Lord of All Realms

Chapter 1291: Withdrawing and Releasing with Ease


In the outer layers of the glowing sphere, countless wisps of colorful light fused into the Star Behemoth bone, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the Spirit Pearl.

The Primal Chaos at the core of the sphere slowly vanished.

Taking its place were the star, flame, and wood domains, along with the Nine Stars Flower, the flame spark, and the Godspirit Tree.

“There’s one more thing!”

As a thought entered his mind, verdant tree branches that seemed to be made of emerald flew out from within Nie Tian’s ring of holding one after another.

Nie Tian intended for the seventy-two of them to gather wood power from the outer layers of the sphere.

Gradually, he realized that the mixed power that had been captured from the starry river had been refined to the limit after having spun in the outer layers of the glowing sphere for so long.

All that remained was their essence.

The reason he decided to cancel the Primal Chaos was because he gradually realized that as his domains were infused with his soul will, and channeled more and more flame, star, and wood power, the outer layers started to show signs of falling apart.

In fact, the main cause was that he had consumed too much of the energies in the outer layers of the sphere to fight Song Chequan and destroy the Realm of Jade Billows.

Nie Tian was immersed in thought.

“Hmm?!” He suddenly exclaimed, and fixed the seventy-two tree branches with a surprised look.

Oddly, the emerald green tree branches he had released from his ring of holding seemed to refuse to fly into the outer layers, as if they were attracted to his wood domain.

His wood domain was an illusory land that brimmed with wood power and life force.

Rooted in it was the lush Godspirit Tree.


All of a sudden, the seventy-two tree branches plunged down into the land in a circle with the Godspirit Tree at the center, forming the Wood Thriving Formation.

As soon as the formation was established, the last remaining wood power essence in the outer layers condensed into sparkling green streams that poured into it.

After a very short time, Nie Tian felt with absolute certainty that the outer layers were completely drained of their wood power due to the establishment of the Wood Thriving Formation.

Not just that, but the Godspirit Tree that had taken root in his wood domain seemed to be stimulated by the formation, and entered another period of growth.

“This feeling...”

What seemed even more incredible to Nie Tian was that those seventy-two tree branches seemed to have fused into his wood domain completely and become a part of it, as the Godspirt Tree had.

He could also summon them for use by simply thinking about it.

However, after the fusion, those tree branches didn’t seem to be able to return to his ring of holding anymore. Instead, like the Godspirit Tree, they could remain in his wood domain eternally, and return to his spiritual sea as a part of his wood power spiritual core.

“The Flame Dragon Armor, the Spirit Pearl, and the Star Behemoth bone are all absorbing essence wisp after wisp.”

Quietly floating in the starry river, Nie Tian looked up, around, and down from time to time as countless thoughts and enlightenment about incantations flashed across his sea of awareness like lightning bolts.

“I have to be able to release and withdraw my domains freely. Can I really fuse three domains of different attributes into one?”

Time passed bit by bit...

Eyes closed, Nie Tian paced his breathing and focused on deriving enlightenment about domain-forging.

As the bone, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the Spirit Pearl continued to absorb the remaining essence in the outer layers, the glowing sphere started to scatter bit by bit.

Spotting the unfavorable change, Yu Suying said, looking worried, “That glowing sphere around him is what allowed him to inflict serious injuries on Duan Hongwen, sweep the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh, shatter the Realm of Jade Billows, and force Song Chequan to retreat in defeat. But it looks like it’s going to scatter soon.”

“It wasn’t Nie Tian’s own power that formed that glowing sphere in the first place,” Yin Xingtian said. “It was the mixed foreign power You Qimiao channeled from some other place.”

They discussed in low voices.

Ji Yuanquan and Qi Lianshan from the Void Spirit Society had flown to the blazing sun shortly after explaining their intentions.

At this moment, they were focused on observing Zu Guangyao, who was stabilizing his domain by splitting his divine will into countless wisps to cover and channel power from the sun.

Mo Qianfan sighed and said, “Things are tense in the Realm of Fragmentary Star. If Nie Tian loses that glowing sphere, I’m afraid...”

Having followed Nie Tian throughout this journey, they knew better than anyone that he hadn’t relied on his own strength to annihilate all those Saint domain experts and scare Void domain experts stiff.

It was the raging, twisting, and ripping power in the outer layers of that glowing sphere that had crushed everything and everyone it had run into.

Now, his mightiest weapon was going to disappear.

The Shadow Society, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and the Jade Heaven Sect were still a major threat. A battle might soon break out in the Realm of Fragmentary Star, determining the fate of one of humanity’s most ancient sects.

If Nie Tian wasn’t there to help, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace would probably lose.

Yu Suying and the others’ hearts grew heavy as they reached this point in their train of thought. They started to think that Nie Tian shouldn’t have refused Li Wanfa and Zhang Qiling earlier. Instead, he should have gathered as many sects and clans around him as possible so that he could pressure the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Shadow Society.


Shortly afterwards, the outer layers of the glowing sphere gradually dissipated.

As everyone was dispirited by it, new changes took place in Nie Tian’s three domains, which were at the core.

Originally, his star domain had hung over his head, his wood domain had lain under his feet, and his flame domain had surrounded him. The three of them were on three different levels.

However, at this moment, they started to change under everyone’s gazes.

The star domain spread out and descended. The flame domain morphed into burning streaks that hovered around the illusory land overflowing with life force.

Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, Master Blood Spirit, Xie Qian, and the others started discussing the changes in Nie Tian’s three domains.

“The land where the Godspirit Tree and emerald tree branches grow is like a floating continent, or a realm.”

“The streaks of fiery light that hover around it are protecting it like a realm barrier.”

“Beyond that is a vast sea of stars.”

“These changes are transforming Nie Tian’s three domains into something that looks like a small realm.”

“Exactly, all realms are enveloped in realm barriers filled with flowing currents. They help shield off the impurities in the starry river, and at the same time, channel and turn suitable power into spiritual Qi, Phantasm Qi, or Demon Qi, Qi that suits the different races.”

“And all realms exist in this starry river.”

They had a feeling that the changes his three domains were experiencing agreed with the laws of realms forming and morphing, and also reflected their fundamental structure.

This newly-formed domain had essential differences from those of other Void domain cultivators.

Other Void domain cultivators’ domains either consisted of flying clouds, blazing fire, ice-capped mountains, grand swords, rivers, lakes, or seas...

No one had ever heard of a domain like Nie Tian’s, where three illusory domains mirrored the profound laws of the real world, much less seeing with their own eyes.

“This is not a fusion of different attributes, yet it seems to me that this brand new form is much more harmonious and flawless,” Mo Qianfan said.

Yu Suying nodded. “Perhaps this is the perfect form of Nie Tian’s void domain.”

Yin Xingtian chimed in in a low voice. “Such a domain is simply unheard of!”

All of a sudden, the land at the center, the flaming streaks in the middle, and the dazzling starry sky on the outside collapsed towards Nie Tian.


Light that was crimson, misty white, and emerald green suddenly shrank into Nie Tian’s abdomen, transforming into spiritual cores that reappeared in his spiritual sea in his dantian region.

In the next moment, all of his spiritual cores reformed in his spiritual sea.

The flame spark, the Nine Stars Flower, the Godspirit Tree, and the shrunken tree branches could all be seen in his spiritual cores.

The wisps of his soul will also returned to his sea of awareness, fusing back into his true soul.

As soon as this happened, his somewhat blurry true soul grew clear. Wisps of soul will spread all over his true soul like meridians in a man’s body. Each and every one of them was branded with the profound incantations and magics he had derived over his life.

Dong Li turned to Yu Suying and asked excitedly, “He can release and withdraw his domain freely now. This means he’s succeeded in forging his domain, right?”

“Technically, yes.” Yu Suying gave her an affirmative answer. “However, his domain is very special. We’ve never seen anything like it. So we can’t tell how powerful it is or what unique wonders it has yet.”

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