Chapter 39 The dragon slaying battle Part 2

Chapter 39 The dragon slaying battle Part 2

Translator: Tchu

Crawling up from the ground, the Hellfire Elemental entangled itself once again with the big dragon. With its flame covered giant body, it automatically started to damage the dragon while clinging tightly onto it body. Getting burned up all over its body, the dragon continuously roared in pain and started to twist violently around the floor. Getting forcefully knocked around, the Hellfire Elemental started to stagger and those two giants’ wrestling flattened the surrounding trees, giant rocks and everything that crossed their path. No matter what kind of obstacle, everything shattered with one hit and the ground quickly transformed into a flatland with flames burning everywhere.

At last, the giant Hellfire Elemental was no match for the dragon and after entangling for a while, the flames on its body started to fade away. The huge body of the Hellfire Elemental already shrunk by half and was finally being pressed by dragon’s claw against the floor. With a triumphant roar, the dragon started to maliciously attack the head of the Hellfire Elemental. Finally unable to endure the onslaught, the Hellfire Elemental unwillingly roared one last time and turned into fragmented flames while dissipated into countless pieces.

Half of the dragon’s body had scorch marks and many places were burned badly and mutilated. Blood flowed down in streams and all its wounds were burned black. Shaking from pain, the dragon reluctantly crawled up.

Exactly at that time, on the other side a golden light suddenly emerged in the air and a form appeared. It was the last remaining magician who used an unknown mysterious magical item a moment ago. He unexpectedly threw a metal ball on the ground while the dragon was attacking them and made his body disappear to escape the fatal blow.

Although right now he was struck by confusion, he did not suffer any serious wounds and stood at the distance. Raising his chipped magic wand in the air, he started to recite a rapid incantation in a low voice……

A bright magic formation emerged under his magic wand and flew towards the dragon’s position. Suddenly, a dozen light hit the ground and transformed into a dozen figures!

Looking closely, those emerged figures were actually all Undead creatures!

Ten knights emitting a black aura and wearing tattered armors with rotten flesh on their bodies materialized from the magic. Terrifying bare bones could be seen from the holes in their armors and a faint glowing metallic luster covered their bodies!

Those ten Death knights were born from hateful death magic and had an inborn hate towards all living things. Not needing any instructions, they quick rushed towards the big dragon! For Undead creatures, a dragon that transmitted a prospering aura of life was their most obvious target!

When those ten Death knights swarmed towards the dragon, it looked like a flock of ants eyeing an elephant. With those different ragged weapons in their hands that emitted a terrifying black aura, they maliciously stabbed at the dragon’s body!

Once the black aura pierced its body, the dragon instantly sent out a series pain filled roar and turned its body madly on the ground. Turning its head a couple of times, the dragon suddenly swung its long tail with the Morningstar shaped tip……Bang, sweeping across the ground, it immediately send several Death knights flying. However, those things were not alive, while two of them turned into ashes after smashing against the ground, the remaining other two were still furiously crawling on the ground towards the dragon with only half their bodies remaining.

Sure enough, as Ada mentioned, the dragon was struggling with its vision and it seemed that it could not see the small sized enemy. Twisting its head, the dragon spewed out blue flames again and immediately turned three Death knights to ashes. However, the remaining Death knights still continued to cling on its body with their black aura emitting weapons and leaving behind deep wounds on the dragon!

The wounds infected by the soul corrosive black aura immediately corrupted the flesh and let it rot in an unthinkable speed!

Struggling to fight back, the dragon turned around and once again swept its long tail a few times and finally managed to crush these Death knights.

Nevertheless, it was obviously hurt badly during the fight and even the Breath coming out of the dragon’s mouth was getting lighter and lighter and instead of a thick color it rather became pretty shallow.

With a loud noise, the dragon crashed on the ground. While making some moaning sounds, it giant nostril spouted out two massive smoke clouds. Its body was covered with hundreds of wounds and although it was furiously struggling to heal itself with the inherited healing power of the dragon race, the soul eroding attribute of black magic was just too strong. Its mistake was that it did not get rid of those black magic when its opponent first casted it. After its body was corroded by black magic, it was much more difficult to get to remove it.

It lost a lot of blood and had several serious wounds while fresh blood was constantly flowing down its body.

Grinning fiendishly while thinking that he had won, the last magician raised his wand and casted a flashing light. Immediately, several lightening started to fly one after each other next to the dragon, creating a series of thundering noise.

Shaar immediately understood……This guy was using this method to confuse the big dragon! Since the dragon was blind, it relied mostly on sound. By creating a lot noise, this magician disrupted the dragon’s sense hearing!

Sure enough, the dragon instantly raised its head and listened attentively. Angered by that method, it opened its big mouth once again to spew its Breath…… However, all those Breath were wasted while it consumed more of its remaining magic. The color of its Breath was turning paler and paler after finally becoming completely transparent.

Waiting exactly for that moment, the magician finally made a relieved expression. He hesitantly pulled out a shiny ring from his bosom and wore it on his finger while slowly moving towards the dragon……

This magic item seemed to be able to cast wind magic and after putting it on, the magician started to float a dozens of centimetre above the ground. Moving his feet mid-air, he did not issued any sounds with his movements.

“This guy is quite cunning ……” Watching this gave Shaar a creepy feeling: “He looks like a ruthless person.”

“This ……This is the only advanced magician amongst them. You can see the golden magician badge to his chest.”

Unexpectedly it was the pitiful creature who replied.

Tatara next to them was clenching his teeth while staring at the pitiful creature with a strange look. Realizing that Tatara’s was staring at her, the pitiful creature made a somewhat strange face and pursed her lips while gently shaking her head. Tatara’s complexion immediately changed, hesitating for a moment, he finally decided not to speak.

Not aware of the scene playing off behind him, Shaar paid all his attention towards the battle in front of him. Seeing that magician approaching the feeble dragon, he suddenly remembered something.

“Huh?! Where did Ada go? Fuck! Don’t tell me he was turned into ashes by that Breath a moment ago?”

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