The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 300 - Blacklisted

“Thank you.” After a long pause, Chu Ningyi finally replied and ended the call.

Qiao Yaruan stared at the phone in her hand. Strangely, Director Chu’s word of thanks was rather heart-wrenching.

Poor child. In the end, he was a high and mighty man who has never been in touch with his real feelings.

Qiao Yaruan, who was now in a mood better than ever, looked at the reporters again as she packed up to head to the library to study. Perhaps only she could understand this kind of excitement.

‘Feng Feng, you can finally get lost!’

A gentle breeze brushed across the windchime by the window.

The little darling had received a toy because he was in the situation of not being able to find his daddy. It was a baby walker and the little fellow was now running around in his walker as he puffed and squealed.

Shui Anluo was seated on the floor as she read a book and ate ice cream. Maid Yu was still tidying up though Shui Anluo has no idea what she was actually cleaning.

The little darling squealed all the way to his mommy and reached his little paws out, asking to be fed. He was even babbling in protest at her. ‘You can’t be the only one who gets to eat.’

Shui Anluo pursed her lips a little, indicating that he was not allowed to eat her ice cream.

The little darling followed his mommy and pursed his lips as well but it was not to drop any hints for his mommy. He burst into tears at the next second as his little hand pointed at the delicious treat.

Shui Anluo was starting to get a headache. She scooped him up from his small walker then glanced at the snacks on the table which Maid Yu had labeled as rubbish. It looks like there was nothing for her son to eat here.

Her son was staring at her with hope in his eyes as Shui Anluo looked for something for him to eat when the phone on the table rang.

Shui Anluo glanced at the screen and pressed the reject call button.

Chu Ningyi heard the busy dial tone and frowned. This meant that she had rejected his call.

Chu Ningyi dialed the number again. This time, the phone was completely off the hook.

‘Has she switched the phone off or has she blacklisted me?’

‘This little girl has an even bigger temper than I do.’

Shui Anluo was in a much better mood after she blacklisted Chu Ningyi. She then resumed her hunt for a snack for her son.

“Oh no my dear, you can’t feed him these things,” Maid Yu exclaimed and quickly snatched the little darling away.

Shui Anluo was aggrieved. She looked up and twisted the packaging of the snack in her hand as she said, “Pineapple Peas.” This was a supplementary snack that could be given to infants. That was why she had bought it.

Maid Yu took a good look at it. This seems to be true but she still remarked worriedly, “You’ll still need to dissolve it in warm water before feeding it to him. Otherwise, his baby teeth would be spoilt as it grows out.”

Shui Anluo got up from the floor and searched for a small bowl in the kitchen. She put some milk powder and warm water in the bowl and came out. She then added the Pineapple Peas into the bowl under the little darling’s watchful eye. Otherwise, this kid would think that she was bluffing him and refuse to eat.

“Was that call from the Young Master?” Maid Yu asked carefully once Shui Anluo had taken the little darling and began feeding him with a small spoon.

Shui Anluo replied indifferently. “I did not answer the call.”

“Yes, don’t answer, that’s how you should deal with him.” Maid Yu agreed with indignance.

Shui Anluo had thought that Maid Yu would try to persuade her again but she had unexpectedly supported her. She immediately nodded in agreement. “I won’t speak to him.”

However, just as Shui Anluo was feeding her son, her phone rang again. This time, it was from an unknown number.

Shui Anluo shook then reached out to answer it. “Hello…” She had answered politely because she did not know who was on the other end.

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