Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 399 - Press On

“Are you able to do it?” Even if it was a person as insensitive and absentminded as Zheng Ziliang could not help but ask. Guardian Eller’s strength had already been proven since the start of the bloody massacre of the people from countless major guilds. Now, everyone had to face it personally, all the more they felt that they could not win against Guardian Eller.

Lin Jie directly used his actions to answer Zheng Ziliang. He took out a bottle of Health Potion and drank it. Bu Yi saw what Lin Jie did and instantly understood what he wanted to do. She immediately used Healing Spell to help Lin Jie’s health points recover to the maximum. Then immediately after, she used the “quick-click” method to heal all the team members to prevent them from dying due to the damage reflected from Retribution Halo.

“Sea King Scaly Armor!”

It was unknown from when, but Sea King Scaly Armor had already become the prelude to Lin Jie’s explosion of strength. Lin Jie’s body grew sky-blue scales, which were filled with the aura of the sea, and the surface of his skin was covered with layers of it, as though he was a monster of the sea. 99% of his health points were infused into the scales. In the blink of an eye, the powerful Blood Power surged out from within him, his blood started circulating at a rapid speed as if it was a train.

His heart beat faster and more violently.

Heart of Enrage, Blood Power activated!

Lin Jie’s hand swelled up and became bloody red, strength could be felt surging from his hands, but that was still not enough! Lin Jie’s health points were lower than 5%, Death Rage activated! His attack once again increased by 300%! The strongest status enhancement was finished, Lin Jie gripped his right hand, and an aura in the shape of a dragon was gathered onto his hand.

Feeling Lin Jie’s ferocious aura, everyone’s face was filled with shock, and they hurriedly used their ultimate skills one after another. Who didn’t have one or two ultimate skills hidden only to be used during dire circumstances? Now, it was time to show it!

Instantly, explosive sounds filled the whole space. It must be some precious channeling material that was being consumed or that the exploding energies were colliding with each other and letting out loud noises.

“Dragon Armor Removal!”


After a long roar, the dragon appeared and broke the armor of Guardian Eller! At the same time, a huge sword covered in runes dropped from the sky and pierced through Guardian Eller’s head. It was the Clomaros’ Kill!

Heart of Enrage, Blood Power, Death Rage with Death Rage Armor Ignore and finally the Clomaros’ Kill, which was said to be invincible! That was the strongest attack that Lin Jie could deal now—he had completely unleashed all of his power!

“Critical Hit, give me a Critical Hit!” shouted Lin Jie loudly.

There was only one thing that he was thinking currently, ‘Give me a Critical Hit with this strike!’


The majestic greatsword slashed downwards, Guardian Eller’s body instantly trembled violently and actually knelt down onto the ground. A damage value that nearly made their jaws drop had popped up.

-201,922 (Critical Hit)

Just one strike and 200,000 damage! Guardian Eller’s health bar, which seemed almost invincible, had decreased by a large portion, boosting everyone’s morale in return. Everyone released their powerful skills, which they had prepared beforehand, and were ready to activate. Now, the effect of the Armor Ignore of the Dragon Armor Removal was still present, so attacking without worry felt real good!

Guardian Eller seemed to be astonished as to how those humans in front of his eyes could have such an explosive increase in damage dealt. Just when he wanted to use Lay on Hands on himself, he received a blow to his head.

“Hehehe, you still want to regen?” Star Kill held a big rod in his hands, that was the rare material [Howling Soul Wood]. Strictly speaking, it was also counted as a channeling material, but after it was processed into that rod, it could only be used once, and its effect was to be able to use Stealth Hit onto any single target with 100% success rate. Thus, he was reluctant to use it. Now, it was used just nicely at the right timing. He made a V with his hands and posed into the classic old-fashioned peace sign. “Everyone, please continue.”

Guardian Eller was continuously bombarded by attacks from everyone, and his health points directly dropped to 350,000!

“Foolish humans, you have angered me!” Guardian Eller stood up in rage and suddenly put away his shield to pull out a long spear from behind him. He had entered the second stage!

Normally Guardian Eller would enter that stage when either his mana was empty with full health or his health points decreased to 500,000 before entering. It was really unprecedented that his health points would directly drop to 350,000. That showed how overbearing Savage Blade was.

After putting away his shield, Guardian Eller’s Defense dropped to 800 points. Although it was still high, Guardian Eller had finally entered the range where a normal person could accept. However, in contrast, Guardian Eller’s Attack was somewhat unacceptable. The long spear equipped allowed Guardian Eller’s Attack to increase substantially by 1,200 points and reach 2200+! Also, that long spear ignored Blocks and Damage Immunity, so being pierced from the spear just once, even an MT had to lose half their health bar, dying in only two attacks.

The tolerance for mistakes in this battle was extremely low!

“Holy Thunderstorm!”

Guardian Eller instantly showed his power once he entered the second stage with a Holy Thunderstorm. The range of the skill was as far as 60 yards and was simply unavoidable! In the blink of an eye, everyone received 2,000 points of damage, and a green number also appeared on top of the Boss: +50,000.

“MTs, up, front!” shouted Lin Jie.

The Heavenly Shield immediately rushed up after recovering his health points and was stabbed by the long spear. His health points instantly dropped dangerously low, but the second attack was about to come. Mixed Breathless hurriedly activated Intervene and helped him to tank that attack, allowing The Heavenly Shield to survive.

One needed to prepare at least 2 MTs to tank the second stage of the Boss and take turns taking the damage. They also needed to have good teamwork because once they made a mistake while cooperating, the whole team would then be wiped out.

“Sinners, accept baptism from the Holy Light!”


A wave of Holy Light exploded out violently, and everyone was immobilized. If the Three Alliances was able to see the battle of Lin Jie and the others, they would most probably cheer out in joy if they saw Guardian Eller using that skill.

Holy Light Baptism was the most abnormally powerful skill that Guardian Eller had, its effect was to cause all enemy targets to enter “Baptism” status. One would not be able to move besides using items such as drinking potions, and Judgment would be conducted every second in the next 20 seconds. Successful Judgment would result in the death of the target,

“This skill is definitely used to test players’ luck. As long as our team’s luck is good to not die from the baptism, then we can definitely clear it!” Dumb Fox had miserably said, as the guild leader of Triumphant Midnight, who had used up about a hundred skill scrolls to pass the first stage but had been wiped out by the Holy Light Baptism. Afterward, Triumphant Midnight had begun the journey of being wiped out, again and again, beaten to a frazzle.

Well, Dumb Fox could not be blamed, this seemed to be the one and only logical reason.

Holy Light Baptism did not belong to abnormal status, so using skills that nullified abnormal status or Holy Light Rejuvenation Potion were all of no use.

“Use Fragments of Faith, Star Kill don’t move!” shouted Lin Jie.

That’s right, the Fragments of Faith were the key to nullifying the Holy Light Baptism! Indeed, once everyone used the Fragment of Faith, a soul shrouded at the edge of their bodies, and then the Holy Light Baptism was instantly absorbed by the soul and disappeared!


“Boss is awesome.”

Everyone recovered back to normal and immediately started attacking. Meanwhile, Star Kill was still being baptized. As long as there was still a player under the “Holy Light Baptism”, the Boss would maintain that posture and not fight back. Star Kill was a Bandit, and his usefulness in this Boss battle now was relatively lesser, so he was the best candidate to become cannon fodder.

Star Kill’s luck was so good that others admired him for his luckiness. 20 seconds, 20 Judgments, and he actually survived. In those 20 seconds, everyone dealt 100,000 points of damage, and Guardian Eller’s health points decreased once again.

“You actually escaped from the baptism of the Holy Light, Holy Thunderstorm!”

Guardian Eller shook his long spear and activated Holy Thunderstorm again. Everyone had nowhere to hide, so they could only be hit by the skill yet again. Guardian Eller recovered 50,000 health points. Just that one skill and half of the hard work put in just now was wasted.

“Holy Light Baptism!”

Guardian Eller chanted yet again, everyone’s head drooped and entered the “Baptism” status.

Guardian Eller, in the second stage, only knew a total of two skills! After Holy Light Baptism ended, Holy Thunderstorm would 100% be used next, then Holy Light Baptism again. It was an infinite loop.

That was the despicable part of Guardian Eller, even if one’s team had such good luck that every member dodged the first baptism, what immediately followed was the second time, and then the third time, most probably nobody would be able to withstand it! Not to mention, even if others had known the Fragments of Faith could nullify the Baptism status, how many of them would be able to calculate how many Fragments of Faith one’s team needed?

Finally, even if one successfully estimated how many fragments were needed, calculated the damage output, and grasped the method Lin Jie was using now – using players as a sacrifice to ensure time for damage output – Lin Jie’s Boss in the second stage only had 350,000 health points, what about others? Full health! The only result was to be wiped out by Guardian Eller as time went by.

Besides those, there was also the factor of luck as Star Kill wouldn’t be able to survive the whole 20 seconds every time, so he had to consider the worst possibility.

“Star Kill, continue to be our sacrifice. Others speed up in attacking. We only have 10 chances,” shouted Lin Jie as he nullified the baptism, and Broken Blade released waves of Blade Aura, trying his best to decrease Guardian Eller’s health points.

When the cooldown of Dragon Armor Removal was finished, it was a small increase in the damage output. However, since they had to be constantly on guard as Guardian Eller used Holy Thunderstorm, Lin Jie could not activate Death Rage, which caused his damage output to reduce quite a bit.

“Not good, Star Kill has died!”


After six seconds, very unfortunately, the Judgment was successful, and Star Kill died. Guardian Eller was released from the Holy Light Baptism status and shouted out loudly, “Holy Thunderstorm.”

The despicable skill was about to descend again!

“Holy Light Worship!”

Just at that moment, Bu Yi chanted a spell, and a small Goddess Statue made of light rose up from behind her. Holy Light Worship was the reward from the Judge chain mission. It could nullify a Holy Light skill released by any single unit within 50 yards and also temporarily copy that skill.

“Good job!” Lin Jie could not help but shout.

Bu Yi had actually interrupted Holy Thunderstorm! It was incredible as the second stage Guardian Eller was completely immune to control-type skills. In fact, starting from Guardian Eller, most Bosses were resistant or even immune to control skills.

Bu Yi interrupting that skill not only allowed everyone to not receive 2,000+ damage, but also made Guardian Eller take the skill damage himself once, and even caused him to not recover 50,000 health points!

“Zheng Ziliang, you’ll be the sacrifice next to receive the baptism, give the command of the Mechanical Gargoyle to me and enhance buffs,” said Lin Jie in a deep and calm voice. Zheng Ziliang was a Contract Summoner, so his main battling power came from his Summoned Beast.

Zheng Ziliang could see the big picture, so naturally, he understood that the best sacrificial candidate now was him. However, he still pouted and said, “As expected, Contract Summoners are miserable, the Summoned Beast counts as one person, I’m only half.”


“You being the sacrifice means you’re really a person. Don’t look down on yourself, young man.”

“Actually, if you count, using half a person as one person is quite the bargain! Haish, it was a loss when Star Kill died.”

Everyone started teasing him, and the tense atmosphere became more relaxed.

Zheng Ziliang glared at them. “Even half a person also has dignity! I’ll show you guys just how much perseverance I have, and let you know the endurance of half a person! I’ve roamed the streets for tens of years, and people have given me the nickname Undying Zheng.”

Zheng Ziliang’s nicknames were something he mostly gave himself, such as Handsome Zheng, Nice Zheng, Reliable Zheng, Awesome Zheng… However, it was the first time Lin Jie had heard of Undying Zheng.

“My name is Undying Zheng, let’s go!” Zheng Ziliang temporarily transferred the command of the Mechanical Gargoyle to Lin Jie, then he stood at his spot with a “going to his death like a hero” expression on his face, ready to receive the Holy Light Baptism.

“Drink potions, open scrolls, and speed up in attacking,” shouted Lin Jie hurriedly as his heart skipped a beat. The success rate for Holy Light Cleansing’s Judgment for an instant death was around 60%, the chances of avoiding all of the Judgments in 20 seconds was so small it was unimaginable.

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