Hello, Heir

Chapter 514 - There's Been News of Mother Zhuang! (7)

Then, he started packing his luggage. Without taking a second look at her, he went down the stairs to look for the chauffeur to take him to the airport.

Watching his retreating silhouette, Li Yufeng’s heart grew cold in a moment.

Then, the bitterness on her face disappeared. It was replaced with an icy cold expression.

She walked to the side and picked up her phone, her expression cold as she made a call. “Hello, Executive Assistant Ji, this is Qingyan’s mother. It’s about this…”

At the Si residence…

After ending the call with Long Qingtian, Si Zhengting hurriedly made a call to Ji Chen to ask him if he had successfully booked tickets for him and Zhuang Nainai. Ji Chen was silent for a moment before saying with a wry smile, “Sir, the flight to Chicago is already full.”

Upon hearing this, Si Zhengting furrowed his brows. “How did that happen?”

Ji Chen sighed. “Sir, it’s almost Christmas. All the Americans in Beijing are going home to celebrate the festive season, so flight tickets have been limited in number these couple of days.”

Did Christmas really have anything to do with flight tickets?

Si Zhengting narrowed his eyes but didn’t wish to investigate more about the matter and to expose Ji Chen.

He didn’t know if he should be happy or anxious instead.

He paused for a moment before replying, “Go and check if there are any other available flights to America.”

They could first fly to America, then change to another flight bound for Kentucky.

After he heard this, Ji Chen paused before replying, “Understood.”

After he ended the call with Ji Chen, Si Zhengting started planning the fastest and safest route to Kentucky. However, even after thinking for a long while, he reached a deadlock.

In the end, he picked up his phone again and called a couple of employees in the neighboring cities, planning to request for another air route in those cities to fly over to America.

Just as he was thinking of which route would be most convenient for them, he heard two knocks on the door. Then, Zhuang Nainai rushed into the room.

Zhuang Nainai had been half awake but then had suddenly awakened.

She stared at the ceiling for a moment before realizing what had happened. Before thinking any further, she rushed into the study room and saw Si Zhengting sitting there. She couldn’t help but ask anxiously, “When are we leaving?”

She lowered her head and checked the time on her phone. It had already been two hours since she had rested. But why was Si Zhengting just sitting in his study room?

After he heard her question, Si Zhengting lifted his head, explaining, “There’ve been some restrictions placed on air traffic. All airplanes headed toward America are on standby, and we haven’t been able to request for a private helicopter route. Nainai, don’t worry. Wait a little longer.”

Wait a little longer?

But she was so anxious that she thought that she couldn’t even wait a second longer.

Zhuang Nainai pursed her lips, then lowered her head to think. Then, she looked at Si Zhengting and asked, “Then what about taking a flight to America first? If it’s so difficult to get to Kentucky straight, maybe we could just take a scheduled flight over.”

After Si Zhengting heard this, he was silent for a moment.

Thinking over Ji Chen’s explanation carefully, he knew that it didn’t make sense, but he chose to believe it anyway. Perhaps… because he had hoped that it was true.

Si Zhengting slowly lifted his head. “All the tickets for flights to America have been sold.”

All sold?!

“Then what if we fly to another city? Los Angeles? Columbia? We could go there first…”

Si Zhengting interrupted, “They’re all sold out.”

All sold out.

Zhuang Nainai was shocked. “How could this be?”

How could this be possible?!

All the flights to America had been sold out?!

Wasn’t this totally illogical?!

She furrowed her brows, then returned to her room, subconsciously picking up her laptop to check on the current ticketing situation.

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