Chapter 24 Death eaters

Chapter 24 Death eaters

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Editor: ArKain

That night, the Pitiful Creature slept lightly (ED: not sure what deep alerted is supposed to imply) and was awoken at midnight by a strange sound. A strange “kaka” noise was carried over by the wind and the Pitiful Creature immediately sat up. She instantly discovered that the hillbilly sleeping next to her had disappeared and panic started to creep into her heart. In the wilderness, the only safe place for her was near that hillbilly.

However, she quickly discovered Shaar near the camp.

Shaar was squatting near the river, facing the opposite shore. When he heard the Pitiful Creature siting up, Shaar turned his head and made a “do not make a sound” hand signal to the Pitiful Creature. Smiling while talking in a lowered voice he said: “There’s something interesting here, come have look.”

The Pitiful Creature crawled to Shaar’s side and sat on the ground with her body leaned towards his. She started looking at the spot on the other side of the river that Shaar pointed to.

On the opposite shore where the goblin tribe had been slaughtered, behind the curtain of the night, only the outline of the broken mud wall could be seen.

Under the star light, looking closer into the distance, she could vaguely see several tall shadows in the surroundings of the tribe. It looked as if some humans were standing and gathering while moving towards that tribe. Inside the tribe there were already some dark shadows moving around. She could not determine what these fellows were, but they walked upright with slow movements. Looking from afar, she could vaguely see that they had a tall upper body and a shorter lower body.

Some of them were kneeling and lying on the ground grabbing something unknown while aggressively tearing on it……

“Bears?” The Pitiful Creature asked, somewhat doubtful.

“Death eaters.” Shaar turned his head towards the Pitiful Creature and deliberately grinned in a frightening way. Seeing his smile, the Pitiful Creature’s body started trembling and nearly shouted out of terror. Covering her mouth, Shaar whispered: “Don’t disturb others while they enjoy their supper.”

Death eaters……

Just by hearing this name, the Pitiful Creature knew what these creatures were doing on the other side!

The “kakakaka” sound that the wind brought, painted the picture of countless teeth chewing on the bones and stripping it of its flesh in her mind. Just from the thought of it, the Pitiful Creature’s heart started to pound and she wanted to vomit.

Next to her, Shaar watched with great interest and sighed: “Oh, I’ve never seen a death eater before, we’re lucky to see the real thing today.”

In the distance, howling could be heard. Probably a pack of wolves or jackals that were wandering in the wilderness. These fellows were also attracted by the smell of the goblin corpses of this tribe. Unfortunately for them, the powerful death eaters were faster and had already occupied this place. The pack wolves or jackals could only helplessly linger in the surroundings, waiting for the death eaters to finish and depart. They could only satisfy themselves with the remains of what got left behind.

The Pitiful Creature’s dinner almost resurfaced from the noise. Getting bored of watching, Shaar picked up a stone and tossed it at the opposite shore. His arm strength was so strong that the stone unexpectedly flew past the mud wall of the tribe. After throwing his stone, Shaar stood up and placed both his hands near his mouth and started shouting towards the other side.

Frightened to death, the Pitiful Creature suddenly jumped up and started to squeeze Shaar’s neck!

“You lunatic! What are you doing! Do you want to attract those monsters!!” The Pitiful Creature’s beautiful face lost all of its color.

“Hahahaha.” Shaar patted the Pitiful Creature’s shoulder: “You’re really an idiot. Don’t you have some common knowledge? It is common sense that death eaters are afraid of water and since we’re on the opposite shore of the river, they’d absolutely not dare to come here.”

Sure enough, a group of death eaters were attracted by Shaar’s yelling and angrily roared while rushing out of the tribe. Arriving at the river, they made some threatening gestures and roared towards Shaar who was on the opposite shore. The Pitiful Creature finally saw the appearance of these monsters more clearly.

Short thin legs, sturdy torso, a body covered with fur, with both arms reaching their knees, a pointy triangular head, a bloody mouth and a mouthful rotten teeth.

To better describe them, if someone took a bear and a wolf, cut them into several pieces and randomly stuck them together, it would probably have the same strange appearance of a death eater.

What Shaar said was right, several death eaters reached the riverside and tried to cross river to catch Shaar, but when their feet touched the water, they immediately made a panicking sound and quickly pulled back. The only thing they could do was to roar at Shaar to vent their anger.

Woken up by the commotion, the goblins displayed a much better appearance than the Pitiful Creature. They were familiar with the death eater’s strange characteristics and since they were separated by the river, they had no fear at all and started mocking the opposite side.

Both sides started a roaring contest near the river and some goblins even picked up some stones to throw at the opposite shore. Although the strength of a goblin was not enough to throw across a 100 meter wide river, the mischievous action still made these cowardly goblins very eager to try.

This theatre lasted a whole night and when dawn arrived, the death eaters finally unwillingly dispersed.

“Alright, prepare to break camp.” Shaar pulled up the Pitiful Creature and thought for a moment: “But before we go, we must do something important.”

This important matter was……

To take a bath!!

……Do not misunderstand, it was not Shaar that wanted to take a bath, nor did he want the Pitiful Creature to take a bath (right now, even if Shaar pointed a knife at the pitiful creature, she would not be willing to jump in river to take a bath while everyone was watching.)

What needed to take a bath were the goblins!

Goblin had a very fine tradition. Their hygienic habits were known as the worst of all the “civilized” races!

Even in the language of goblins, the word or expression of “clean” did not exist.

Regarding goblins, the majority of them would not even take one bath under normal circumstances from their birth until their death. Their bodies were always covered by layers of dirt, dust, soil and even disgusting excrement. With time, their skin would start to add an additional layer of skin, similar to armor.

In the goblin ethnic communities, only prominent goblins would have the custom of taking a bath.

For example, the tribe leader, a feudal lord, or…… Princess.

That’s right, when Shaar asked Mr. Princess Oaks the question whether he had the custom of taking a bath, Mr. Princess tilted his head, thought for a moment and replied:

He remembered that his previous bath was before his weeding with the feudal lord……

However, before that, he could not remember another time.

In short, you could not use human standards to measure creatures such as goblins.

For a goblin, those who were willing to wipe their ass after excreting were already considered as one of the rarer clean goblins!

Think about it, when there was someone standing next to you that did not bathe or clean their butts for many years…… What smell would that person have?

What’s more, what if it was not only one, but a crowd of them?

When Shaar gave Mr. Princess the task of escorting the captives yesterday, he actually had no choice – when a crowd of goblins stood together while having a meal, if you did not suffocate next to them, then your respiratory system definitely had a very serious problem.

Now that it was decided to take these goblins with them, Shaar had to do something to save his nose.

While the goblins were lazing around, Shaar made several gestures for a while but these fellows shook their head and were not willing to jump into the river. Getting impatient, Shaar simply started kicking several goblins into the river. Seeing their master getting angry, the rest started to jump down one after another by themselves.

The recently promoted prison warden Mr. Princess started to laugh, taking pleasure at the others’ misfortunes, but soon discovered that this Mr. Shaar was also aiming at oneself with his finger while referring to the river and finally realized that – there was no privileged exception for him.

There are many legends that use a rhetoric to describe the bloody scene after a massacre as: rivers of blood……

When a crowd of goblins took a bath, it could achieve the same effect!

This group of goblins who had never taken a bath in their lifetime, fooled around in the river for half the morning and did not want to come up again. Shaar had to take his axe, walk to the shore and smash the head of the first fellow who came close enough to make them come out – of course, what Shaar used was the back of his axe.

After half the morning was gone, the goblins had lost several layers of their skin……

The frightening thing was, the color of the river water and a good length of the shore turned into a type of daunting black that would scare people away……

“Fortunately, we walked upstream……Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to drink the water even if someone threatened to kill me.” Shaar nervously patted his chest.

The Pitiful Creature was already hiding in the distance…… Looking at a crowd of naked male goblins taking a bath, was more than what someone like her could handle.

When Shaar walked towards the Pitiful Creature, at that moment, she was redressing her wounded legs.

“Hey.” Shaar suddenly opened his mouth and looked at the Pitiful Creature with an arrogant look: “I need to ask you something.”

“What?” The Pitiful Creature subconsciously stopped her hand movements and quickly put down the trouser legs over her legs.

“Who is Adeline?”

The Pitiful Creature’s body suddenly trembled and she stared at Shaar with incredible big round eyes!

Shaar touched his chin and carefully examined the Pitiful Creature: “Hey, did you know? You have a habit of talking in your sleep. When I awoke last night from that crowd of death eater’s strange noise, I could hear you speaking.”

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