Chapter 38 I will take you down with me

Chapter 38 I will take you down with me

Translator: Tchu

Tatara sympathized with the angry goblin a lot. Even as a human, your wife going missing was something a man would not be able to tolerate.

However, this goblin feudal lord’s brain was probably going mad from anger and unexpectedly suspected that his princess was abducted by a human caravan. He claimed that his princess was the most beautiful amongst goblins……

All the humans became very angry – this was too unreasonable!!

His princess was the most beautiful amongst goblins?! Even if that goblin was the most beautiful fellow, from a human’s point of view, it looked nothing more than a dirty skinny animal that did not paid attention to its hygiene! Except goblins, who else would be interested in this kind of “beauty”?

Abducting a goblin? Delivering it to the slave market to sell it for money?!

Burning from anger, the goblin feudal lord did not believe them and his head was turning dangerous green. In a moment of rage, he decided to catch all the humans of the caravan and turning them into jerky!

Tatara knew just too well how those goblins treated humans they captured. Although he was thin and did not have much body fat, goblin would still make good food out of him if they caught him. Even if he would lose twice his weight, those experienced goblin would still be able to use their proud skills to produce enough fat out of his body!

Fortunately, there were an abundant number of vehicles in this caravan and also many prisoners. Using his wits, Tatara looked for an opportunity and quietly slipped away.

Fleeing alone in the wilderness, he would have eventually end up in a wolf’s mouth or encountered some hobo goblins and end up as their supper.

However, he was lucky in an unlucky situation and met some humans!

In the evening, he suddenly saw a bonfire in the wilderness and immediately concluded that a human would be near a bonfire. Although encountering human adventurers would have resulted in him having the same miserable fate, but at least it was much better than being eaten by wolves or goblins.

When the hunger and thirst plagued Tatara ran towards them, he almost mentally collapsed and went mad. Therefore he decided to take the risk!

People, who were facing a hopeless situation, would always receive a tremendous boost of courage!

Exactly that happened to Tatara at that time. Filled with anger in his heart, he turned evil from his bravery and rushed to the human camp while screaming: “Don’t move! Robbery!! Hands over all the food and water! I am a master magician!!”

His voice roared across the wilderness and the several humans near the camp were shocked by Tatara’s courage.

Several seconds later, those people suddenly burst out laughing.

“A magician? We are also magicians!”

Taking a careful look, Tatara got dumbfounded……

Sure enough, those six humans in front of him were all his peers!

What shocked Tatara the most was, from those six magicians in front of him, the lowest badge on their chest was a silver badge and there was actually someone wearing a gold badge among them!

He ……A low-level magician, actually came to rob six intermediate and an advanced magician……

Tatara instantly collapsed when he saw the opposite master holding up his magic wand. His heart which was filled with courage got instantly crushed and he knelt down while begging for mercy with his eyes and nose running. Simultaneously, he told them his pitiful and bitter tragedy.


After hearing the tragic story of Tatara, the magician put down his magic wand and the masters looked at each other while sighing.

“Being a magician and still messing with you like that, he must have been someone abnormal.”

Since they were all magicians, even if they are currently powerful masters, in the past they were also rookies and gradually trained their magic. Seeing a rookie living such a pitifully life and even selling himself into slavery as a magician, it made those magicians drop several crocodile tears and gave birth to sympathy with their colleague.

“Alright, since you are a magician, although your strength is low, you can just follow us. Anyway, since we are here on some business, we did not bring our apprentices and we are missing a guy to do the chores.”

Feeling grateful in his heart, Tatara thought that a tiny ray of god’s blessing finally felt upon him after he went through all that bitterness.

However, he did not know that the intentions of those magicians were not really purely friendly……

Normally, if someone went to hunt a dragon would a very honorable thing. They should announce it to the public in order to increase their own fame and prestige.

However, those six magician masters actually concealed their movement making it a secret. They did not even told people close to them and came here without bringing their disciples.

Although, they could be considered masters among magicians, those six people were also well aware of their own strength. Compare to those experts from the dragons slaying legends, they were still lacking quite a lot. Since they heard that this dragon was in a weak condition, they took the risks to try. After all, if you killed a dragon, you would obtain those unobtainable top magic materials from the dragon’s body. For any magician, this was sufficiently enough to gamble with their lives!

However, this matter must be absolutely kept a secret!

Among other things, if successful, they would have let others know that they obtained those magic material from the dragon and arouse jealousy. If there was another powerful magician who envied their treasure, he could come and steal it by force – on the continent, there are few powerful people that were persistently unreasonable! They would be unable to stop them.

Therefore, this operation could only be done in secret.

Also another reason was, the name “the strongest dragonslayer”, although glorious, someone needed sufficient strength in order to claim it! If those magician masters would have reached the level of Archmage, they would have naturally done this quest openly.

The problem was that their strength was better than most, but fell short compare to the best. If such news was leaked afterwards ……trouble would continuously knock on the door!

The so-called big trees always attracted heavy wind.

TL: Something like high position always invites criticism

Currently in this world, the later generation always tried to push the former generation from their privileged positions…….Every year, countless sharp brains wanted to shine above the rest. This ambitious latter generation always stared with big eyes to seek for an opportunity to rise in ranks.

What, you are called “the strongest dragonslayer”? Very good! You would become the stepping stone for me!!

Furthermore, since you had the title “dragonslayer”, you were surely a strong guy? Great! If not stepping on you, who else?!?!

Once the news leaked, countless rookies would wait at their door to challenge them each day!

By killing you, would that not mean that my strength was even higher than that of a “dragonslayer”?

Therefore, this quest was strictly confidential and those six magicians went alone. They did not even bring their most trusted disciples.

As a result, those six masters had considerably suffered. At home, with their status and respected position, even when they went to the bathroom to sit on the chamber pot, there would be a pretty female apprentice beside them lightening an incense while waiting.

While away from home, those six masters who had never touched a knife in the kitchen before had considerably suffered on this trip. While in Primal Wildfire, they still had inns and taverns to enjoy, however after arriving in the wilderness of Primal Wildfire, they had not have a full stomach for several days. That hard bread was tough to swallow and even the drinking water was not cooked. They were all talented masters and could casually hunt some preys, but no one could do any chores!

Tonight, a fire magician could finally not bear it anymore and curled up his sleeves to personally go to battle. By casting a “burst of flames” magic, he immediately called forth a pillar of red flame to roast an antelope that they hunted tasty and crispy. However, the accidentally forgot that this spell had additional burst property and while a loud bang, it exploded in countless pieces. Even the pan used to roast the meat was smashed to pieces.

Exactly at that time, the dull looking Tatara fell in front of their doorstep. As a magician and colleagues, they simply decided to treat him as their personal servant and bring him along. This way their food and drinking problem would be solved.

Another thing……in order to keep the secret ……hehe.

Being magicians did not mean that they could not kill people.


Tatara was also someone who endured hardship and unlike those pampered masters he did not have a high and respected position. Following those masters was extremely satisfying for him and he roasted the meat making it outside crispy, inside tender. The hard bread eating days was finally over from those noble magician masters.

However, Tatara was not in an unenviable position!

He alone must serve six masters, whose moods were extremely bad from living in uncomfortable wild. He was responsible for those six people’s dinner, roast the game in six different kind of flavor, wash six people’s clothes and heat the bath water for six people – once those six masters had someone to serve them and they became fussy about every small thing!

They started to behave on an adventure in the wild like at home.

Tatara got backache every day from overworking and several days later, he became even thinner.

The most awfully thing was, when they finally arrived in the mountains, with his bad luck Tatara finally learned that those six came here to look for a dragon……He burst into tears in his heart and felt that there was no bright future in front of him……

Tatara was not a fool and he understood clearly the difference in strength between them: Those six masters only need to wave with their fingers to kill him and that dragon only needed to casually use its claw to get rid of those six masters!



“If it was not for you! How could I have fallen this low right now!!”

Past scenes played in Tatara’s mind again and a circuit suddenly exploded in his brain making him roar in anger while strangling Shaar’s neck: “Since I will now die anyway, I will take you down with me!!”

Shaar was somewhat bewildered – there was no need to throw away your life for a robe, right?

At that moment, that dragon on the mountain roared and a mass of bright green greyish light suddenly erupted from the giant dragon’s body!

With a loud bang, a big ripple shock appeared and the four magicians on the hill were swept away by a wave while that transparent defense mirror was loudly crushed!

During the long howling of the dragon, the magician closest to the defense mirror suddenly screamed pitifully, the magic wand in his hand began to fracture and his clothes began to tear apart. After the shock wave, the flesh on his body was peeled off and in a blink of an eye, there was nothing left but bones!!

The remaining three magicians also started to yell pitifully and abandoned their dragon hunt. They turned around and fled downhill with lighting speed while the dragon followed them closely on their heels.

Seeing those guys running downhill, Shaar’s heart started to pump fast and quickly jumped up while grabbing the pitiful creature: “Time to escape with our life!”

When he shouted, he suddenly discovered that Ada had already disappeared without a trace -Damn! This guy actually runs faster than me!

With big strides, Shaar sprinted off and Tatara who was not willing to let go the criminal who took everything from him stubbornly refused to loosen his hands. While Shaar was running with an unbelievable speed, Tatara was hanging on Shaar’s body like a wombat.

Watching Tatara hanging on Shaar with painful expression, the pitiful creature that was also violently grabbed by Shaar could not help and whispered: “Hey, are you okay?”

“I ……” When Tatara finally saw clearly the pitiful creature’s appearance, he suddenly stared at her with big eyes: “You, you are!!”

Unfortunately he could not finish his sentence……The dragon and the three magicians at the back finally caught up with them and instantaneously arrived at their tail!

Bang, the big dragon once again started to spew a mass of blue breath!

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