Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 310

Chapter 310

Chapter 310         The Xue Wu and The Big-Eyed Spirit 3

“Umm… . ” Ye Shaoyang rubbed his nose and asked, “Just returned from a date?”

“What?!” His question stunned Xie Yuqing .

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “If it was not a date, why are you dressed up and have makeup on this late at night?”

Xie Yuqing’s face turned red; she snorted, “I like to dress up nicely for myself!” She pushed Ye Shaoyang to one side and strode into the house .

Ye Shaoyang was confused as he gazed at her back . Why would she get angry suddenly?

Zhuang Yuning welcomed and greeted Xie Yuqing warmly . She gestured toward her couch and served her with a new set of tea . Xie Yuqing spoke to Ye Shaoyang impatiently, “Well, what do I owe you tonight? I still have a date after this . ”

Ye Shaoyang was shocked, “Seriously, dating?”

“Are you going to speak, or else, I am leaving now,” said Xie Yuqing .


“Alright . Alright . I just want to ask, have you found the female undead?”

Xie Yuqing calmed down a little . She took a sip at the tea and replied, “Not yet . I would inform you if we have found it . Don’t tell me that the female undead is involve in a murderer case?”

“No . I think that sorcerer did not need to purposely kill a person to set up a trap . I guess he stole the corpse from somewhere else, maybe from a grave . I think the sorcerer had kept the undead around . Well, this is not the main thing I wanted to ask . ”

Ye Shaoyang cleared his throat before he briefed Xie Yuqing regarding the whole incident related to Mr . Hu .

“I need your help; please send a few policemen to keep a lookout over Mr . Hu’s Chinese Medicinal Herbs Shop . I want to know the people visiting the shop too . Oh yeah, and I need your men to spy on Mr . Hu . I know the police are good at this . ”

After he spoke, Xie Yuqing asked, “Since you suspect him, why don’t you capture and investigate him?”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged, “Why does your IQ remain the same after we have been together for so long . ”

“Since when have we been together!” Xie Yuqing roared .

“Oops, I did not mean it like that . ”

“Explain then . ”

Her reaction left Ye Shaoyang speechless . He suspected she must be having a heavy flow, which was why she got frustrated so easily . He decided that he had better not offend her and be more careful with his words, “I can’t capture him . It is against the law . I have no evidence . Even if I have, there is no formal protocol in handling a spirit case . ”

Xiao Ma suddenly said emotionally, “Little Ye, you can use the soul seizing chant and ask him questions . Even if we are wrong, he cannot do anything . The police will think that he is a psychopath if he reports it to the police . ”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “I thought you would have a better idea . I have thought about this idea but there is a risk in doing that . Mr . Hu might be one of the agents . The sorcerer who creates the Kuman Thong is our target . I am afraid we might alert him . ”

“Why not? You can seize his soul and ask him where the sorcerer stays, then we can capture the sorcerer and seize the sorcerer’s soul and torture him . Simple, fast and nicely done . ”

After Xiao Ma spoke, Ye Shaoyang looked at him, aghast .

Xiao Ma raised his eyebrows and laughed proudly, “Stunned by my plan?”

“That would only stun yourself . Such a simple idea; if a stupid person like you can think of it, do you think the enemy would never have thought about this?”

Xiao Ma felt upset a little, but he was not reconciled, “What’s the problem if they can think of that idea? How can he prevent us from seizing his soul?”

“Of course, they can . A sorcerer can seize someone’s soul and has ways to prevent others from seizing their soul . However, the power of the sorcerer’s matter . ”

Ye Shaoyang continued, “I don’t know about this sorcerer . But I can seize Mr . Hu’s soul anytime . I am quite sure he could not avoid it . However, I am afraid I would alert the sorcerer . Even after we learn of the sorcerer’s background, he might have escaped and hid somewhere . At that moment, how would we capture him?”

Xiao Ma was shocked, “Can the sorcerer detect it when you seize Mr . Hu’s soul?”

Ye Shaoyang glanced at him and replied, “That’s why you are a stupid . Since the sorcerer had planned to let Mr . Hu become the agent, he has surely considered every possibility . I suspect he has done a soul bridging on Mr . Hu’s soul, so that he would detect at once if any abnormal thing happens to Mr . Hu’s soul . ”

“What is a soul bridging?”

“Don’t ask if you don’t understand . I don’t have time to explain,” said Ye Shaoyang as he turned his back on Xiao Ma and spoke to Xie Yuqing, “Can you help me check on Mr . Hu’s background? And like what I mentioned, send your men to keep an eye on his daily activities, can you do it?”

“Not really,” Xie Yuqing replied, “It is easy for me to check his background, but we can’t just spy on anyone without a firm evidence . I will get in trouble for that . ”

Ye Shaoyang gave it a second thought, “You can say that he is responsible for the death of the security . After we have solved the case, you can report to your superior that it is a spirit case and that would settle everything . ”

“Yeah, it is easy for you . Even if it is a spirit case, my superior would want me to explain in detail and match the case . Are you sure Mr . Hu was involved in the case?”

“Umm, eighty percent sure . ”

”Eighty percent? No way . If he is not involved, I will report your name to my superior . ”

“If you are willing to do so,” Ye Shaoyang joked .

Xie Yuqing snorted, “Of course, I am willing to do that . I would like to imprison you for your whole life . ”

Xiao Ma chuckled and said, “Sister Yuqing, you can go on with your plans now . ”

Xie Yuqing only realized her words could have another meaning . She glared at Xiao Ma and warned him, “Shut your mouth or I will throw you in prison first . ”

Xiao Ma shook his hands relentlessly, “No . No . I am not the lucky one . You’d better imprison your Little Ye forever . ”

Xie Yuqing’s face blushed at once .

However, Zhuang Yuning was not in the mood to joke around with them, “Big Brother Shaoyang, if we manage to find the sorcerer and confirm that he is responsible for the case, what can we do?”

“It will be the best if he can surrender, and we can kill your Kuman Thong . If he doesn’t want to surrender, we will fight and defeat him and kill the Kuman Thong . ”

Zhuang Yuning frowned, “That means we must find him to kill the Kuman Thong?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Yes . He is the only clue we have now . I must find the Kuman Thong’s spiritual body, only then I can completely eradicate it . ”

“Alright . I will go back and arrange everything . Will inform you once I have any updates,” said Xie Yuqing as she got to her feet .

Ye Shaoyang immediately stood up, “Let me walk you out . ”

“Nobody wants you to walk me out!” Xie Yuqing strode across the pavement and left the house . Ye Shaoyang quickly caught up and walked abreast with her toward the resident’s gate .

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