, the attack surface of the sea of corpses in front is at least one to two kilometers long, and two to three kilometers deep .

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