Chapter 6 Shaar and the pitiful creature

Chapter 6 Shaar and the pitiful creature

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When Shaar Thunder helped this pitiful creature out of the trap this time, he did not even have the strength to shout from pain anymore. He used his hands to hold his boots tightly while trembling.

“Hey, let go of your hands and let me have a look at your wounds.” Shaar Thunder commanded. This fellow did not respond so he simply pried open his hands and forcefully took off his two boots.

On both of the calves were teeth biting marks from the traps and the wounds were covered with blood. When Shaar Thunder analysed the bones by pressing on the calves, he could determine that it was not broken.

“Well, you are lucky.” Shaar Thunder sighed and took out the blowgun. He took out several pine needles and stuck in to that fellow’s calf.

“Kyaaa!!” That fellow shrieked and got angry while trembling: “You, what are you doing!”

“Stop moving around, I am trying to lessen your pain.” Shaar Thunder was somewhat distressed to use his pine needles – during this season, the mud frog were quiet scarce. These poisonous needles were initially prepared to catch the Ferocious Lion, but now they were actually used to save someone’s life.

The paralytic effect from the mud frog venom kicked in less than a minute and the moaning of that fellow gradually stopped. This pitiful creature felt his calf has getting gradually paralysed and the pain slowly lessened. Suddenly he gave Shaar Thunder a panic-stricken look: “You, what did you do to my leg!!”

Not even waiting for Shaar Thunder’s answer, he instantly lifted his shivering finger and pointed at Shaar Thunder while screaming: “Ahhh! I know now! You! You want to cut off my leg!! Stop, I don’t want, I don’t want!!!!”

While struggling and waving both his hands, his fingers almost scratched Shaar Thunder’s face.

Shaar Thunder lost his patients and ranted: “Stop yelling! Who said anything about sawing off your leg, does your brain have some problem?!”

The pitiful creature suddenly started crying and made a desperate expression while saying: “You don’t need to lie to me anymore! Such heavy wounds……I have heard about it, before undergoing surgery, first an anaesthetic must be used, you……”

“Idiot!” Shaar Thunder could not bother to deal with this crap anymore and started searching in all directions. After a while, he walked several steps and started to gather some jagged green leaves from the ground. When he collected a handful of them, he put some small amount in his mouth and started chewing them while making it into a paste. Finishing the process, he spit it out and wiped it on the bleeding calves of this fellow.

The effect caused the blood to instantly stop flowing from the wound.

“You better stop moving around and listen to what I say! If you do not want to see your leg getting sawed off, you better stop shouting!” Shaar Thunder started intimidating this poor fellow and pulled out two ropes from his clothes. Thereupon, he stared at the robe that fellow was wearing and without asking extended his two big hands to tear down two big pieces from it.

That fellow became horrified and unintentionally dropped his mouth. While staring at Shaar Thunder dumbfounded, he suddenly realized that his clothes were torn apart and screamed. “Kyaaaaa!!!”

The scream this time was double as loud as when he triggered the trap just minutes ago! The voice sounded like the scream of a stray cat that got her tail stepped on.


Shaar Thunder immediately forced the rest of the herb paste into the opposite party’s open mouth and wrapped the pieces from robe around his calves with the ropes. Finishing this procedure, he stood up and gave this fellow a disdain looks: “Alright! Stop screaming! You won’t die!”

Once more, that fellow stared at Shaar Thunder with a pair of panic-stricken eyes and was shocked speechless by his actions. Only after a certain period, he started to cough violently and started desperately spitting out all the herbs in his mouth.

Behbeh! It stinks!! You, what did you gave me just now?! You, you, you… You let me eat something that was in your mouth……”

“Stinks?” Shaar Thunder scratched his head: “It is probably the medicine flavour, since my mouth certainly does not smell.” He cracked a smile and revealed his white teeth.

Finishing his joke, he took a handful herb paste and wiped it on this fellow’s wound on his forehead while talking with a smile: “Hey, I saved your life. Even if you don’t thank me, you don’t have to start cursing.”

“Saved ……” This fellow started shaking his head and his appearances started shrinking. After finally pulling himself together, he hesitated for a while and said in a low voice: “……Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.” Shaar Thunder stood up without any hesitation, patted off the dust on his clothes and turned around to leave. After walking two steps, that fellow called out: “Hey! Wait!”

“Is there another problem?” Shaar Thunder frowned, while still thinking how to hunt the magical beast.

“You ……” Intimidated from the rough personality of Shaar Thunder, that fellow whispered in a helpless low voice: “You ……You are leaving me like this? What I am going to do?” He finally gathered his courage and stared Shaar Thunder in the eyes: “I mean, my leg is injured and I cannot walk. Here in the wilderness, even if I don’t starve to death, if by chance I meet a wolf, I will ……”

Becoming impatient, Shaar Thunder frowned and hesitated a while, but finally sighed. He stamped his foot and declared: “You won! People always say if you start saving a life, save it until the end! Before we go, you need to promise me you stop screaming! It is very dangerous here and it would be a disaster if your scream attracts some fierce magical beasts!”

After his warning, he put out his hand and helped this fellow up.

The warning that Shaar Thunder gave him sounded like a threat and this fellow’s forehead were full of cold sweat. He stubbornly bit his lip so that he did not make any unnecessary noise. Seeing him standing, Shaar Thunder became shocked that this fellow was actually really tall!

Shaar Thunder was 18 years old and would count as tall in Primal Wildfire Town. To his surprise, this fellow was unexpectedly even a bit taller than him! Nonetheless, his shoulder seemed slightly narrow and had a somewhat delicate appearance.”

“Growing so tall, but still looking so skinny ……Oh.” Shaar Thunder came a few steps closer, while touching the other guy’s body and could not help but saying with a smile: “Hehe, you might be skinny but there was actually some muscle on your bones. You must actually be quiet heavy!”

“You ……You are heavy!”This fellow could not bear the insult and started arguing.

Pausing for a moment, he could not bear it anymore and asked: “I, am I really that heavy?”

This odd fellow was actually more worried about his body weight rather than his own injuries.



Carrying this pitiful creature that got hit in the head by him, he walked for half a day until the sky gradually darkened.

Looking at the sky, Shaar Thunder evaluated the surrounding terrain and finally selected a place shielded from the wind and put down this pitiful creature.

“We will spend the night here.” He clapped his hands and went around picking up the dry twigs. Collecting enough, he came back, made a small pile and ignited it with his flint.

As night fell, the Primal Wildfire became very cold and that skinny fellow started shivering from the wind and could not bear it. He therefore moved closer toward the warmth coming from the high-piled firewood. Seeing this, Shaar Thunder added another bad characteristic of him to his heart: Spoiled since childhood.

Yes, this fellow was obviously not adventurer who came to Primal Wildfire to get rich.

Looking from his appearance, he could not endure hardship, feared to get hurt and was sensitive to cold. Furthermore, his behaviour was also very strange for a guy. His clothing, that fur-lined robe, from his experienced hunter vision, Shaar Thunder noticed that it was made of expensive black mountain sheepskin. The broken boots were also made from high quality deerskin.

Having wiped off the blood stain and the dust on his face, this fellow finally revealed his original appearance – His skin was pale and delicate and looked like someone who had never endured hardship. Both his hands looked extremely fragile.

Hmm ……How could his eyes be so big and his mouth so small?

While staring at this pitiful creature for a while, Shaar Thunder made that fellow intensely uncomfortable. His body shrank a bit and he gave Shaar Thunder vigilant look.

(This is bad, this fellow might have seen through my appearance. If he is planning something bad ……Yes, I am certain!! If, if he dares to bully me, I will fight him with everything I got!!)

Preparing himself secretly in mind while staying in alert, he made both his hands into a tight fist and stared maliciously at Shaar Thunder. These ferocious eyes instead made Shaar somewhat dumbfounded.

“Why are you staring me like that? Is there something on my face?”Shaar started to touch his face.


While the pitiful creature was avoiding his eyes, a loud growling sound could be heard.

Shaar Thunder paid closer attention and another growling sound could be heard, but this time twice. The face of the pitiful creature immediately reddened and he buried his head inside his knees.

“Huh? Tonight the mud frogs are making a strange noise.” Shaar Thunder looked deliberately in all directions.

“……No, these are not the mud frogs, it’s my stomach!” The pitiful creatures clenched his fits and asked: “Hey… Are you not going to have dinner?”

Giving off a mocking laugh, Shaar Thunder fished out rye bread from his body and tore off a piece. His face might show a heroic smile, but in his heart actually housed some anxiety. This bread was only enough to eat for two days by himself. Now that there is an additional person, he feared that he had to look for food tomorrow.

It looked like what his old man said was true. Acting as a benevolent person had its price.

The pitiful creatures grasped this piece of black and hard bread and pinched it while looking at it, but he did not move his mouth. No longer able to watch, Shaar Thunder finally spoke: “Hey, don’t you know that bread is there to be eaten and not for watching?”

“You, what did you say?!” This pitiful creature screamed out in surprise: “This thing, this thing can actually be eaten by a human?!!”

Getting angry Shaar Thunder responded: “Nonsense, if not eaten what else is it for?!”

The pitiful creature was at loss for words once again and blushed while staring at Shaar Thunder.

“Either you eat it or you starve to death! In any case, I have only this thing to eat.” Shaar Thunder ranted angrily: “Don’t you know that you are holding 1/10 of my complete family belongings! Bah! If you don’t eat it, give it to me!”

When he tried to snatch it away, the pitiful creature immediately became anxious. He have never seen this type of rye bread before and when seeing Shaar Thunder trying to get his food back, he quickly forced himself to bit off a piece.

This bite, went bad ……

With a day and a night not eating anything, he became hungry like a wolf – with his background, up until now in his life he had never endured so much suffering. For this reason, he used all his remaining strength in this bite.

Unfortunately for him, these black rye breads were made dry and stiff to help long-term preservation. By fermenting it, the texture was extremely hard and adding that the current season was winter, with the ice-cold climate from the Primal Wildfire, this thing was frozen and hard like a rock.


A sudden breaking sound could be heard and when this pitiful creature opened his mouth, one could see that hard bread did not have any biting marks. From his mouth, a piece of snow white tooth felt to the ground.


A Silent lasted for a while followed by the moaning and screaming of a painful.

“Oww……My tooth.”

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