Sword Among Us

Chapter 437 - Wind Chimes, Silver Wolf

There were people who were happy with Happy having disappeared, but there were also some who were worried.

Since Class One Hall was unable to figure out Happy’s whereabouts, they could be said to be full of uncertainty. They were unable to make up their mind about their next move.

They wanted to use the chance to attack Mu Clan and stop them in their development, but they were worried that Happy was not actually in Eternal Peace Temple but lurking around Beijing. Hence, not only did they not give the orders to mobilize their forces, a few of the higher ups were even held back in Beijing. They did not dare to readily leave it.

Even though they had dozens of branches, which meant that a group of really powerful players would need to fight hard for more than two hours before they could destroy the foundation of their headquarters, if they were too far away, they would not be able to take care of the headquarters.

The players in Vast Martial City were the most delighted.

Happy’s disappearance meant that his monopoly of the royal mausoleum was gone. The people who challenged that place quickly increased, and most of them targeted Nation Protecting Divine Sword and Ninja King!

There was an endless stream of powerful players over there.

Quite a number of good players rose to fame in the royal mausoleum during that period of time.

One of them was Ji Feng, who was once a member of Perpetual Joy Sect. He was now in Life and Death Realm, and he had left Perpetual Joy Sect to rely on himself to become stronger. However, there was a rather powerful group gathered around him.

With his extraordinary commanding skills and those of his group, even though he could not be said to be able to mow down all adversaries, he had still managed to monopolize Ninja King for three days and get two Nation Protecting Divine Swords.

Within those three days, not only had he managed to get a few Golden Armor parts and two Nation Protecting Divine Swords, he had also managed to defeat a middle-sized group from another sect after they set up an ambush for him. It was the reason why he rose to fame!

After that, quite a number of sect masters extended an invitation for him to join their sects. They gave impressive conditions, but Ji Feng never agreed to them.

There were some people who said that Ji Feng actually wanted to join a sect, but he was ambitious and regarded those small sects with contempt. There were only a few that could enter his sights.

Ji Feng did not spend too much time in the royal mausoleum. Five days later, he brought his group out of the Royal Mausoleum and to Sky Demon Sect and Taichi Sword Sect.

There were also two men and one girl who rose to fame in the royal mausoleum.

The girl was known as Wind Chimes. She was very weak, but she carried around a huge sword casket every day. It was said that when she entered the royal mausoleum for the first time, many people laughed so hard that they rolled on the ground when they saw that the weapon was larger than the person. There were even some people who said that the girl had come to the wrong place to sell her wares.

There was a person who always followed behind Wind Chimes. He moved neither quickly nor slowly, and his eyes sparkled.

It was precisely because of this person—who had an incomplete silver mask covering his face and who made others feel that he was unfathomable—constantly keeping an eye out for the girl that no one bothered Wind Chimes.

However, those two never communicated with each other before other people. They did their own things and did not bother with each other.

It was very strange. Once Wind Chimes spent a lot of effort to bring out her weapon from the sword casket, her presence changed swiftly, and she suddenly transformed from a normal girl into a great martial artist.

Wherever her longsword pointed, the presence of her qi would be barely discernible, but her sword techniques would sweep through everything as if they were twigs.

But what left everyone the most puzzled was that every day, the sword technique that the girl practiced was a new one. The styles were completely different, and she transitioned from rusty movements to well-practiced movements very quickly.

Silver Wolf just trained quietly by her side.

One thing for certain, however, was that as long as Wind Chimes was around, Silver Wolf would be there too.

Normally, players who did not speak to each other would not attract a lot of attention.

But Wind Chimes and Silver Wolf always entered the second hall of the royal mausoleum ahead of the others and they would exit it very quickly as well. They left lots of ninja corpses behind them. The bodies lying in piles, but their pockets already searched through.

All ninjas were dead in less than two minutes, and no one knew the secret behind it.

On that day, Wind Chimes carried her ridiculously heavy sword casket over again. She then took out her sword and entered the tunnel. Behind her was Silver Wolf, who had already packed up the loot. He looked just like a bodyguard.

“I think it has been a long time since we met those people.” Wind Chimes’ voice suddenly rang in the tunnel while there was no one around her. It sounded just like bell chimes. “Now, no one will steal Ninja King from you. Look at that, aren’t you amazing?”

Silver Wolf cast a glance at the girl who was acting like a thief, and he could not help but laugh while he shook his head.

“It’s not me who’s amazing, they’re wary of this…” When Wind Chimes cast him a puzzled gaze, Silver tapped the “Mu” emblem on his chest.


Wind Chimes naturally knew the meaning of that word in World of Martial Arts.

Even though it was not the strongest sect, it symbolized invincibility!

While she was in Universe Secrets Manor, she had made readings on Happy’s information multiple times, and it could be said that all the martial arts Happy had learned and their current stats, his innate attributes, and his qi points were all in her head. She knew them as well as the back of her hand.

Yet strangely, over the past few days, even she could not figure out Happy’s whereabouts and his specific location. There seemed to be a strange power that had hidden away his information.

‘It’s really strange…’

Ever since her Comprehension reached 100, she had inherited the legacy from Heaven’s Secret Valley as well as Six-fingered Demonic Zither, so she had even caught up to her master, Wandering Know-it-all’s divination skills, but there was still someone in the game whom she could not read.

Wind Chimes might have felt gloomy about it, but there was nothing she could do.

“Ah… I’m so bored. Can we please leave the royal mausoleum after today? There’s nothing interesting to do here.”

Silver Wolf could handle Ninja King himself, while Old Swordsman’s sword technique was very sharp and fierce, and he was much stronger than Ninja King. There was no one as of then who could go and provoke him.

“If we leave the royal mausoleum, where do you want to go?” Silver Wolf asked.

“We already have quite a number of Nation Protecting Divine Swords and Golden Armor parts. There’s no point in us staying here.” Wind Chimes thought about it deeply before she said, “Can we go to Taichi Sword Sect?”

The valuable and rare grade one masterpieces were nothing to Wind Chimes. Besides, she had never changed her equipment up till then. She wore a white dress, and she seemed to dislike the cold and hard armor.

Silver Wolf nodded. “I’m fine with it. Wherever you go, I will follow you for this month.”

“This month?”

Wind Chimes cast Silver Wolf a curious glance before she suddenly brought out a diviner’s eight trigrams chart. She sat down on the spot and threw a pair of oracle bones on the chart with a loud thud.

Once she made a few gestures, she looked up and stared at Silver Wolf with a strange expression. “Ten days later, Zhang Wuji will definitely appear at Eternal Peace Temple. I understand now! Did my master come to an agreement with you lot and agreed to help lock down all news about the secrets surrounding Happy’s destiny? And as payment, were you tasked to be in charge of my safety?”

Silver Wolf was rendered speechless. He did not expect that the girl would not seek help from others when she wanted to know something, but would just toy with the oracle bones.

But she had indeed made the right guess.

It was expected of Wandering Know-it-all and Six-fingered Demonic Zither’s disciple.

“Hmph.” Wind Chimes suddenly snorted through her nose. “My master really underestimated me. No matter what, I am still Six-fingered Demonic Zither’s disciple. Would I even need a bodyguard when I enter the royal mausoleum?”

Silver Wolf smiled. He could not help but say, “Don’t forget that you’re not even in Mystical Realm right now. Obviously, you have no problem in taking care of normal mobs, but when you’re in front of the truly powerful, those sounds of yours will be nothing.

“When you’re in Life and Death Realm, you will be full of qi, and your damage will increase. Naturally, you will then become one of the top-tier fighters in the game. At that time, your master will no longer need to send someone to protect you.”

When he said those last words, he could not help the fact that his tone voice turned sentimental. In truth, if he had not personally witnessed the swift growth of the girl before him, whose body was weak because of Nine Yin Blocked Pulses, he would not have dared to believe that there would be such a miracle in the game.

He believed that soon, a powerful fighter with an ultimate technique as great as Lu Mingyue’s would rise to prominence in World of Martial Arts.

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