Chapter 10 Rule

Chapter 10 Rule

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Translator: Tchu

The pitiful creature became completely dumbfounded.

Just a minute ago, the pitiful creature believed that this country bumpkin was somewhat vulgar, but not a bad guy – the appearance of Shaar Thunder had always been very deceptive. Especially his simply “mountain hillbilly” smile and his eyes which under normal circumstances seemed like he could never harm any animal or person could deceive anyone.

Although he was crude, he seemed like a nice guy with a warm heart. Furthermore, this Hillbilly had already saved her twice.

Nevertheless, this pitiful creature probably never heard the saying: Bad surroundings breed bad people!

You should never assume that all country folk were simple and honest. In matter of fact, most country folks were cunning in their own ways.

Additionally, Shaar was born in Primal Wildfire and since his childhood lived amongst anarchistic Primal Wildfire Town locals.

These kinds of people stayed in Primal Wildfire Town: robbers, thieves, profiteers, wanted criminals, prostitutes, pimps, smugglers ……

Fifty gold coins were considered a huge sum of money in Primal Wildfire Town.

Low quality black barley bread cost approximately one copper and ordinary bread cost three coppers.

Exchanging normal bread for three coppers were enough for a person to eat for 2 days.

According to the Empire’s currency value, one hundred coppers were equal to a silver coin and ten silver coins were equal to a gold coin.

A silver coin was enough for a normal person to feed himself for 2 months.

Assuming that Shaar exchanged the fifty gold coins for bread, it would last him for 20 years!!

Such a large amount of money was enough for people to risk their lives.

Shaar Thunder knew that the black market price for assassinations in Primal Wildfire Town was only one gold coin.

With fifty gold coins, you could hire a team of professional mercenaries as bodyguards with high quality equipments and decent skills to protect you for a year!

Not to mention……

Shaar Thunder intentionally gave off an evil laugh while looking at the pitiful creature’s pale face: “Besides, there seemed to be more than fifty gold coins in your leather bag right?”

Indeed, there were more than eighty pieces inside.

Shaar Thunder calmly bent down to put a handful gold coin into the bag and weighed a few times to see how heavy it was. Showing a happy smile, he said:”No wonder you were so heavy yesterday. You were carrying such a large amount of money with you.”

He did not hesitate to take her leather bag into his hand while looking calm and without any shame.

He had no reason to be ashamed of what he is doing.

Shaar Thunder knew very well that there was nothing wrong with his actions.

Whenever travelling in the wilderness of Primal Wildfire, no matter if you were a merchant, an adventurer or a magical beast hunter… regardless of whomever you were, everyone followed a rule.

On the occasion that your life was in danger in the wilderness, if someone saved your life during that time of need, that person has the rights to take all your belongings.

The reason being, if this person did not save you, you would have died anyway.

This did not count as stealing……Only if this person killed you, would this be called stealing.

In the wilderness of Primal Wildfire compassion did not exist, only the naked law of the jungle.

For those who were accustomed to the wilderness, if an adventurer encountered someone in distress with valuables, not killing him was already counted as benevolent. Saving that person from danger before take the valuables was a rare kindness in this place.

When encountering someone cold hearted, getting a slash from his blade while in distress was not something uncommon.

Even when meeting other adventures under normal circumstances, stealing was quite common.

Looking at the frightened pitiful creature, Shaar Thunder started laughing.

The money, he would certainly keep it, but the “dig a hole to dump the body ” a minute ago was actually to scare this fellow. Why did he not obey the custom? With so much money on him, it should be obviously to repay his saviour after saving him twice, no? This was too selfish of him.

“Rest assured, I was just teasing you.” Shaar Thunder slapped the pitiful creatures face twice. She was probably scared silly, since she did not even dodge his hands, despite this Hillbilly using his rough hands to hit her delicate face. With a mocking tone he declared: ” I was just scaring you. Your money belongs to me now, but I won’t kill you.”

“You ……” snapped back from her fright, the pitiful creature looked at Shaar full of fear. She wanted to get angry, but suddenly remembering this guy killing a ferocious Bloodthirsty Great Wolf just a while ago. He showed a ferocious and strong killing intent back then, so she could not help but to worry: “You, what are you planning to with me……”

“What about it.” Shaar looked at this fellow scornfully: “I don’t understand how people like you can come to Primal Wildfire without even knowing the rules. Your money belongs to me now!”

Adding on, he explained the rules here in a few words: “It is considered merciful of me not to kill you here. If it was some other cold hearted guy, maybe you would be already sold to the dwarves as a slave.”

The pitiful creature blinked her eyes a few times, tears were quickly building up and her face indicated that she could burst out crying at any moment.

Shaar looked a little bored when seeing this – as a man, it would not be a problem if you look ugly, but how could he be such a crybaby? Were all the rich people like this?

Fortunately he did not think of the term “girly”, since in Shaar’s view, women were far stronger than this pitiful creature.

“You …… you, how could you do this to me. I…….” The wronged pitiful creature pressed her lips: “I thought you were a good person……”

Shaar did not care about her and turned his back and sat down while letting this fellow cry.

Sobbing for a while, the pitiful creature finally discovered that it was helpless since this guy did not show the slightest compassion. Suddenly, she remembered that this hillbilly still believed that she was a man – and a quite ugly one at that.


Finished crying, the pitiful creatures suddenly started shouting.

Shaar however ignored her and was holding his axe while standing beside the Great Wolf’s body. Facing the dead wolf for a while, he finally started his work.

Using his axe, he effortless cut open the wolf’s belly. Along the midline of the abdomen, he opened a hole and paid carefully attention while splitting the body in two……

With lighting fast movements, the tough wolf’s body transformed a fragile tofu under his axe. Soon, Shaar split up the dead wolf’ body and stripped off an undamaged fur.

Wielding his axe, he easily decomposed the remaining wolf corpse. Great Wolf’s bones were very hard, but under Shaar’s axe which always smartly found the most vulnerable parts of the bone joints, the wolf’s skeleton was quickly dismembered. Taking out the wolf’s skeleton, one could see that most of the bones were completely undamaged.

Under this bloody scene, Shaar quickly waved his axe with ease and even emitted a cruel but strange beauty. Each chop was done without the slightest waste of energy and was performed the most skillful way possible. In his hands, the axe became like a chisel in an artist’s hand!

His every action seemed to the formed by reaching the pinnacle of this art.

Even through this was a bloody scene, it still made the pitiful creature awestruck!

While dismembering the dead wolf, this guy looked more like an art sculptor than butcher!

Since the luggage could not hold everything, Shaar could only reluctantly throw away most of the wolf corpse.

He rolled up the flayed skins, kept few bones from the wolf’s rear leg and pulled out all the wolf’s fangs.

At last, he cut a few pieces of the wolf’s meat from it leg. Considering that this was a male wolf there was a bonus. Shaar hesitated slightly, but waved his axe near its crotch to cut down its most precious thing.

He heard rumours that some merchants in Primal Wildfire Town acquired this kind of thing to a make a potent wine with it.

As a result of his injuries, Shaar Thunder finally took a little breathing time, before he turned and looked at the pitiful creature: “Alright, if you cried enough, then go prepare yourself. We will hit the road soon.”

The pitiful creature immediately looked at Shaar Thunder with a miserable and fearful expression: “You, where are you going to take me?”

Where? ” Shaar deliberately snorted and said while smiling: “Back to Primal Wildfire Town.”

“…… Uh?” The pitiful creature’s eyes widened and gave Shaar Thunder a weird look.

“Hmpf, don’t look at me like that, I’m not so kind.” Shaar cleaned his axe with a distained look: “I did not lie when I refused to go back a while ago, but now the situation changed…” He then patted his swelling leather bag with his hands: “With so much money, I think it would be better to take a trip back to Primal Wildfire Town first. With this money, I can buy some high quality equipment. To hunt magic beasts, I need better weapons and armor. This luxury did not exist in the past, therefore I could only bear with it and risk my life in an all out fight. Since I have money now, of course, it would be better to arm myself. In case I encounter powerful magical beasts, I would have ability to protect myself – my life is still worth something to me, if there are occasion where I can cherish it, naturally I would to cherish it. ”

“But, you ……” The pitiful creature was somewhat taken by surprise: “So you mean, you will bring me back?”

Shaar Thunder smiled and just when he was about to speak, his ears suddenly heard a moving sound along the wind. Not far away, there was a faint sound of strange movements.

Shaar’s face immediately tensed up. From his rich experience in travelling in the wild, he could immediately indentify that it was the sound of a person walking while breaking branches on the ground. Furthermore, listening to the sound, it was certainly more than one person.

Shaar’s face immediately changed! He quickly ran towards the pitiful creature, picked her up while covering her mouth with his hands. With a few fast steps, he immediately hid in the bushes nearby.

“If you don’t want to die then shut up and do not make any sounds! Someone’s coming!”

Being grabbed by this hillbilly, the pitiful creature’s hearts suddenly leapt. When hearing that someone was coming, she wanted to argue, but Shaar suppressed her voice and sneered: “You better do not do something foolish. In Primal Wildfire, it is often more dangerous to encounter people than beasts!”

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