Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 263

Chapter 263

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Seeing this, Zhang Xiao Qiang hated those who wrote history novels . It was hundreds of thousands of them at every turn, with millions of teams out ready for the decisive battle . Even if they didn’t solve their problems of meals, drinks, and break, there were hundreds of thousands of troops spread out across a couple kilometers . There was no Mobile Unicom in that era, still want to make believe?

[TL: Mobile Unicom is, as you can guess, a mobile carrier service in China . Though, the name is not quite accurate, I don’t know jack . Also, the last sentence is very confusing, don’t know what it means: 还想如臂使?]

Zhang Xiao Qiang was escorted to the pit, listening to the report saying that there were at least 50,000 to 60,000 zombies . Zhang Xiao Qiang didn’t think too deep about it . So what if it’s just 50 to 60,000? With a powerful anti-aircraft gun, one gun can shoot through several thousands of them .

When the real fight happened, dozens of machine guns fired into the periphery, and only a few would hit the corpse wall that was several kilometers wide . He Wen Bin, who was commanding at that time, was embarrassed . You use the machine gun, fire at a two-kilometer corpse wall that was one kilometer away . It takes an average of forty meters to drop a bullet, and the bullet may still be hitting air, let alone kill a zombie .

[TL: Google say ‘bullet may still be empty’, I feel like the author is saying ‘still be hitting air . ’]

While you are focus on firing, an amazing gunner can cover a distance of 20 meters, if it’s with an experienced gunner . Switch a person, half of the bullets would be flying into the sky . He Wen Bin only has a dew dozen gunners, only capable of covering the distance of 500 meters . The Type-56 quadruple anti-aircraft gun is powerful, but it can only cover the distance of a few hundred meters . With the two machine guns covering 200 meters, plus the 500 meters of water . There were only 300 meters left to fill to make it a kilometer .

[TL: This paragraph was confusing, almost spent 20 minutes on this . And author made a mistake on the AA gun’s name]

Because of this, He Wen Bin sent someone to pour the gasoline and set it on fire . He almost damaged the two brothers . In addition, the D2 group appeared, and Zhang Xiao Because of this, He Wen-Bin sent someone to pour gasoline and set it on fire . He almost broke the two brothers . Couple with the appearance of the D2 group, Zhang Xiao Qiang had no choice but to let them retreat . While retreating, Zhang Xiao Qiang cursed at the novelist while cursing himself for not using his brain . That is why he set the block and strike zone between 200 to 100 meters . Hoping to rely on the gap formed by the two hills to use as a strike zone . Using the zombie corpse to fill the gap as they swarm into the hole, with the chances of the zombies making it out alive being none .

As the zombies slowly approach, they are constantly being shredded by bullets and ignited by surrounding fire, causing it to spread further out to its surroundings . These inspiring highlights are like bubbles floating on the beaches that breaks instantly under the waves . Under the night sky, the two small hills are constantly spraying beams of light like rain . Continuously piercing into the sea of the black corpse, slowly forming into the shape of a wave . Before it can take shape, the wave was quickly swallowed by the corpse sea before it was fully formed .

I don’t know how long it has been, maybe ten minutes or half an hour . The shooting of twenty machine guns and eight multi-barreled anti-aircraft machine guns, the zombie finally approached the steel tomb 400 meters away . It was a maze Zhang Xiao Qiang prepared for the zombies, with hundreds of abandoned vehicles that are filled with gasoline mess, stacked 400 meters wide and 500 meter long .

Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded at Yang Ke’er, and Yang Ke’er, who was watching and yelling, jumped up . She grabbed a prepared grease torch and lit the bonfire . She stood in the highest point of the circle, burning . The torch danced like a ring of fire in the hands of Yang Ke’er, and the image was imprinted into the eyes of He Wen Bin on the hills next to him as the residual carried into the air .

[TL:I am straight out confused on this paragraph, especially the last couple sentence . Most likely anecdote that I don’t understand]

Ten seconds later, all the machine guns stopped firing . Everything went silent from the two hills, except for the generator . After a while, the soldiers began to get busy, the machine gunners checked the conditions of the guns, the assistant gunners replaced the empty bullet chains, and the workers under Wang Le are checking the barrels of anti-aircraft machine guns .

Zhang Xiao Qiang quietly watched the zombies slowly pour into the pile of scrapped cars, waiting for the corpse sea to be diverted .

*Boom…Boom…* Two thunderous loud sounds shook the eardrums of the soldiers and workers with the flames lighting the corpse . The Type-92 artillery gun fired the corpse’s direction . Zhang Xiao Qiang wasn’t checking for the effect of the Type-92 artillery . He was only looking to see whether the zombies would slowly enter the pile of scrapped cars like he wanted to .

After the world ended, whenever the dusk arrives, darkness flooded the night . Except for the few place where survivors gather, the rest of the place are in complete silence and darkness . But tonight is different . At the intersection of the two counties, the dark curtain of night was lit by light and fire . The silence of the past was shattered by a loud roar .

Explosion burst one after another as it devours the corpses inside it . Countless zombies broke through the interception zone, as the flames of explosion flooded the steel tombs of abandoned cars . Once again the flares disappeared . Under the illumination of the searchlight, the corpse continues to stumble into the steel tomb, filling it till there is no corner left .

In Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eyes, watching these zombies board on the piles of abandoned vehicles stung a strange feeling inside his heart . He felt that the barricades of abandoned cars are like a supermarket that’s about to open, and the thick sea of corpses are customers waiting to enter . The rows of cars are shelves themselves, and the zombies are continuously diverted between the shelves .

A few minutes later, the waves of the zombies already reached the 300 meters mark, and there is a difference between 300 meters and 800 meters . When machine gunner fired at 800 meters, there was no psychological pressure when shooting at the zombies . But when the zombies reached the 300 meter mark, they started to lose confidence .

Zhang Xiao Qiang once took the machine gunner to fight at the bridge, at a small town and even reclaimed a factory . But during that time, there were only a few thousand zombies there, and a couple of shots would clear the boss in open space . All the battle was preset in advance with no pressure at all .

This time, it’s different . The first wave of attack was about two kilometers up front, with the fact that it was night, the line of sight wasn’t that far . Besides the piles of zombies on top of zombies in everyone’s sight, the black skin of the zombies blended in with the darkness . Changing the feelings of the number of zombies in front wasn’t in the tens of thousands but the millions . As they keep pouring in, the pressure begins to build .

This pressure was pressing down on their spirits, flushing in a sudden feeling that the zombies are unbeatable into their souls . Some of the new assault recruits began to tremble in their legs, causing them to forget how to handle a rifle in their hands . Some of the cowards already began to look for retreat behind them, the performance of the new team members left a blank impression on Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eyes .

[TL: The last sentence was VERY VERY confusing . I almost translated the last sentence wrong . I had to triple check the paragraph before I gave it an okay that it is fixed . ]

Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the older members again . The old members’ faces weren’t right, but they didn’t find a way back . They didn’t look around and looked at each other . They all had a tragedy on their faces, a tragedy of generosity to death . They knew that Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the old assault team members again . Their faces weren’t alright, but they didn’t look back to retreat nor at each other . They all carried a sorrowful face, a generous tragic death . They all know that if they can’t keep the base here, they can’t keep anything . Without a foundation to live safely, they can only live around the zombies in the wild . But now that the zombies are starting to go to the countryside, where will there be room for them to live?

“What’s your name?” Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly asked the name of the old member, who was the one who reported the new and risked his life to rescued his teammates today . Zhang Xiao Qiang was very impressed with him .

“I … I … Little … Little Lu Bu … No, no … It’s not Xiao Lu Bu, it’s Lu Xiao Bu . ” The young man who made Zhang Xiao Qiang unrecognizable after shaving his beard nervously said .

“Your performance is very good today, whether it is to report or save someone, I saw it all (1) . ” Zhang Xiao Qiang praised him while nodding, he suddenly shouted “Lu Xiao Bu . ”

“Yes …” Lu Xiao Bu immediately straightened himself and his eyes looked straight up at Zhang Xiao Qiang .

“I now appoint you as the captain of the first combat team . Do you have any confidence?”

“I have confident, confident to ensure that I complete all the tasks explained by Brother Roach…”

“Good . ” Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded with satisfaction . He looked at Lu Xiao Bu and said, “I’m giving you a task today . You’re guard the car down the mountain . As soon as you see someone running down the mountain, you will shoot . No matter who it is, even I am not an exception … “

Listening to what Zhang Xiao Qiang said, Lu Xiaobu’s face changed, with his eyes suddenly rising sharply: “I can do it . If you want to get on the vehicle, you have to cross over my dead body . ”

For those who are confused with the term “我都看在眼里 . ” It an anecdote for saying that, ‘Now I have seen your action with my own eyes, I will take it to heart . ’ This term is mostly used for praising and remembering someone’s good will and action . But it does have moment where it is used for revenge .

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