Chapter 40 Flog the drowning Dragon

Chapter 40 Flog the drowning Dragon

Translator: Tchu

Just when Shaar’s voice died down, his eyes immediately widened!

The reason, he finally saw Ada doing something bizzare!

When that senior magician was slowly approaching the big dragon, the rock behind him on the ground suddenly wriggled before flipping over without a sound and unexpectedly transforming into a man!

Ada’s body was covered with dust, since a moment ago he was curled up there pretending to be a piece of rock – to be fair, his disguise was not really authentic. However, for some unknown reason, none of them noticed him, even though it was obviously that he huddled himself up there. He had vanished from everyone’s sight! Only when he moved, people began to notice him!

This bizarre feeling made Shaar extremely puzzled.

Nevertheless, the weirdest thing had yet to come……

Immediately standing up, Ada made a movement as if he was stretching his body. He didn’t bother to shake off the dust on his body and was rather fixated on the magician in front of him right away.

Having his back facing Ada, the magician was simply unaware that there was a person standing behind him. Still holding his magic wand up in the air, the magician silently closed in on the dragon.

Meanwhile, Ada also started to move.

His body was like a gust of wind ……No more like a cloud of smoke would be a better description! Without any sound he slowly approached the magician!

Undoubtedly, his feet were moving step by step on the ground, but without a trace of moment at all. Moreover, while he was moving, in the eyes of Shaar it felt like watching a ghost floating in the air!

In broad daylight, he was definitely walking behind magician, but that magician could not perceive a single trace of him. For a slight moment, Shaar had the impression that Ada had become the magician’s shadow!!

Even when he was clearly there, he gave other people the weird “not existing” feeling.

Seeing the distance between those two people’s getting closer and closer, the initial seven to eight steps suddenly shortened to three to five steps. In an instant, he was only one step away and in the end Ada was almost sticking on the magician’s back. Yet, as if the magician was possessed, he still seemed to be unaware of what was happening behind him – From Shaar’s perspective, with that kind of distance Ada’s breathing should already be felt on magician’s neck!

Damn! It was just like seeing a ghost in broad daylight!!

Even Shaar could barely hold the urge to scream out and to warn that magician – this feeling stuck in his heart was too uncomfortable.

Then suddenly, Ada’s next movement immediately gave Shaar a shock!!

Suddenly twisted his body in a strange manner, Ada stabbed with his hand in front of him while grasping a sharp item……Looking closely, Shaar immediately noticed that it was a sharp tree stick!

Ada’s movement was so lightening fast that even Shaar could not fully observe clearly each of his motions……

Ada only made one moment: Stab!!

Three consecutive stabs forward!

Puff, puff, puff!

The movement was neat, swift as lightning and without any redundant moves!!

The initially walking magician took another step forward and his facial expression suddenly changed. Three clear holes suddenly appeared on his body!!

His facial expression twisted madly and he quickly turned around with his eyes widened. He stared terrified at Ada behind him and just when he opened his mouth to say something, Ada gave him a last stab!


The sharp tree stick was directly stabbed into the mouth of the magician and pierced through the back of his skull!

Such a bizarre and deadly assassination immediately made Shaar’s widened eyes quickly focus……

The magician collapsed to the ground like a puppet with its string cut. The sudden sound immediately startled the big dragon, making it raising its head, while opening its giant mouth to reveal its fangs……

Ada’s whole body suddenly relaxed and his toes trampled on the ground while no longer using that ghostly technique to hide his movement again.

All of the sudden, he unexpectedly opened his mouth and grinned at that dragon who was about to spew its Breath.

He only needed a very short sentence to quickly shut the dragon’s mouth and what he said was:

“It’s me.”

TL: Deng, deng, deng, deng!



It was such a simple sentence yet Ada’s tone seemed to show the kind of intimacy that only old friends had. His tone of his voice was familiar to Shaar and gave him the strangle feeling of calmness along with a deep sense of mockery – this was the tone that Ada always used.

Nevertheless, that dragon promptly closed its mouth and lifted its neck. It seemed that as soon as it heard this voice, its entire body tightened, while its mouth muffled a sobbing sound showing that it was wary to sounds source.

“You recognized my voice, right?” An undisguised mockery could be found in Ada’s tone as he approached the dragon step by step with a smile on his face.

However, Shaar’s sharp vision saw Ada’s eyes ……the expression in his eyes was as cold as ice!

“You must be very curious why I use this language to talk to you ……Well.” Ada walked in front of the big dragon and stopped at a distance of less than five steps away. With such a distance, once the dragon stretched its neck, it could easily open its mouth and swallow him whole!

Despite that, standing in front of this huge monster, Ada did not seem to have the slightest trace of fear. The smile on his face became gentler while the expression in his eyes was getting colder and colder!

“To be honest, we really haven’t seen each other for a long time now.”Adas smiled while patting his hands: “…… ever since you made me like this!”

“You probably would have never thought that I would come to look for you! You probably thought I had lost all my power now and that I am weak without the strength to even look for revenge.”

“How ridiculous you look when I see you now ……looking at your appearance, it so embarrassing and I suddenly feel sorry for how pathetic you look.”

“Do you know that in order to find you, how much time and efforts I have spent? It took me a full fourteen years to investigate your where about– ah, calculated according to human time.

I have lived close to this mountain for six years and sat by that flaming swamp to calculate the eruption time. To make a very accurate calculation of the distance and position of each fire caves, that alone took me four hundred and thirty one days!

And you, my dear, I know you. I know that during this period of time is where you are at the weakest, hmpf ……Since you bear that curse’s punishment, I calculated the time when the curse would become active. Right now, you can only use less than half of your total strength.

Oh and……six months ago, I also intentionally informed an adventurer on Primal Wildfire of the news that a dragon resided in this mountain, then ……I believed that this news would certainly be spread out and attract greedy humans to come here!

As a result, everything turned out as I thought.

Although the strength of those magicians were a little bit weak, however fortunately you are more fragile than I expected.”

While Ada was saying this, Shaar and others eavesdropped from the distance turned all blue on their face!!

The information that this Ada revealed was too shocking!

Ada walked in front of the big dragon while reaching out to gently touch the dragon with a smile his face. He whispered with soft and sweet voice that carried a chilling tone.

“Beautiful Dora, proud Dora, noble Dora ……Seeing you today in such a state, I am really……too happy!”

The dragon unwilling held up the head and its giant mouth made a series of whining sound before finally turning into a low-pitched and hoarse human voice. Its voice was deep and hoarse with weak but feminine style. The tone in its voice contained hatred and mockery:

“Darwin, you can only speak the human language now, right? Hahaha! Right now, you can’t even speak a word!”

When this big dragon talked in human voice, its voice was really loud and despite the long distance, it transmitted into the ears of Shaar and others. It was clear as thunder.

“Oh…… You can still simulate the human voice with your magic. It seems that your magic has not been completely consumed yet.”Ada picked his ear and made a fake smiled: “What you said is right, I cannot speak the dragon language anymore …… I am a human now and the oral cavity structure of humans is different from ours, and ……Thanks to you, although I am a human, my soul it that of a dragon. Therefore I am unable to use the human magic, while naturally I cannot use the magic of Dragon Clan either. There is no way for me to simulate our voice now. For all of these, I shall give my thanks to you!”


This Ada, was also a dragon?!

Shaar was shocked.


All of a sudden, that dragon burst out a desperate laughter and she raised her head high while angrily roaring towards the tiny Ada: “I know why you came here! You hope that I could lift your curse? Proud Darwin! My honourable incomparable Darwin! You finally came to ask me!! But I will never tell you! You will be forever trapped in this human body and never ever restore be to your noble dragon body again! Hahahaha! As long as I do not lift the curse from you, you’ll never be able to recover to your noble status again!!”

Ada lowered his head and smiled: “You’re wrong. I did not plan to ask you to lift the curse.”

He seemed to think for a moment, then looked up and replied in an unrushed tone: “From the day that you deceived me to drink the ‘eternal tears ‘ and put the curse on me to trap me in a human body, I knew already that you will never relieve the curse from me. When you did that, I knew that you already hated me to the extreme. I don’t have that ridiculous thought and my only wish is to see you die with my own eyes. I want to see you die in front of me and watch you breathe your final breath, then…… I will keep your soul forever from returning to the sacred tomb! You should know that as a member of Dragon Clan, if your soul does not receive a proper burial, then in the future some magicians passing by and could exhume your body. After that, they might use your remaining soul and create some Undead creatures. Perhaps you will turn into an ugly Bone Dragon ……Hahahaha! The beautiful Dora becoming an ugly Bone Dragon, how funny would that be?”

All of a sudden, the dragon flew in rage and its body shivered with a stronger sense of deep fear. With an ear deafening roar, it suddenly lowered its head and maliciously bit toward Ada: “Go to hell!!”


Shaar who was originally hiding on the side to watch this story unfold suddenly he discovered that the dragon was about to hurt the man. He instantly jumped out without hesitations and lifted a huge rock beside him while holding it in his hand. Aiming at the dragon, he threw it with an incredible force!


Under Shaar’s mighty force, the huge rock flew out with lightening speed, bringing a strong gust of winds. The dragon that had just lifted its head, immediately felt the strong winds closing its face. Bang, the huge rock relentlessly smashed against the head of the dragon and immediately twisted its neck badly. The dragon instantly crashed down and half of its face became dented.

Jumping up, Shaar shouted:” Mother**! Whatever Ada is, he is my soso now! You dare to touch this uncle’s property without asking for his permission?!”

He grabbed his pitchfork with one hand, the pitiful creature in the other and Tatara who was still hanging his body. Shaar looked like a big black bear rushing forward with huge steps. With a murderous look, he moved with a majestic appearance.

However, in his heart he was already rubbing his hands and thinking: It would seem that this dragon would be dead soon. Such a heaven-sent opportunity, if not flog the cur that’s fallen into the water, then when?? God finally opened his eyes and recognized that uncle Shaar deserved to be rich!!

TL: “flog the cur that’s fallen into the water” is a Chinese idiom for being merciless with bad people even when they’re down.

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