Invincible Saint Salaryman the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World

Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall

Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall

Translator: Tseirp

When I first came to this world, Shisho had wrapped around behind me countless times using something that seemed like instantaneous movement but what happened there was ultra fast.

But the Emperor actually did not show any signs of preparatory movements and appeared behind Lionel as he stretched his miasma-covered arm toward Lionel.

With the sound of sizzling meat, The right arm that the Emperor stretched forward did not touch Lionel at all as it was burnt by a pale flame … and immediately following that, accompanied by the sound of something cutting through the air, that arm fell onto the floor.

” … I have cautioned you before in the past. You must not let your opponent know your attack timing when springing a surprise attack. And to assume that your attack would be blocked. And to not wildly brandish a new power.”


The Emperor transferred back to the original position he was standing at and fell to his knee from the pain of losing his right arm.

Compared to the Emperor, I was more interested in knowing the method Lionel used to cut the Emperor’s right arm.

Just seconds ago, the Emperor stretched his arm toward Lionel while saying ‘Give me your power.’

Furthermore, instead of instantaneous movement, he used a spell that seemed like teleportation?

I had a very bad premonition. That was why I decided to act just in case it turned out to be true.

It should not directly affect the duel with the Emperor since it was isolated away from him.

In any case, there wasn’t an option to leave such a dangerous thing unattended.

“【O Holy Dragon, this fragment that is filled with evil magic, purify and destroy it】.”

Something unexpected happened as the dragon that flew out from my Illusionary Wand consumed the Emperor’s right hand.


A scream like the death throes of a demon came from the right arm and it disappeared without leaving any ashes after it had been burnt by the pale flame.

“Yo-you bastard, what have you done!!”

The Emperor watched the scene dumbfounded before turning to me, his anger over the disappearance of his right arm triumphed over the pain of the loss of his arm, as he stood up and shouted at my direction.

“Regardless of what that was, I had a very bad feeling about it so I made it disappear. It won’t affect your duel with Lionel so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“You bastard, you bastard who revived Lionel, the Healer who kept getting in the way of my rule.”

It seemed as though the Emperor finally took a look at me but I no longer felt the strange feeling I had previously at all.

I was a little more at ease and I introduced myself.

“Sorry. I realized that I had not introduced myself. I am Luciel. To be accurate, I am currently a Sage and am borrowing the strength of Lionel and the others.”

“I don’t care less about such things!! Do you understand what you have destroyed?”

It hurt a little to have my introduction get shot down like that but it seemed that the Emperor’s right arm was his trump card.

“No idea? I was surprised that the right arm would give out a death throe but I have no clue as to what it was.”

I really had no clue and it was probably nothing good anyway. I quickly wrapped the Holy Dragon’s power around my body.

Considering what happened before, I was a little anxious about my remaining magical power but I decided to follow my gut feeling more than usual.

“That was my trump card, capable of snatching the ability of others and had sealed the Demon Lord, something I had transplanted on me using the techniques from the Otherworld. You actually dare to —”

He glared at me with eyes filled with resentment but I no longer cared about such trivial matters.

So it seemed that he had defeated the demon, the self-proclaimed Demon Lord, who possessed the cheat-like ability …

Perhaps that bad feeling I had was an intuition from Supreme Luck-sensei informing me of an existence that had the potential to be its enemy?

With this, the world was finally peaceful and the tranquil days … would be great if they came but I guess it won’t happen so easily …

Ha~ I realized the fate of the reincarnated individual who acquired Space-Time Attribute after hearing the usage of that right arm.

I asked the Emperor to confirm my suspicions.

“Perhaps that teleportation ability was?”

“I naturally snatched it from that reincarnated individual … for the sake of my rule, that reincarnated individual’s rare ability is just a tool for my cause. More importantly, only you, I will never forgive you bastard.”

Reincarnated individuals are treated as tools huh … Well, I felt that reincarnated individual should have acted more prudently too …

Then, Lionel once again stepped between us and spoke.

“Luciel-sama, please leave this to me. His Majesty’s opponent should be me. And if Your Majesty travels down a wrong path, it is the task of a vassal to stop you. That is my final duty.”

Lionel said as he readied his Flaming Greatsword and the Emperor also drew his sword with his left hand.

But another voice butted in.

“Se-sensei, His Majesty is already at death’s door. Is it not possible to just imprison him without killing him?”

Even now His Highness Albert spoke out-of-place words so I turned to look at him and saw that his face had turned blue … his blood has totally receded and he was completely pale.

He only thought of getting the Emperor to retire and crown himself the Emperor but did he have lingering emotions for his familial ties? Or did he get cold feet after sensing the increasing reality of him actually becoming the Emperor?

Lionel questioned His Highness Albert to explore the true meaning behind his words.

And the Emperor also turned to look at His Highness Albert while still with his sword at the ready.

“Your Highness Albert … why did you lead the resistance and attack the Empire? It was … in order to defeat His Majesty right?”

“Th-that …”

What? Why is it completely different from what he said at Ebisu? Now that I think about it, it was the fake Mr. Bazak, Raizak, that told us of the fundamental plan of action but … don’t tell me …

“(Putting a stop to) Imposing heavy taxes on the citizens for a war that can’t be won, and giving favourable treatment to individuals who excel in strength and snubbing civil servants; releasing illegal slaves from the illegal slave traders, punishing soldiers who do whatever they please in the Imperial Capital, and releasing those innocently imprisoned; those were the purpose right? Who was it that helmed it?” (TL: I can’t wrap my head around how the front two are actually their aims? so I added in ‘putting a stop to’)

Lionel stated the fundamental plan of action of the resistance.

However, thinking about it now, Raizak was one of the key person deciding on the fundamental policy. That Raizak was from the enemy camp so it was likely to be a farce.

Well, if they don’t shift from the original plan and stick to it, this country should become a country that is good to live in even if the military strength falls.

“I-I just did not want to see the Imperial Citizens get hurt any longer. That’s why, Your Majesty, please abdicate the seat to me.”

“You can snatch it from me if you want it.”

“Does Your Highness have the determination to kill His Majesty”

It ended up as the two veterans picking on the newcomer.

“Th-that’s why it should be fine if we just imprison His Majesty right? His Majesty is just in a state of confusion because he has been too busy. Lionel too, please return and help to build this country.”

Just one of the three individuals was way too different from the others. It could be felt even if it wasn’t said out loud.

What kind of expression should I give? There seemed to be nothing but peaceful flower gardens in His Highness Albert’s head.

The Emperor snapped when His Highness Albert raised his voice.

“That is why you are hopeless, no goals, no determination, and no effort either. There’s no way I would entrust this Empire that I had made great advances to a trash like you. I gave you mercy by disinheriting you but … I give up. Die.”

Leaving aside the hopeless His Highness Albert, I was sure that the Emperor would use transfer magic so I closed my eyes and focused all my intent on the moment I sensed a ripple in the magical power.

And as expected, being the person who ruined everything, I bore the brunt of the attack.

I felt bad for Lionel but I didn’t intend to die so I tried resisting to the best of my ability.

“【O Thunder Dragon, leave everything in the dust and snatch the opponent’s freedom with a stroke of lightning.】”

After evading the Emperor’s blade by a few centimeters, I countered with a strike to his torso.

After confirming that the strike caused the Emperor’s body to float up, I fell to my knee.

“I’m almost at Magical Power depletion. Lionel, can I trust you to end everything?”

I asked Lionel with a miserable smile and Lionel affirmed it with a bitter smile.

I then turned my sight to the Emperor who was blown back as well as the appearance of His Highness Albert who was unable to stand due to fear.

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Unfortunately, since some time ago, I have had a lot of trouble sitting down to translate this series as there are numerous errors in the raw which forces me to have to interpret or guess a lot of the details; the story is wonderful but the writing flow is terrible; the fighting scenes are kind of anticlimactic to me; and I have difficulty imagining where the author is headed with the story.

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