Chapter 13 The four heavenly masters of Royal Capital

Chapter 13 The four heavenly masters of Royal Capital

Translator: Tchu

An awkward silence lingered in the air for a while…..


The four experts simultaneously burst out laughing. The gigantic man was losing his balance from laughing and the female archer almost her felt down. The magician Bidaldo was the least affected and hid his face in his cloak and stared at Shaar Thunder.

Finally, the blond swordsman Gary chinned up, chest out and took a step forward with a scornful smile on his face. “Little pest, you dared to offend us? You just signed your own death warrant. Hmpf, don’t you know who we are?”

The female archer Martha standing next to them put on a “kind” smile and said “Gary, stop scaring this kid. How could a nameless robber have ever heard of our renowned reputation?”

The gigantic man Nigal peeked at Shaar and yelled:” Boy, we are the famous four masters known throughout the world. Since we are almighty and benevolent, we will give you the chance to lay down your arms, kneel before us and get out of our sights. I prefer not to dirty my axe with your filthy blood. A nobody doesn’t deserve to be killed by my axe.”

After his speech, he started gently fondling the edge of his axe sighed and showed a look of a lonely master who had no equals.

Shaar gave off a mocking laugh: “You guys? Who are you? Are you really famous?”

The blond swordsman Gary and the gigantic man Nigal looked at each other, as if they were signaling with eyes to determine who should teach this guy a lesson. After a short while, the gigantic man Nigal nodded and took a few steps forwards. He gave Shaar an arrogant look: “Boy, we will lessen your ignorance today. Ahem ……Listen carefully, keep your legs strong and do not shit your pants! We are the four heavenly masters of Royal Capital!”

The four heavenly masters of the Royal Capital?

Bemused, Shaar shook his head.

“This is the ‘Silver Juggernaut’ Gary. He had taken penance in the faraway land of slaughter. His longsword was sharp enough to behead a demon in one swing! And this beautiful lady over here is Miss Martha. People know her as the ‘New Goddess of Darkness’. Her mystical archery skill matches her beauty! At last, master magician Bidaldo’s magic is as dazzling as the sun itself. The bright light of his magic would be the last thing you have ever seen in your life!”

Nigal paused for a while, relaxed his shoulders and spoke in a humble way, “As for me, my name is Nigal and people know me as the ‘Beast Spirit Berserker’. My fighting power reminds everyone of the huge power of the ancient beast spirit warriors! Hehe, do not beg for mercy when I crush your bones later.”

He looked down at Shaar, “I, Berserker Nigal, the beautiful Martha, Silver Sword master Gary and with master magician Bidaldo, together we are known as the legendary “Four Masters of Royal Capital! Fuck your mother!”

Irradiating a look of ecstasy, he got ready for this little pest to throw away his arms, go on his knees and kiss his feet.

“Four masters of Royal Capital? Ni..Ma..Ge..Bi? ”

TL: These are the all surnames of the 4 masters. The pronunciation of “Ni Ma Ge Bi” in Chinese means “fuck your mother”.

Shaar whispered their names twice before he felt a burst of rage.

“Fuck! You dare to mock me!! ” Shaar flied into a rage “You think I am stupid and have no idea that you are making fun of me?!”

Seeing this foolish pest not knowing his place and not asking forgiveness before death, the handsome Silver sword master snorted proudly and declared “It’s alright, let me send you on your road to death.”

The gorgeous female archer gave a cold smile “Gary, don’t waste any time with him. Finish him quickly!”

“Oh……Martha is just too kind.” Gary gave a fake sigh and instantly drew his radiant silver longsword and screamed “Little pest, prepare to die. My razor-sharp blade will make it quick and painless.”

If this sentence was said by a famous sword masters from the continent or by a battle hardened veteran from Primal Wildfire Town, Shaar would be scared shitless by now. But with words coming from this guy’s mouth, he just sneered and silently took out his axe!

Gary sighed, raised hand to strike with his shiny silver longsword.

His strike looked very fancy. A white flash could be seen with every strike. On the hilt of the sword, a sparkling ruby mixed a faint red light with the white flash.

His strike could be compared to a magnificent dancing performance. Even the twist of his waist was full of desolate beauty.

The silver glitters fell down in silence…

Compared to the magnificent sword dance of Gary, Shaar’s movements were much simpler. As quick as thunder, he did a straight chop!

Even the pressure of axe edge compressed the wind into the sound of thunder!

Shaar’s flawless chop was acquired by shedding his sweat and blood for countless days and nights. The proof of his diligence could be found in the bared forest near his residence. In order to acquire firewood, he had to walk ten extra miles to find some trees that had not been chopped by him before..


With a ringing sound, shadow of these two figures crossed and separated. Gary kept his posture of lifting his longsword while gradually turning back to sneer at Shaar.

Dumbfounded, Shaar stood there, staring at his rusty axe which was almost split in two. The edge of the axe was badly chipped. It was evident that something worth only three coppers could only have poor quality.

Feeling triumphant, Gary boasted. “Boy, how dare you to fight me with such a rusty axe?”

The moment he wanted to continue bragging, all of a sudden a loud collapsing sound could be heard……

The splendid silver longsword in Gary’s hand were suddenly broke into three pieces!! The fractured fragments fell on the ground with only the hilt left in Gary’s hand.

Gary got speechless .Not counting the proficient of his martial art, his silver longsword was a extremely high quality weapon! The razor-sharp blade was forged with the finest steel. Even it would not cut iron like a tofu. It was truly an indescribable deadly weapon.

Before he could fully comprehend what happened, a “Woosh” sound could be heard. His elegant armor was split into two and crashed on the floor, falling from his chest.

A fine scratch could be seen from his chest to his waist……

It did not stop with only his armor. Both his underwear and belt was ruptured and something dangled down to his knees.

All of the sudden Gary felt the chilly wind below his waist. With every gust of wind, his whole body shivered while his private part dangled between his legs, exposed to the crowd……

After a few seconds, Gary finally started screaming like a girl while turning away to hid his crotch.

Seeing this amusing scene, Shaar burst out laughing. He took a step forward, kicked Gary’s rear end and propelled him to the ground. “What a shitty sword master, if you count yourself as a master swordsman, then I am the sword god on this continent!”

As Gary stumbled back, the other three masters turned pale and stared at that “Pest” in horror with an estrange look.

Gary lifted his pants quickly, turned his head and screamed desperately “Bahh! Little pest! Don’t act so arrogant! My defeat was caused by the bad foods I ate this morning!” He pulled the gigantic man towards him and asked: ”Nigal, punish this pest and don’t let him ruin the reputation of the four master of Royal Capital!”

Hesitating, Nigal saw the broken axe in Shaar’s hand and finally gained some courage to move forward. He shouted. “Boy! The previous round doesn’t count. My companion was only careless. Now it’s my turn to take your life! ”

He walked forward with a grinning face. “You have no weapon anymore, so let’s see if you still can act arrogant now!”

He waved his axe and announced.“My mountain splitting axe weights 20 kilos! With just one chop, you will become……”

Unimpressed by the declaration, Shaar watched this guy with a contemptuous look. It was just a fight, so why is he blabbering so much nonsense. Was he practicing to become a bard?

Without uttering a word, he looked around and directly walked to a huge tree. He embraced it while crouching down. He took a deep breath and exhaled…

Kaka Kaka ……

After a series of resonant and frightful sound, the huge tree was uprooted with mud falling down.

Effortlessly, Shaar hugged this huge tree which he pulled out with his strength only. He did showed the slightest exhaustion from doing it and taunted Nigal, whose jaw almost fell to the ground.

“Hey, big guy, how much did you say your axe weight?”

Pa! Nigal’s axe dropped on the ground hand as his hands trembled.

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