The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 637 - He Disowned All His Relatives and Friends for Her X

“All right, Manor Lady.”

The palace maids from Fengyun Manor followed behind Feng Ruqing. They seemed shy. It might seem like Feng Ruqing was their bridegroom if the public did not know better.

Nan Xian seemed to be calmer now. But, he soon saw the facial expressions of the palace maids. His facial expression soon turned cold again.

“Qing’er, are they the palace maids whom you have eloped with?”

Feng Ruqing was speechless.

‘Eloped? When did that happen? Why didn’t I know about that?’

Feng Ruqing turned and looked at Nan Xian, shocked. “Who told you that I have eloped with someone else?”

“Xiao Qing.” Nan Xian was rather honest.

Feng Ruqing’s facial expression darkened. “I’ll brew snake soup when I’m back.”

‘Damn it! How could Xiao Qing make up stories about me in front of the state preceptor! I’ll not let it go when it’s back!’

Qing Zhu crawled out of a deep pit with much difficulty not far in the distance. It could not help but sneeze. It felt that there was somebody talking about it.

“I don’t care now. The master and the princess must have gone far. I must head back now. It’s not that easy even if he wants to abandon me. I’ll crawl my way back to Liu Yun Kingdom if I have to!” Qing Zhu seemed quite determined.

‘You want to abandon me. That’s impossible!’

Surely, it would run away immediately if it knew that Feng Ruqing was ready to brew snake soup. Nan Xian would not even have to say anything more. It would run away and never return.


At Talon’s Gate.

A figure came and stood at the entrance anxiously. He was pale. His hair was messy and his clothes were shabby like a beggar.

Moreover, he was stopped by the disciples of Talon’s Gate who were guarding the entrance.

“Get lost! I’m your master! How dare you stop me from entering Talon’s Gate!” Zhao Yan was infuriated. He seemed savage. He was no longer gentle like he used to be.

One of the disciples recognized the man in front of them after a while. He took two steps back in fear. He kneeled down quickly. “Master, please forgive me. I did not recognize you just now. Please spare my life!”

Zhao Yao scolded him. “Get lost now!”

He had survived and escaped from the Forest of Spirit Beasts with much difficulty. Now, he was stopped by the disciples from his own manor.

‘Is there any other master who is treated as badly as me?’

But, Zhao Yao understood that he could not punish the disciples because of such a small matter. Otherwise, the image which he had made for himself with much effort in front of Fei Xue would be ruined.

Zhao Yao quickly made himself presentable in case he might meet his wife, Fei Xue later. He walked into the manor in big strides.

The disciple looked at Zhao Yao’s disappearing figure. He spat on the ground. “He’s just a man who relies on Lady. He enjoys what he owns today because of Lady. I saw that he had even harassed a female disciple the other day. That girl is new here. She had no one to turn to in times like that. No one would believe her. Hence, she had no choice but to keep it to herself.”

‘He’s just a bastard!’

Another disciple quickly gave him a signal so that he would stop talking. “Just stop talking. If he hears what you have said, we’ll all be killed!”

The disciple did not continue talking after his companion advised him. But, he was still looking at Zhao Yao angrily.

‘That kind of villain always pretends to be nice in front of Lady. Lady always believes in him. Even if we say anything more, Lady would never believe us.’


Inside the manor.

Zhao Yao soon saw a beautiful lady sitting at the pavilion when he was inside the manor.

That beautiful lady was elegant. She seemed independent and strong. She was nothing like any other weak ordinary women.

“Xue’er!” Zhao Yao’s voice was pathetic. He rushed toward the beautiful woman.

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