Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 23 What They Want?

Long Tianhao was puzzled, but since Lin Mengya's annoying stepmother was there, he was unable to ask anything.

"Mother worried too much. I was born and grew up here. Naturally, I don't feel uncomfortable. Although Prince is honorable, he doesn't like an extravagance."

Lin Mengya smiled gently; she was not as stupid as before.

Under the influence of modern civilization, she understood what was sinister and what was hypocritical.

Therefore, even though Shangguan Qing hated Lin Mengya, she could not find the latter's faults.

"Well, Prince, if you don't like these sweet cakes, why don't you try some osmanthus tea. Although it is not expensive tea, it is sweet and refreshing, and is most suitable to drink after eating."

It seemed that Long Tianhao's sarcasm didn't work.

Shangguan Qing was still passionate and polite, so Long Tianhao reluctantly put down the kite.

No matter how much he hated Shangguan Qing, after all, she was the Empress's sister, the housewife of Marquis Zhennan, and also his nominal mother-in-law.

He gulped down a cup of tea, but he was still so indifferent. He even didn't glance at Shangguan Qing, obviously, he didn't care her at all.

Looking at Long Tianhao drink up the tea she carefully made, Shangguan Qing'eyes flashed a hint of pride.

Soon, her daughter would become Princess Yu.

At that time, she would return these humiliations personally.

No matter Lin Mengya or Long Tianhao, at that time, they would become her pawns who could not fight back.

"Ya'er, come here, I have some words to tell you. The day you got married, I was really reluctant to see, so I go to the Buddhist temple. You didn't blame me, did you?"

She pretended to be kind and gentle, but what Shangguan Qing really wanted to do was to kill Lin Mengya.

Lin Mengya knew her intention of murder, but she still pretended to be naive. Let Shangguan Qing hold her arm intimately.

"How do you say that? I am also very unwilling to leave you. Fortunately, Prince likes me, so I am blessed till now."

Lin Mengya took one gentle glimpse at Long Tianhao, then lowered her head. Her look of shyness made Shangguan Qing hate her utterly.

"This is good; the harmonious couple should understand each other. That is very important. Ya'er, we haven't talked about any intimate words for a long time. Come with me."

The hint of viciousness in her eyes didn't express at all.

Lin Mengya certainly knew that this vicious stepmother had absolutely nothing to say to her.

But she was curious about Shangguan Qing's next movement when things had become like this.

"Prince, we would like to go out for a walk. I hope you will not blame me for my neglect."

Long Tianhao couldn't refuse, just nodded slightly.

Insulting and poisoning were their tricks to Lin Mengya.

He didn't know that after Lin Mengya had become Princess Yu, what trick was waiting for this girl?

After Lin Mengya and Shangguan Qing disappeared, Long Tianhao meditated for a while and said to a figure outside.

"Follow Princess and protect her."

No one answered outside the window.

Only the "rustling" sounds of bamboo blown by the wind, nobody knew that Long Tianhao had arranged his shadow guards to protect Lin Mengya.

This girl couldn't be hurt.

The candlelight in the embroidery building flickered, but Long Tianhao only felt that an unutterable heat came from the deepest part of his body.

Was it because the embroidery building was too small, so he felt a little hot?

Long Tianhao stood in front of the window, sniffing a breeze through the window, but his discomfort didn't go at all.

What was wrong with him?

"Ya'er, for so many years, I have been busy with family affairs and neglected you. You don't blame me, do you?"

In the bamboo forest, Lin Mengya followed ShangGuan Qing, bowing her head, she pretended to be well-behaved.

Her eyes flashed a hint of cunning.

It was too late to say these words.

"You are over-scrupulous. My father and brother are not at home all year around. Thanks to mother's painstaking efforts, Mengwu and I can grow up."

Lin Mengya said perceptually, but she sneered inside.

Alright, if it weren't for her stepmother's painstaking efforts, Lin Mengya wouldn't have become like that.

Shangguan Qing kept glancing at the direction of the embroidered building.

Now, the medicine was about to take effect, and Wu'er should achieve it.

As long as her daughter could be happy, she would bleed herself dry.

"The body ... how can ..."

Long Tianhao in the embroidery building, at the moment, was already going to be tortured to death by his discomfort.

He had never been short of women, but he never lost himself in the lust.

To him, women were just normal physiological needs.

Did he ignore himself because he was busy dealing with Lin Mengya's matters these days?

Damn it, he had never lost control like this, but his mind was still so clear.

"Creaking." The gate of embroidered building was gently opened.

Long Tianhao thought it was Lin Mengya. He was about to stop her but seeing an enchanting figure float in.

"Prince, do you feel uncomfortable? Let Wu'er serve you, okay?"

The voice of Lin Mengwu was very sweet, greasy and charming.

Long Tianhao leaned against the chair, narrowing his eyes, and he looked at the graceful figure in front of him with cold eyes.

No wonder the lust was so strong.

It turned out that someone treated him with special medicine.

"Prince, do you know how long and hard Wu'er have loved you?"

Her voice was trembling slightly with some expectation and pride.

In the candlelight, she only wore a transparent gauze. Even the red underwear was looming.

Lin Mengwu slowly approached her dream. She was confident that her excellent figure was more lovable than Lin Mengya's skinny body.

Since Long Tianhao could accept Lin Mengya, he must also be able to accept her.


Long Tianhao sat there, no matter how hot his body was, in his mind, he felt that the slut was disgusting.


Lin Mengwu's voice sounded and wanted to throw her body into Long Tianhao's arms.

However, in the dark, Long Tianhao's eyes had faintly emitted a hint of murder.

What he hated most was being fooled.

However, After Lin Mengwu failed to plot against Lin Mengya, she used this kind of tactics to seduce him.

Sure enough, the mother and daughter of the Lin family exactly were not good people!

How good upbringing the Empress would have?

"Prince, I-"

Lin Mengwu who was about to stick to Long Tianhao, was suddenly caught on the shoulder by Long Tianhao.

As she felt the thud of her heartbeat and thought that Long Tianhao was going to lose control and throw himself into her arms, her whole person flew out.


Hearing a scream, a sound of falling water came. Long Tianhao's face fell, unexpectedly throwing Lin Mengwu out.

She wanted to be his sex partner, but she was unqualified.

Not any women were qualified to be his partner.

Lin Mengwu didn't expect that it was a certain thing, but a moment later, she was thrown into a small pool behind Grace Butterfly Courtyard.

She climbed out of the pool, but her heart had already burst the flames of jealousy.

Lin Mengya couldn't get the things that she couldn't get!

Lin Mengya and Shangguan Qing walked slowly all the way and gradually stepped out of the range of Grace Butterfly Courtyard.

This was the garden of the Marquis Zhennan.

In summer, the lake was full of big lotus flowers.

Lin Mengya looked at the lotus flower and felt sad.

It was her mother's favorite flower that she had never met.

However, Shangguan Qing made many excuses for removing these lotus flowers.

"It's getting dark, so I won't bother you to rest. Mother Li, send Princess Yu back."

Shangguan Qing still smiled gently, but the vicious in her eyes showed some pride.

As long as Lin Mengya died, Lin Mengwu would replace her as Princess Yu. Therefore, everything would be fine.

"Okay, pay my respect to mother."

Lin Mengya felt a little strange. She thought that Shangguan Qing at least would do something.

But why, she had no reaction until now?

Was it just her suspicious?

"Princess Yu, the floor is wet. You should pay more attention."

Mother Li was carrying a lantern to guide Lin Mengya.

Lin Mengya suspiciously looked at her who was Shangguan Qing's confidant.

She did many bad things.

Pretending to wave her arms, Lin Mengya dived into the bottom of the lake.

Lin Mengya won the swimming champion three times in Children Swimming Competition previously. Of course, this small man-made lake was a piece of cake.

However, why was there something shining in the bottom of the lake?

Lin Mengya dived quietly, resorting the gleam, she found it was a stone lock.

It was strange that there was a stone lock at the bottom of the lake and it got to shine.

At present, she kept vigilant.

When they returned back, Lin Mengya was unexpected that mother Li burst a shout.

"Miss, watch out!"

Before Lin Mengya reacted, mother Li's strong body immediately landed on her.

Lin Mengya, who was thin and slim, was not the opponent of mother Li.

She was shoved into the lake.

Lin Mengya understood that Shangguan Qing talking to her was an excuse of she wanted to murder her.

Because, in the original setting, Lin Mengya could not swim.

Thinking of it, Lin Mengya did not show up immediately.

Mother Li was so bold, perhaps she had another method.

She was afraid of escaping one hell but entering another one.

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