Chapter 114: Looking to Get Disgraced

Conquest Chapter 114- Looking to Get Disgraced


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These few words that were said were full of arrogance, and had quite the demeanor befitting of a professional minion. Upon finishing, the magician immediately retracted his head back and hid behind Shaar.

Though the warriors that were across from them at first had a belly full of anger, upon hearing Tatara’s words, their faces changed!


In regards to citizens of the Byzantine Empire, some people perhaps may not know the name of His Majesty the Emperor, but…. The name of Hastings, even deaf people would have heard of it!

Even Hastings was injured by his hand, no wonder that guy was sitting there arrogantly. It couldn’t be that this guy that is sitting there like some uncle was, according to rumors, the general that had wounded Hastings on the battlefield?!

The anger of the black armored warrior Alfred Carter and his compatriots suddenly weakened, their faces changing color. The black armored warrior’s facial expression was particularly spectacular, rapidly alternating between blue and white, and not knowing what to do with the sword in his hand.

What kind of joke are you making? The opposite side even managed to wound Hastings, what could they do with their measly ability?!

However, upon entering Shaar’s ears, this hillbilly’s face began to burn up.

Although he was a little shameless sometimes (uh, rabbit Ruhr, poor worm, Oaks, Sky Raider, Tatara, etc.) but he still had a modicum of self-respect.

Especially upon hearing what Tatara said about Hastings suffering from severe injuries and fleeing, Shaar’s face became redder than a monkey’s ass.

Uh, the heavily injured part was correct, as well as the fleeing…but, that described himself…

He is very clear in his own abilities, that if he really met Hastings again face to face, the one to flee would undoubtedly be himself. Also… uh, with the speed of Hasting’s horse, he’s afraid that escaping in and of itself would pose a very big problem.

However, Shaar’s current expression, in the eyes of the others, was a whole other story- they only saw this legendary figure’s face turn red, his eyes staring at them!

Ah, as for those dodgy eyes … they were like electricity!

The black armored warrior Alfred Carter’s face stiffened for a bit, then let out a long breath, hesitating. Then finally, biting his teeth, finally spit out, “It turns out that my lordship is the legendary figure that had defeated Hasting… I have heard of your name, Lord Shaar! Also, I am reverent towards your deeds and accomplishments, but I am a warrior, and have the dignity of warriors! Since I have already issued my challenge, I will not take it back! Otherwise, I and my entire regiment will not be able to have the face to see others anymore!

Alfred Carter slowly raised his sword, brandishing it, and gritting his teeth. “Although I am not your opponent, I still wish to experience your legendary technique! Please enlighten me!”

Upon saying this, the black armored warrior became resolute, as if he had stepped onto an execution ground.

Shaar opened his mouth a little, but before he could speak, a “puchi” sound came from within his sea of consciousness. It was Dora laughing, full of disdain.

This female dragon’s tone was full of disdain. “How shameless! If Hastings heard of this occasion, I’m afraid he would die of laughter. Humph, this human warrior’s strength truly isn’t that bad, and though his level of Fighting Qi is far from the top, that sword technique is extremely ruthless and sharp. If you really plan on fighting a round against him, if it isn’t to the death, then even if you do win against him, then you would still lose a lot of face.”

Though Shaar was being satirized by Dora, he was silent. In his heart he was clear that this female dragon was correct- if he was not fighting to the death, by relying on the Crimson Rage Qi he could win against the black armored warrior Alfred Carter, but with his opponent’s Fighting Qi, his own defense would be pierced. To obtain a clean victory was nigh on impossible, it is inevitable for him to be injured in the process. Furthermore…. his movement techniques were quick and agile, and his swordsmanship followed a cruel and sharp road, compared to the enemies that he encountered on the battlefield where the combat style was primarily hacking wildly, he has never encountered an opponent like this before. Even with the usage of Crimson Rage Qi… whether or not he will be able to land a strike on his opponent is an unknown variable! A moment of carelessness would mean that he would possibly even lose!

After all, that time when he wounded Hastings with his attack, not only was he in close range, Hastings also had been focusing on Bonfrette at that time. Coupled with his strongest killing move “Dragon Thorn” he had only managed to injure Hastings.

Upon seeing Alfred Carter challenge him so steadfastly, the hillbilly upon pondering again suddenly had a bad premonition.

He stood up slowly, then step by step walked around the table. At the same time, he pulled out the pitchfork that he kept at his waist.

Shaar’s movements were very slow, without aiming to conceal his intentions. Upon seeing this, Alfred Carter prepared himself, and stood his ground, his eyes staring intently at Shaar.

“You should know, I’m a man of the military.” Shaar’s face was serious. As he was born with an honest face, especially with that harmless smile, it made him seem even more deceptively benign. Seeing Shaar slowly raise the pitchfork in his hands with a calm and steady expression, Alfred Carter didn’t move. He was assured that this newfound hero of the Empire would not be the kind of vile person to launch a sudden assault.

Shaar didn’t have the intention to launch a sneak attack, his posture awe-inspiring, he suddenly raised his hand a flicked his pitchfork. With a hum, the pitchfork issued a sound akin to a dragon roar!

“As a military man, naturally I must follow army rules, and can not wantonly start fights, nor can I harm people.” Shaar purposefully lets out a sigh. “So, if you want to have a competition with me, then this request of yours I can not fulfill…. Well, if you can block a blow of my pitchfork, I can consider this as your win, how about it? Look carefully!

After saying this, Shaar didn’t wait for the other side to respond and took a deep breath. Instantly, a bloody light flickered across his eyes, and the pitchfork in his hands slashed diagonally downwards!

With this strike, his movement, in reality, was not very fast, perhaps slow to the point of seeming to be deliberate.

His prior statement of “if you can block a blow from my pitchfork then you win”, but this was calculated. This strike with the pitchfork seemed extremely slow as if swung out without much power behind it, and also seemingly without any technique to be fearful of.

Sure enough, Alfred Carter fell for the deception!

He instinctively crossed his sword in front of himself. His reaction could be considered fast, his sword rose to meet the pitchfork, instantaneously shrouded with his Fighting Qi.

Perhaps if he didn’t block, but instead dodged the strike, then used his ruthless and agile swordsmanship to counterattack, then even if he wasn’t able to defeat Shaar, he could at least have a thirty percent chance of winning. However, by blocking like this, he fell into Shaar’s trap.

With a shriek of metal, the sword in Alfred Carter’s hands almost instantly snapped into two. Though it could be considered sharp, Shaar’s monstrous strength coupled with the assistance from the Crimson Rage Qi easy snapped it and made Alfred Carter’s hand numb, his body staggering back multiple steps. When he finally managed to steady himself, he raised the broken sword in his hands and stared at it, then looked at Shaar who was standing before him. Shaar had already put away his pitchfork and smiled faintly as he stood there…

Alfred Carter’s face instantly became ashen. He had practiced the sword for many a year, but didn’t expect that he couldn’t even withstand a single blow! At this moment, he was in awe and entirely forgot that he didn’t dodge, and should not have met Shaar’s blow head on with strength, and many other factors. The impact of being defeated in a single blow had pushed everything else out of his mind.

“I… I lost!”

At the moment, Alfred Carter despaired in his heart. He was not a stupid person, and realized that even if the opponent’s weapon was sharp, but to snap his sword so relaxedly and easily, it was not due to the weapon’s sharpness, but rather a magical factor! Previously during that strike, he clearly felt a powerful, unstoppable force looming towards him, and break through his Fighting Qi!

He could definitely not have blocked it!

“I, this disgrace I have brought upon myself, I have no words left to say!” Alfred Carter dropped his sword onto the ground, instantly at a loss. The kinds of lofty aspirations that he once had vanished like a fleeting dream! When he first formed the warrior troop three years back, they had a spectacular debut. After another three years of bitter training, he had originally hoped to gain even more success, but he didn’t expect that upon meeting a real master, he did not last even a single blow!

He turned his body to leave, too lazy to speak another word… he even had the thought of returning home, instead of going to Osgiliath and losing even more face.

However, before he had even taken two steps, he heard Shaar speak out behind him. “Wait a moment!”

Alfred Carter turned his body, fists clenched, and said, “Truly I am not as skilled as you, I am sincerely convinced. However, what does your lordship still want from me? Could it be that you want my life?” Hesitating for a moment, he suddenly laughed. “Ah! It is me that is not thinking clearly! Since I have already lost, how could I not leave something behind?”

He turned around, staring at Shaar and snapped, “I’ll leave my right hand behind, and will never use a sword again! Are you satisfied?!”

Immediately after he spoke these words, his companions next to him started to clamor and cause a commotion. Some of them were about to rush up with their swords drawn!”

“Quiet! All of you shut your mouths!!” Shaar suddenly roared, he glowered and said loudly. “You all are noisy as hell! Is there something wrong with your brain? Why would I want your right hand, to grill and eat it?”

“Then you…”

Shaar let out a laugh, the smile on his face becoming extremely sincere, and slowly said, “During the previous fight, I was just watching your swordsmanship and was really moved by it, so I applauded, but…. Honestly speaking, there are still many problems with it. You seem like a tough and bold guy, if you so wished, I could give you a few pointers here and there.”

Upon saying this, his face showed an earnest smile, but in his mind, Dora began to curse at him ceaselessly. “Shameless, so shameless! You obviously want to steal the technique from him, but you sell it as giving him pointers and even boast about it!~”

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