The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 1920 - Assessment 1

Chapter 1920 - Assessment 1

Because of the first elder's personal order, Su Luo had this very rare opportunity.

The assessment of the genius training camp is divided into three levels.

The first was to break into the heavenly puppet array.

Qingfeng sent Su Luo to the outside of the heavenly puppet array, then backed away a few steps, raised his hand and motioned to Su Luo: "If you can complete this in two hours, you can be considered to have passed this stage."

Two hours? The time was really harsh.

Zi Yan earnestly told Su Luo, "If it's too difficult, remember that life is the most important thing. If the first time is not successful, there's still next time, many people took the assessment many times before they could enter the genius training camp."

Beichen Ying also said with a smile: "At the very least, next time we could take the assessment together."

"Will you die if you don't say those disheartening words?" Su Luo gave her little friend an unhappy glance, "I know, safety first, I cherish my life more than any of you."

After making it clear, she turned around, Su Luo looked at the black wooden door in front of her, took a deep breath, and slowly pushed the door.

The black wooden door was about ten meters long and twenty meters high. Behind it, was an oval yurt-like building.

It looked very huge. As for what's inside, only those who had taken the assessment would know.

The matter about Su Luo's assessment for the genius training camp was spread, so more and more people flocked to the heavenly puppet array, and one of them was a mighty and imposing group.

Led by Lu Yi, she was followed by a group girls in the prime of their youth, each of them looked stern, as if they want to smash the place.

"People from the Bright Moon Hall!" A person with a sharp eye recognized them at once, "That's Miss Lu Yi!"

"I didn't expect Miss Lu Yi brought group of people in person. What are they doing?"

"I don't know. It looks like it's going to kill an enemy..."

Passersby 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on were confused. They discussed it, but they still did not know why.

"Get out of the way, get out of the way!"

Lu Yi brought a group of people to come over, and soon, people on the road automatically get out of the way.

Lu Yi brought those people and occupied the best position.

There was a large screen on the right side of the door, which they could clearly see the scene inside.

Lu Yi glanced at the screen, and then glanced at the crowd. At one glance, she recognized Zi Yan. Suddenly, her beautiful face looked fierce.

"I wondered who it is, it turned out that it's Holy Maiden Zi Yan. I didn't expect you to be so idle." Lu Yi's eyes were vicious.

Huang Yi and Lan Yi were schemed, all of their cultivations were abolished, and they were still punished to be sent to the mountain to do bitter work, which made her who had always been friends with them became angry.

She originally wanted to lead someone to rush to Blue Cloud Peak, arrest Su Luo and the others, and beat them up, but was stopped by the third elder, so Lu Yi chose a roundabout way.

She didn't believe that a small 10th rank could pass the assessment of the genius training camp. Therefore, she brought the disciples of Bright Moon Hall and came here in a magnificent way to see Su Luo's appearance.

Zi Yan and Bright Moon Hall already had an animosity. but now there were even more animosity.

Zi Yan folded her arms, and her cold eyes swept over Lu Yi. Without saying a word, Zi Yan turned her eyes to the screen. Zi Yan's expression and action could be summed up in a word - ignore.

"Zi Yan, how dare you ignore me!" Lu Yi almost burst into anger.

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