Chapter 39 The dragon slaying battle part 1

Chapter 39 The dragon slaying battle part 1

Translator: Tchu

The Breath coming out of this dragon’s mouth was the strongest earth magic creating a blue flame swept over everything in its path. All the trees on the hillside disintegrated and sawdust swirled in the air.

The three magicians were forced to make their stand after seen the dragon’s Breath closing in and that there was no way to escape. Overwhelmed with desperation, the three masters could only turn their heads facing the dragon. One of the magicians suddenly put on a ruthless expression and pulled out a pigeon egg-sized metal ball from his bosom before throwing it forcefully on the floor. With a bang, a mass of golden light immediately enveloped him.

When the other two magicians saw his sudden move, they immediately flew into a rage and furiously scolded: “Bastard, you were actually hiding an ace up your sleeve!”

Getting desperate, one of the other magicians forcefully bit his tongue and his mouth started to spout a bloody fog. Quickly brandishing his magic wand, he started to draw a magic symbol in front of him. When he finished, the symbol instantaneously turned golden and expanded in size while the light started shine stronger. Immediately, the dragon’s breath smashed against the magical formation and blood started to rain while the magician’s flesh ruptured everywhere. The magician’s body transformed into a blood fountain, spraying blood everywhere as if it was rain.

The fresh red blood suddenly turned darker and intensively sprayed towards the dragon’s breath. No one would have expected that the blood would start to penetrate the breath while covering the dragon’s body! Covered with that blood rain, that dragon’s body had red spots everywhere. On contact, the blood immediately demonstrated its strong corrosiveness ability and emitted black smog where on the dragon’s body!

“Black magic!”

Shaar could only hear the pitiful creature screaming out in his arms, but where did he have the time to care about whether it was black or white magic right now. Seeing the blue dragon’s breath catching up to him, Shaar sprinted with everything he got and continuously stamped furiously with his legs on the ground and jumped. With every leap, he crossed ten meters in one go and when he spotted a huge gap on a nearby hillside huge, he instantly rolled on ground towards it.

Up on the hill, the magician was still using his life-force to power his black magic, making the dragon uttering a painful roar. That other magician next to him made a resolute face and forcefully stabbed his magic wand in the ground. He put his hands tightly together and quickly started to recite an incantation with his mouth.

When the blue breath swept over his body, the cloth and flesh started to strip away from his body. However, it seemed like as he did not felt the pain at all and his eyes turned hollow while he finally finished his incantation with his last strength……With a massive bang, the magic wand in front of him cracked in countless pieces. The ground underneath the magic wand started to tremble and a giant crack quickly split open!

When the crack opened, a bottomless black void could be seen and with an ear deafening howl, a giant flame erupted fiercely from below!

At the same time, the magician was finally overwhelmed by the dragon’s attack and breathed his last breath. With an expressionless face and empty eyes, he stared at the dragon and the remaining on his of bones scattered by the wind into million pieces!

That magician who got burned into million pieces was the one who tried to use fire magic to grill the meat when Tatara first encountered them. As a magician, he was specialized in fire magic. While his magic power could only be counted as average, he had a secret technique and that was summoning! Forced into a dead-end, he used all his remaining life force to invoke one last spell. Suddenly, the space started to fragment under the crack on the ground and connected this dimension to hell! The magician’s final magic incantation was to summon a mighty magical creature to revenge him!

After a soul shaking roared, a giant flame pillar erupted from the crack and immediately a huge flaming hand came out. Maliciously pressing against the ground, the vegetation and the tree on the ground was quickly swallowed by the fire and turned to ashes!

The creature that crawled out of that crack was enveloped in giant flames as if its whole body was made of fire. The fire burned so strong that even Shaar who was hidden on the hillside far away still felt the heat waves on his body. Wherever that gigantic body went, every stone would split apart and fire spewed out cracks!

This monster was taller than ten meters and with its enormous body, it looked like an ancient giant. Standing in front of dragon, it was slightly taller but had only half as much body mass compared to the dragon. Even so, that fierce red face opened its mouth spitting out large flames while sending out a great roar.

Watching this event unfolding in of him, Shaar inhaled deeply: “Damn, what is that thing?!”

Finally stopped trying to strangle Shaar’s neck, Tatara was now hugging it instead. He replied in daze: “It’s ……It’s a Hellfire Elemental!!”

Getting roared at from the opposite party, enraged the dragon and it opened its big mouth again while spraying its breath onto the Hellfire Elemental in front of it. The dragon’s blue breath flew towards its victim like a whirlwind and giant Hellfire Elemental unexpectedly opened its arms. Suddenly a mass of flames emerged, forming an eight meters high wall made of fire and forcefully blocking that dragons’ attack!

“So powerful!” Seeing this otherworldly fight incited Shaar’s fighting spirit.

Shaar subsequently noticed that something was wrong. Although that flame had blocked the dragon’s breath, it had also consumed a big part of that giant Hellfire Element’s strength. The flames on its body immediately became weaker and even his more than ten meters high body shrank a bit.

After blocking that dragon’s breath, the giant Hellfire Element went mad and immediately threw itself at its opponent with stretched out arms. Being hugged by that Hellfire Elemental, the huge dragon instantly roared in pain after its neck got burned from the touch. The Elemental tried persistently to cling to the dragon’s huge body, but the dragon quickly casted off the giant Hellfire Elemental and threw it to the ground while fire sprayed everywhere. When the giant Hellfire Elemental recovered from its fall, it immediately clenched its fist and started pounding the dragon’s belly!

“Bang”, that fire punch made the dragon suffer considerable pain and even charred the dragon scale on its belly, burning it pitch black.

Already suffering from the black magic “voodoo curse” invoked by that black magician using his blood, parts of its body was already corroding by the blood stains strengthened with the black magic curse. The erosion continued to chip away its vitality and even through a dragon was born with a certain magic defense advantage, a black magician’s spell had fused his life force with his spells to increase the magical power. When the blood landed on its body, the dragon’s natural body resistance instantly tried to counter it and disenchant the voodoo magic. Nevertheless, the process took a little time and right now the Hellfire Elemental entangled with the dragon again making it suffer pain. Its flames quickly weakened again and the cursed blood was spreading crazily over the dragon’s body.

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