Chapter 11 Experts?

Chapter 11 Experts?

Translator: Tchu

Those footsteps that were coming closer along with the jingling of metals were getting louder. It was obviously that these people were equipped with metal armor and weapons! That clashing sound of metal collision came from someone walking through the jungle.

People travelling in Primal Wildfire with weapons were mostly adventurers.

Nonetheless, bumping into other adventurers in Primal wildfire is not necessarily a good thing.

Shaar understood very clearly that he was at most a small part-time robber, far from professional. Therefore he could not compare to the other “professional” old-hand adventurers in Primal wildfire, who mastered the “dog eat dog” business over the years!

People walking inside this wilderness day in day out, were scratching out a living while risking their lives daily. Nobody here cared about morality or justice, only the weapon in hand decided everything!

Generally speaking, if adventurers encounter their counterparts in the wild, the first thing to do is to make an evaluation.

In case the number and strength of both parties are well-matched, then each party would stay on alert while quickly getting away from each other. Enough distance apart so that they did not interfere with each other.

On the assumption that one side is stronger than the other and the weaker side carried some valuables ……Ahem!

Currently, there were only two people in Shaar’s team and both were injured ……To put it straighter forward, when Shaar evaluated their fighting strength, this pitiful creature was not even considered a “person”, more a burden.

In case the people coming towards them found out that Shaar was in such a weak position, they would surely become greedy and see them as sheeps ready for slaughter it!!

At the start he was penniless, therefore even if he encountered others, they would probably not think about robbing him when seeing his “financial difficulties”.

However right now, he was carrying a superior wolf skin on his back and a large sum of money in his pocket.

Shaar’s whole body was tightened, but each of his movements was agile. Even when grabbing the pitiful creature in one hand, he quickly found a big tree in the distance and climbed up nimbly like a big lynx. He immediately hid his body behind big branches and thick leaves.

Soundlessly, Shaar held his breath and gave a threatening looks towards the pitiful creature whose mouth was tightly covered by his hand. After few moments, Shaar Thunder finally saw the people coming towards him.

The opposite party consisted of four people.

At the head, there was a man who had the appearance of a 30-year-old. He was blond, had a tall stature and a delicate look. The most important factor, he was wearing shiny full body armor! The silver-white armor was polished and radiated in the sun. This guy was also carrying a long-sword on his back which had a red gem mounted on its hilt.

In Primal Wildfire Town, there are only few adventurers who wore metal armors. The reason being, most metal armors were generally very thick and heavy. Wearing such thick heavy armor restricted the movement and speed of the user. Only people with abundant financial resource bought superior armors such as chain mail. These mail armors and helmets were made with superior steel, but the crafting process was very complicated. The covering range was higher than traditional plate mails, but still lighter in weight. It had very splendid deference attributes, particularly against bow and arrow.

Of course the price was not low either. Shaar once saw some people selling one set of this kind of chain mail for five gold coins in Black Alley!

One day, Shaar dreamed of wearing this type of high quality armor to walk proudly on the street of Primal Wildfire Town……

The second person wore a long back fur-lined robe. He seemed short and thin, however that fur-lined robe had a cape and it completely covered his head. From his occupied position, Shaar could not clearly see the appearance of opposite party.

The third fellow had a brawny stature and looked like a great bear. His red long hair had a wild style and he was the strongest looking among them. From the look of it, he was much taller than the rest. With a closer look, Shaar Thunder discovered that this huge muscle mass was actually hiding a lot of fat underneath. On his back, he carried a tortoiseshell formed giant shield made of iron. On the surface, it had flower patterns engraved on it, which Shaar did not recognize. Most of Shaar attention was fixed on that weapon that this big guy was carrying on his back. It was the same type of weapon that Shaar used, an axe!

Nonetheless, Shaar started blushing when he compared that fellow’s high quality axe with his firewood cutter.

It was a superior steel waraxe! A circling pattern was engraved on the handle, which increased the handling of the axe. This pattern effectively prevented the user from slipping while wielding the axe. The axe blade was forged in a white lunar sharp with a fine curving radiant like a crescent moon. The thick backside of the axe emitted the feeling of strength and power. Additionally, on the top of the axe were several sharp spikes!

It could be said that this kind of axe was Shaar Thunder’s long-awaited weapon!

By chance Shaar once saw a similar axe in a weapon shop in Primal Wildfire Town. From the look of it, it was slightly inferior to the one that the big guy was carrying. Comparing to the chain mail, it was slightly cheaper, but regards still an astronomical figure for Shaar: Three gold coins!

Keep staring at the handle of this waraxe, Shaar could not bear but to yearn for something like that. He subconsciously patted his bag filled with gold coins and the hard feeling comforted him somewhat. He could not help but think to himself: Yes, this time I must buy a high quality axe when I am back! Ah, maybe also add a set of heavy chain mail to it.

At the same time, Shaar’s eyes felt on the fourth person.

It was a woman!

Without a doubt, the vast majority of men in this world would not be able to resist and held their breath when seeing such a beauty!

Pink cheeks, eyes like a peach flower, delicate eyebrows and skin fair and white as snow……

Her bewitching pair of eyes was enough to make the majority of men’s heart melt. This woman of young age radiated a heavenly beauty and her body was clad in beautiful leather armor. Why was that leather armor beautiful?

With a closer look, one could see that the leather was actually a rare white rhino skin! A white rhino skin was recognized as one of the finest leather material for manufacturing amors. This skin was tough and firm, ordinary swords had difficult to penetrate it and counted as the king class of Leather. More importantly, it was a rare type of white rhino and worth an indescribable amount of money!

Currently, this beautiful woman was climbing the mountain in this silver painted white rhino leather armor. On the surface, a beautiful pattern of blooming flowers were painted on it. The natural high ventilation shape and the high elasticity of rhino skins were evidence that the production was very sophisticated. Tightly attached to the beauty, it brought forth the attractive curve of her body even more.

Under her armor was a battle dress. Each piece of metal on this armor was formed according to a lotus petal.

This tall and slender girl carried a long bow on her back. Her bow was jet black and made of superior spring steel. The bowstring was very thin and dispersed a silver gloss. Looking at this bow, Shaar could not help but sigh: Oh god, did this woman shit money? The bowstring was made out of a silver string!!

What was even more exaggerating, on this girl waist hung a quiver with merely ten arrows inside!

Shaar gave a closer look and sighed.

The price of every single arrow inside that quiver was probably enough to feed him for ten day! In matter of fact, this was still an underestimation.

Normally, ordinary arrows of higher quality were made with goose plume. Yet the arrows of this woman…… Using his experienced hunter vision, Shaar Thunder identified that the arrow tail were unexpectedly made with hawk feathers!!!

The weirdest part was that there were only ten arrows in the quiver…… Shaar was extremely puzzled by this.

In the wilderness of Primal Wildfire, wild animals and magical beasts were as numerous as hairs on an ox, not counting other countless dangers. Most adventurer archers would take at least two big quivers with them and even that was barely enough.

This woman ……

This group of people had a warrior, a swordsman, an archer and someone who wore a fur-lined robe. The last person might be a pharmacist or even a magician from the legends.

This kind of band was a standard formation for an adventurer group. Furthermore, from the look of these people’s excellent and expensively equipment, they must be experts!

It must certainly be so…… There was another thing that made Shaar sighed……

The appearance of this female archer……

Ah, so there were such ugly women in this world……

It seemed that even ugly people can become experts.

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