Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2693 - Blade Domain's Might

Chapter 2693 – Blade Domain’s Might

Just as the three Dragon claws were about to hit Shi Feng, paragraphs of texts and numerous images suddenly filled his mind. These texts and images were none other than the introduction to Blade Domain.

Right after these texts and images appeared, an invisible ripple from the Abyssal Blade spread up to 500 yards into the surroundings in the blink of an eye.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A moment after the ripple appeared, a frightening shockwave rocked the cave Shi Feng stood in. It was so powerful that even a large boulder the size of a human adult went flying out of the cave and plunging into the bottomless abyss.

When the three Infant Black Dragons hovering above Shi Feng saw this, their eyes widened in shock as they stared at the human, who was clearly near death’s door.

So, this is an Apex Tier 4 Legacy Domain?

Shi Feng was astonished as he looked at the three massive claws that had stopped just one yard away from him.

Currently, each of the three Dragon claws was blocked by a four-meter-long Magic Sword, unable to proceed even an inch further.

System: Blade Domain activated successfully. Skill Completion Rate, 65%. Learning condition not met. You may use Blade Domain again in 30 seconds.

Sixty-five percent?! It seems I made the right bet! Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw the system notification.

Truthfully, he was not confident of learning a Tier 4 Skill. After all, he had never learned one before, let alone Peak and Apex Tier 4 Legacy Skills. He had been fortunate to activate the Tier 4 Skill successfully on his first try.

In the past, when he was learning the Advanced Tier 4 Legacy Skills of his class, it took him over 10 minutes just to activate the Skills once successfully. And although he was now a Domain Realm expert, he still was not confident of successfully learning Peak or Apex Tier 4 Legacy Skills within an hour.Read latest chapters at

Meanwhile, in order to resolve his current predicament, he couldn’t rely on a Skill that provided only offensive or defensive capabilities. A Skill that increased his Movement Speed temporarily also wouldn’t do him much good. If he wished to survive, his only option was to learn a Domain Skill, which could be used for both offense and defense. Moreover, a Domain Skill was very useful for group combat.

Aside from that, he had taken the initiative to learn Blade Domain, which should’ve been the most difficult Skill to learn out of the four available options, because he had a big advantage to rely on—his affinity for Mana.

Previously, his affinity for Mana was subpar at best. His control over Mana wasn’t particularly good, either. However, after having his soul strengthened by a Soul Array, his affinity for and control over Mana had risen to whole new heights.

Due to this reason, he had chosen to learn Blade Domain.

Given the current circumstances, it would seem that he had made the right decision.

He had not only succeeded in activating Blade Domain on his first attempt but even achieved a 65% Completion Rate. He could also sense that he still had plenty of room for improvement.

According to his past experiences in learning Skills, if he could successfully activate a Skill at 65% Completion Rate on his first try, then he should be able to raise his Skill Completion Rate to 80% or beyond within the next hour.

“Human, don’t celebrate yet. Although a Tier 4 Domain Skill is indeed powerful, without a Tier 4 body, you won’t be able to exhibit its true power at all!” the leading Infant Black Dragon sneered when it saw Shi Feng sighing in relief.

After saying so, the Infant Dragon swept its tail at Shi Feng and shattered the Magic Sword that had managed to stop its claw attack earlier.

When the two other Infant Dragons saw this scene, they promptly copied their leader’s actions, executing a tail swipe. This situation forced Shi Feng to reconstruct the Magic Swords frantically to defend against these tail swipes.

For a time, Magic Swords continuously formed and shattered around Shi Feng. However, as forming Magic Swords required the use of Mana, after 20 seconds of this process, Shi Feng had already lost 10% of his Mana. At this rate, he would run out of Mana in just three more minutes and would no longer be able to sustain Blade Domain.

“Human, die! So long as we are here, you humans will never lay your hands on the Ancient Legacy here!” the leading Infant Black Dragon bellowed as it looked at Shi Feng’s pale complexion.

At this time, controlling his Mana started to feel somewhat taxing.

When trying to mold Mana into a specific form, one would have an easier time doing so with abundant Mana. In other words, as Shi Feng’s Mana decreased, the difficulty of molding his Mana into Magic Swords would conversely increase. He estimated that if his Mana were to fall below the 30% threshold, Blade Domain would most likely be unsustainable.


When the Infant Black Dragons saw that Shi Feng had already lost 20% of his Mana, they simultaneously executed a Tier 3 Draconic Skill, Darkness Smash, with their tails. Combined with their Strength, the power this Skill could exhibit easily reached the Intermediate Tier 4 standard. It simply wasn’t an attack the Magic Swords could hope to stop.

“Don’t even think of killing me so easily!”

After seeing that 30 seconds had gone by already, Shi Feng activated Blade Domain once more.

This time, he was much more careful when activating Blade Domain. He utilized only the minimum amount of Mana to draw the required magic array on the Abyssal Blade.


In the next moment, a crater formed in the ground before Shi Feng. At the same time, an astonished look appeared on the Infant Dragons’ faces.

Shi Feng had blocked their attacks again!

“How did he improve so quickly?”

When the Infant Black Dragons saw the Magic Swords that had formed before them, they could not help eyeing Shi Feng warily.

System: Blade Domain activated successfully. Skill Completion Rate, 75%. Learning condition not met. You may use Blade Domain again in 30 seconds.

What the Infant Dragons did not know was that, when they were forcing Shi Feng to create more Magic Swords and deplete his Mana, they had also been helping him familiarize himself with the process of creating Blade Domain’s Magic Swords. As a result, he became increasingly adept at manipulating the Domain Skill’s Mana; hence, he succeeded in activating the Skill a second time with much greater efficiency.

So, that’s the case. The activation of Tier 4 Skills and Spells is no longer dependent on just the technique of players. Instead, it requires the integration of Mana control and technique. It’s no wonder I had such a difficult time learning Tier 4 Legacy Skills in the past. When Shi Feng saw the power of his Blade Domain increase by a significant margin, realization immediately dawned upon him.

After thinking up to this point, he started using even less Mana to conjure the Magic Swords, thereby reducing the volatility of his Mana and improving its finesse.

Following which, time elapsed. Every time Shi Feng activated Blade Domain, he managed to improve its Completion Rate slightly.

77%… 79%… 81%…

As Blade Domain kept strengthening, the three Infant Black Dragons grew increasingly dispirited. Initially, they were overwhelming Shi Feng. Eventually, they ended up fighting on par with him. Now, he actually held the upper hand in battle, relying on six Magic Swords to suppress them and reduce the number of attacks they could execute.

After 50 minutes or so had passed…

System: Blade Domain activated successfully. Skill Completion Rate, 85%. Learning condition met. Do you wish to be promoted into a Tier 4 Blade Saint and utilize Blade Domain as the core for your Mana Body?


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