Hello, Heir

Chapter 12 - Zhuang Nainai, It Really Is You!

Zhuang Nainai could not comprehend it.

The look on Si Zhengting’s face now… was it anger?

Was it due to her clinginess, or… because she had a conversation with a stranger in the toilet?

Amidst her imagination and guesses, Si Zhengting let go of her wrist.

His slender fingers undid his first shirt button. He then walked gracefully towards the dining table and sat.

His face betrayed no expression and was as cool as before. It was as if all that rage earlier had all been in Zhuang Nainai’s own imagination.

However, at this moment, nothing else was on Zhuang Nainai’s mind. She only thought to herself, I’m in, I’m in!

She didn’t have to say anything but managed to enter this room!

Even though she had no idea why and how, the bodyguards did not chase her away this time around!

Zhuang Nainai turned to fix a mean stare at the two bodyguards who barricaded her out that morning. She then lifted her chin and followed Si Zhengting into the room.

The bodyguards did not know what to say.

The private room was huge. Everyone’s eyes were locked on Zhuang Nainai.

Zhuang Nainai surveyed her surroundings and recognized a few familiar faces.

Su Yanbing eyed Si Zhengting’s face cautiously. He could not hold it in at last and said, “Hey, Zhuang Nainai, it really is you!”

Zhuang Nainai smiled sweetly. “It’s been a long time!”

Su Yanbing looked at her curiously and asked, “Why are you here?”

Zhuang Nainai was dying to roll her eyes. Why couldn’t she be here?

Why did all these heirs under Si Zhengting’s lead always ask the same question whenever they see her?

First Zuo Yiyi, then Su Yanbing.

And with that look and tone… as if she were some kind of a disease!

Zhuang Nainai ignored him. Su Yanbing then murmured to himself like he discovered some secret. “I see, you work here!”

Zhuang Nainai was speechless.

Of course, she understood what he meant. To be able to enter the “Colors Club,” you had to be either rich or famous. The Zhuang Nainai they knew was a poor girl. She would not be able to gain entry there for entertainment.

If she was not here for entertainment yet was able to roam inside freely, she had to be part of the service crew!

This man!

She wondered if Su Yanbing would piss his pants if he discovered her true identity.

Zhuang Nainai snorted and cracked a smile. “I am…”

Just as she was about to introduce herself as Gu Qingyan, a “ping” sounded.

It was not loud but it rang clearly in the room.

Everyone turned to see Si Zhengting place his wine glass on the table.

He did not have to utter a single word to control the mood in the room.

He cast a cursory glance at Su Yanbing, and the latter instantly felt the heat upon him.

Su Yanbing swallowed hard then immediately showed Si Zhengting a smile. He obediently slumped back, holding his date and saying nothing more.

Silence fell again in the room.

Zhuang Nainai stood in the doorway, watched on by the crowd who were eating. No one invited her to join them.

What an embarrassment, to be snubbed like that, but Zhuang Nainai was used to it.

Her eyes darted across the room.

Seats were available on both sides of Si Zhengting at the round dining table.

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