The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1304 - It Is the Sequel of a Story I

Ye Yuwei was lost for words.

Was her head some kind of switch?

Gu Juexi seemed to enjoy playing with her head.

Nalan Jing touched the cup with his long and slender fingers. “I didn’t intend to disrupt your life, but it was you who did not forgive her. You did not even allow her to rest in peace.”

Nalan Jing was clearly referring to Ye Di. They did not have to guess.

So Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei’s assumptions were right. Nalan Jing did appear because of that.

He might have never appeared in front of them if that incident never happened.

“Chairman Gu lives in the same world as me. You know very well how exhausting it is to live in that kind of world. Those three years when I pretended to be you and lived by her side were my most peaceful years.”

Nalan Jing was staring at the tea inside the cup the whole time, but he also seemed to be looking at his fingers too.

Ye Yuwei glanced at Gu Juexi again. That story might be very long and hold the answers they wanted.

“She’s a smart woman. She realized that I wasn’t you in the second year I pretended to be you. She’s very kind too.”

“Kind?” Gu Tianmu laughed coldly. ‘Wasn’t she the one who made Wen Jie ill?’

Ye Yuwei held her hands tightly when she heard Gu Tianmu’s laughter. She had been thinking of Wen Jie’s illness too.

Gu Juexi reached out and grabbed Ye Yuwei’s hand, then placed a soft kiss on her forehead. “Nobody knows your aunt as well as Nalan Jing. He’s telling the truth. You should trust him.”

Ye Yuwei nodded and looked at Gu Juexi gratefully. He said that for her sake.

Ye Yuwei squeezed Gu Juexi’s hand tightly.

“She might have done something wrong. She was a stubborn person, that’s why she was so easily used by someone else. She should be held responsible for Mrs. Gu’s illness. You only saw her wrongdoing, but you did not see how she sacrificed everything for her medical experiments in those three years. You also did not see how she placed a present carefully outside of Gu Mansion on Mrs.Gu’s birthday and quickly left after that. You also never saw how she endured all her elder brother’s reproaches silently and helplessly because of the misunderstanding between them,” Nalan Jing spoke slowly, then laughed out loud. It was unclear whether it was out of sarcasm or grief.

Ye Yuwei’s body tensed when she heard it, and she lowered her gaze slightly. She seemed to see the image of the young girl reflected in the yellowish liquid in the cup in front of her. It seemed that she could learn from her. She saw the young girl standing outside of Gu Mansion alone. She also saw how the hysterical elder brother scolded his younger sister because of what had happened.

She lowered her head and stood there from the beginning till the end. She did not struggle to explain or argue with what was said to her.

It was because she had indeed done something wrong. Hence, she could not defend herself.

“All of you have forgotten that she was only eleven years old that year. She was still at the age where the line between good and bad was blurred.” Nalan Jing laughed coldly and turned the cup in his hand softly. “She’s much younger than me, but she lived a much more terrible life. She went out of her way to cure Wen Jie’s illness. She just wanted a chance for herself. A chance to apologize to both her brother and Wen Jie.”

Ye Yuwei covered her mouth with her hand. She could not allow herself to make a sound.

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