Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 20 The Clash in the Lin Family

Lin Mengya gradually calmed down in the shaking sedan chair.

In the memory of the real Lin Mengya, the Marquis Zhennan family was a place where she experienced pain and happiness.

Her father's love and brother's indulgence were the only fetters of this stupid girl.

But whenever her father and brother who resisted enemies on the battlefield all year round left, it was the beginning of Lin Mengya's misery.

The hypocritical stepmother and the vicious sister would torture the poor and innocent girl.

In that case, she, Lin Mengya, who came back to life, should punish those evil people for what they deserved.

Staring at her slender fingertips, Lin Mengya burst into a charming smile.

So, she would start with punishing her younger sister who gave herself the poisonous dates.

All the people in the Marquis Zhennan mansion were all busy dealing with the matters of the elder daughter's return.

The wife of Marquis Zhennan was sitting uprightly on her seat in the cella.

The madam of Duke was the second wife, but she came from a noble family. She was the younger sister of the Queen. Although she was less beautiful than her elder sister, she lived in a noble family for many years and cultivated a graceful and honorable manner.

As Lin Mengya's legitimate mother, at the moment, she wore a dark red hundred butterfly dress and her head was decorated with many pearls and jade, but she was somewhat less noble than her sister.

At this moment, she was looking through the return ceremony sent by Prince Yu's Mansion with her green jade hands.

Her keen eyes alighted with a trance of arrogance.

She was good at careful calculation and strict budgeting—an insane money-losing girl brought a lot of benefits. Still, her elder sister was adept in scheming better, and presumably, that madwoman had been thrown to the mass grave.

Just in time, today's return was held for the Duke.

If the bride did not come back at the proper time, according to the tempers of Duke and the bastard, they would make trouble for the prince.

And she and the Queen could have the full benefits without no extra effort.

"Mother! Mother, why are you still looking at the account book leisurely and carefreely?"

A pretty girl in purple rushed in from the outside.

Shangguan Qing lifted her eyes and saw that it turned out to be her baby daughter, so she immediately took her daughter's hand joyfully and wiped her sweat carefully off her forehead.

"Why are you so panic? Look at you; you are so rude that you don't like a darling daughter."

"Mother, you came out of the hall for worshiping the Buddha just now so no one tells you that Lin Mengya, the little hoof, hasn't been dead yet? "

The girl named Lin Mengwu and was Lin Mengya's half-sister.

Compared with Lin Mengya who was delicate and charming, Lin Mengwu was a bit gorgeous and nifty. But at this moment, the girl, who was usually being focused, now was a bit remorseful and panic.

"What? Lin Mengya is not dead? Why didn't anyone tell me!?"

Shangguan Qing secretly startled, and her reaction was the same as her daughter's.

Since Lin Mengya got married, she hid in the family hall to show that she was reluctant to marry her daughter for outsiders.

However, she didn't think that as soon as she came out of the hall today, she heard the news.

"Yes, this hoof was really lucky, presumably because those dates didn't fit her appetite and she didn't eat them. In the past two days, I repeatedly wanted to see you, but those people blocked me. Your confidants were all in the hall so that I couldn't tell anyone about this. Mother, what should we do now?"

Compared to her daughter's panic, Shangguan Qing calmed down soon.

She thought a lot while touching her daughter's delicate face.

"It doesn't matter. Even though the fool doesn't die, she will be doomed to be detested and rejected by Prince Yu. You shouldn't mess around and let's pretend it never happened."

Her mother's words made Lin Mengwu calm down.

On second thought, that fool might return home today. Even if she became Princess Yu, she was still stupid. By then, she would set her up to make a fool of Lin Mengya in front of everyone.

Prince Yu would certainly hate her more.

Her mind crossed with dark schemes—Lin Mengya would disappear in this world sooner or later.

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