Chapter 42 According to legend

Chapter 42 According to legend

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This Hillbilly acted too excessive, if he could he would have rubbed his whole body on the dragon’s wounds a couple of times. When the cold Ada saw how this vulgar fellow behaved, he could not help but turn pale while his eyebrows twitched a few times. Having enough of this guy, he simply turned his head and paid no more attention to this bastard.

Putting back on his clothes, Shaar’s mind was finally a bit at ease even though his whole body smelled of blood. After obtaining a form of invulnerability, it could at least count as some gains and the resentment in his mind was finally soothed. Facing Ada with a smile he said: “This dragon blood is quite nice, when you wipe it on your body, its nicely warm, you……ah, I almost forgot, you are also dragon and don’t need these things.”

While talking, Shaar could not help but to glanced at the spot on Ada’s lower body.

Ada’s expression became uglier and uglier: “Enough! If I knew what you would do with it, I would not have told you! A dragon’s blood is something noble and you unexpectedly, you unexpectedly used it……”

Rolling his eyes, Shaar replied: “The uncle here fought, killed and struggled to get here. I need to at least get something back from it.”

He then remembered the words that Ada just said and started to grab his chin while looking at the dragon in front of him: “Ah, You said a moment ago that the body of a dragon is more valuable than mountains of gold and silver?”

Grunting loudly, Ada squinted his eyes and his tone became somewhat strange: “That depends in whose hand it falls. If it falls into the hands of a fellow like you, it is just a pile of bones. However, if a magician or someone who knows what to do with it……”

Shaar suddenly improved his attitude tenfold and moved his head closer while smiling: “How would this thing body to count as valuable?”

Ada sighed and put his palm on a piece of dragon scale: “Dragons are the most powerful creatures, it is recognized everywhere on the continent. The dragon’s body is tough and when facing against physical attacks, it has formidable defensive power. For example the Dragonscale, even the strongest metal shield made from the best human blacksmith could not necessarily compare to the defense abilities of Dragonscale……A dragon body is completely covered with those study Dragonscales and normal attack cannot dream of puncturing those innumerable shields! If she was not in a weak condition, how could those magicians put her into such a situation! As for you ……That sword in your hand would already count as a rare weapon, since only a handful of such weapon could pierce her scales.”


Shaar looked at his pitchfork: “You said this thing is a sword?” He just heard the most ridiculous joke: “Hahaha! You say that this uncle’s pitchfork is a sword?”

Ada replied with a serious expression: “Of course it is a sword! Otherwise, what do you think it is? Being able to pierce a Dragonscale with such an ease, such a sharp weapon, it is the first time I see it with own eyes.”

His eyes fell on Shaar’s pitchfork and carefully examined it: “Such a treasure falling into the hands of someone like you, what a waste. Hmpf! Although it has a weird shape, however from its sharpness point of view, it is not far off compare to the magical weapons used by the godly warriors from the legends of this continent.”

Shaar was suddenly overwhelmed with happiness and gently stroked his pitchfork while thinking: Was this thing really a treasure left behind by the old man?

Ada sighed: “Your weapon, even I don’t recognize the material it was made of, but it is for sure not an ordinary metal!”


Ada sneered: “Dragon blood is a noble thing, you think that it could ……just so easily make you hard as steel?”

When saying those words hard as steel, Ada’s eyes flashed full of anger and bitterly glanced at Shaar’s crotch while coughing. Suppressing the anger in his heart he continued:”If it was an ordinary weapon, just by touching Dragonblood it would have corroded! The dragon is the strongest creature on the continent and for thousands of years and none of the other races was able to win against a dragon one on one! One of the reasons is, regardless whether it was humans, dwarves or elves ……All the warriors of those races used weapons made out of metal. Except a few extremely powerful weapons, most weapons were at a big disadvantage when facing a dragon. If you had an ordinary meal sword in your hand……”

He snorted: “Even if could pierce the Dragonscale with your astonishing strength, once your weapon touched the Dragonblood, it would quickly corrode and melt because of the Dragonblood! That’s why in all the human legends, any brave warrior who dared to challenge a dragon must first obtain an extremely powerful weapon before he could fight it. Because most weapons would have difficulties to pierce the Dragonscale and even after piercing, it would be corroded by the Dragonblood.”

Hearing this, Shaar became a bit scared……


Oh shit! If this Dragonblood is so bizarre, don’t tell me uncle’s …… would also melt away?

TL: That’s why kids at home, don’t smear magical fluid on your junk before finding out is 100% safe!

Feeling a bit frightened, he touched his own waist, but in front of Ada’s eyes, he was finally to embarrass to touch further down.

“Relax, it is only corrosive towards metal. It is a natural magical attribute in Dragonblood and this magic only has a strong rejection against metal.”Ada put on a serious face while talking.

Swallowing down his saliva, Shaar finally calmed down and looked up at the already dying dragon: “According to you ……with such a giant dragon body cover with countless scales, if flayed……”

Ada’s eyes suddenly flashed sharpness: “Haven’t you heard about Dragonscales?”


Shaar’s eyes immediately started to shine!!

He had heard of Dragonscale, but it only existed in legend told in the tavern of Primal Wildfire Town. When the bards told the stories, they had mentioned about it ……It could be described with one word: Strong!!

“Dragonscales are the hardest on the back and a bit weaker on the abdomen – but it was only relatively speaking, since it was still much stronger than the finest human-made armor.” Leisurely talking about it, Ada pointed at Dora next to him: “Generally speaking, if you can get some Dragonscales from the abdominal area and make a set of armor out of it, although it cannot be compared to an artifact, it would be not far away from it.”

“Why using the Dragonscales on the abdominal area? Didn’t you say the hardest part was on the back?”

Looking at the greed in this fellow’s eyes, Ada replied with disdain: “The scale on its back is harder, but because of its extreme hardness, it would be too difficult to mould and polish. The scales on the abdomen, although slightly weaker, one could barely mould and polish it…… However to process the scales on the abdominal area, I heard that only dwarf masters were able to craft something with this kind of hard material, as for you humans……I fear that there are not many craftsmen left on this continent that can create such things.”

Hearing this, Shaar was getting somewhat annoyed.

Fuck! After all this, I need to go look for a dwarf while carrying a pile of Dragonscale?

In Primal Wildfire, the dwarves were actually not hard to find. The problem was, if you dared to go to the territory of the dwarves, there was definitely no way to return get back alive! Your skull would turn into lacquerware for dwarves!

Shaar could not help but to get discouraged: “Alright! Let’s first not speak of Dragonscale. Worst case, this uncle will peel off the Dragonscales and sell them. Anyway, I don’t intent to become a legendary hero and there is no need to put so much effort to get a set of dragonscale armor.”

Ada smiled with a hint of ridicule: “Right now you don’t want to, but when you comprehend the full advantage of Dragonscale, you will understand……If using the dragonscale only as material, it’s not worth much. The most important factor is that ordinary manufactured metal armor has great difficulties to hold magic blessing, since most metal are repellent against magic. Only the greatest human alchemist could achieve this. However, I heard that there are only few wise human alchemists left right now. With Dragonscale it is different, since dragons are creature with natural magic adhesion. Even an ordinary magician, can very easily enchant a Dragonscale armor with magic if they want ……One set of Dragonscales armor is often an extremely magic resistant equipment!”

Listening to his, Shaar fiercely rubbed of his saliva and cursed: “Enough! I am already sold! I will go find a dwarf later if I have the opportunity ……”

However, when he remembered those short tempered, mighty dwarves from the legends, the hillbilly panted while hesitating for a moment before asking: “Anything else? You said that this dragon is a treasure, are there other things?”

“Dragonfang.”Ada said with a smile: “Dragonfangs have an unparalleled sharpness, particularly the dragon’s upper jaw fangs. One could make a Dragonfang sword or spear……According to legend the Dragonsword and Dragonspear are produced this way. However, the manufacturing process ……”

Shaar got annoyed: “I know, I know! I must look for a dwarf, alright! I know! Is there something else?”

While acting annoying, he had already decided in his mind to pull out all the Dragonfangs after it died.

“Also, the Dragonhide.”Ada sighed: “Dora is an earth type dragon and her leather could be made into a robe. It could defend against most earth type magic and even would have a certain defense capability against low level magic of other types. It would count as an Anti-magic equipment.”

Hearing this, Shaar felt excited again, but he looked at Ada cautiously and asked: “This ……The dragon leather robe, I don’t need to look for a dwarf to make it……”

Ada smiled: “Of course not, dwarves excel in the craft of blacksmith, but are not known for being good tailors.”

Shaar breathed a sigh of relief, but still felt uneasy in his mind: “What else?”

“There is……Dragontendon!”Ada’s eyes began to flash and his tone was slightly excited: “If you want a nice bow, then Dragontendon would make the perfect material for the most powerful bow! For a bow, the hardest thing to find is a superior bowstring! A Dragontendon is tough and resilient, but also has magical attributes. Neither sword nor spear could cut it. Furthermore, it has extremely good stretchabilitiy ……According to the continents legend, among the three most famous artifact bows of the elves, two bowstrings were made of Dragontendon!”


Shaar’s face reddened and he started to see stars ……Artifact!!

What did the title Aritifact represent?!!

“But…..” Ada tone immediately changed and sighed.

“But what?” Shaar immediately gave birth to a bad feeling. Every time this Ada spoke of how good the material from a dragon was, when the word “but” came out, no good thing ever followed.

Sure enough!

“A Dragontendon can become a bowstring, but a bow cannot be made of only a bowstring! The bow itself must also be made from a superior material in order to match with the Dragontendon. First, you must soak the Dragontendon with elf tears from legends. Afterwards, you need to use the extremely rare hematite ore from the legends of dwarves in order to build the bow……”

Hearing this, Shaar spit out blood……

Okay! It was even harder than making a set of Dragonscale armor!

To make a set of Dragonscale armor, one must only look for a dwarf, but to build a Dragontendon bow, one had even to include the damn elves!

“Hey! Are you making fun of me?!” Shaar was at the end of nice nerves and got angry: “All you say is “according to legend” there, “from legend” that and you hype up all these things, however none of it is really achievable! You talk all day long about things according to legends! How would this uncle have so much time to look for nonsense “according to legend” things! Talking about these elf tears ……this uncle here wants to shed some tears right now!!”

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