The Empress’ Livestream

Chapter 518 - Three-way Battle (II)

“Mr. Feng, things are bad,” Luo Yue said.

Feng Jin’s heart jolted. He was about to carry Changsheng who was sleeping soundly, but Luo Yue’s voice made him stop in his actions.

“What’s wrong?”

“The Tsing Yi Army in Maolin District and Jiaoping District are going to send out their troops. They’ll reach us in less than half a day’s time.”


Feng Jin widened his eyes in bewilderment. What on earth was wrong with the Tsing Yi Army? Why were they going to suddenly attack Xiangyang District?

“The Tsing Yi Army in the two districts are pretty quiet. Why are they doing this all of a sudden?”

There were sufficient troops in Xiangyang District. The Tsing Yi Army had tried to crush them several times but to no avail. Why would they take the initiative to look for trouble this time?

Could it be that…

Feng Jin’s cognition was restored. He soon figured out the crux within… It was most likely that the Tsing Yi Army in the two districts thought that the rear of the army in Xiangyang District was weak since Chengan District had been conquered and that they wanted to take advantage of the situation… He secretly gritted his teeth. His life was over by working for a lord who specially tricked her subordinates!

Wei Jingxian looked ghastly pale. “Hubby?”

Were they preparing for a war again?

“Don’t worry. Take Changsheng home first. I won’t be able to come home for a few days. I’ll definitely get even with Lanting when she comes back.”

How could she do this?

She told him that he could keep his wife and daughter company by staying behind to guard the district, but she created such big trouble for him right away. Feng Jin got up and strode out of the government office. Wei Jingxian let out a long sigh and looked at her sleepy daughter who had just been awakened. She felt bad, but she could not do anything.

In this chaotic world, it was impossible not to be tormented by wars.

She lowered her head and kissed her daughter’s eyebrows. She whispered, “Changsheng, we’ll go home and wait for Daddy to come home.”

The Tsing Yi Army would arrive in half a day’s time by foot. There was still plenty of time for preparation in Xiangyang District.

After asking about the number of guards and defense weapons in each city gate, Feng Jin felt slightly more at ease. Fortunately, the various defense weapons had already been prepared. If the Tsing Yi Army launched a sneak attack at night, he would not let them have the chance to leave this place alive!

Feng Jin usually gave people the impression that he was a well-behaved gentleman. He rarely lost his temper. If people thought that he was kind because of that, they would be absolutely wrong. He would make whoever who dared to lay their hands on Xiangyang District pay a painful price. He and Luo Yue only left the city walls once they were reassured after that everything was okay and ready.

Feng Jin muttered, “The two groups of the Tsing Yi Army are mainly attacking from different directions. According to the scout, they’ll definitely arrive at different times. Ask the troops on both sides of the city gates to keep a close watch. We mustn’t let down our guard and we must guard for at least five days. This will be a tough battle.”

Luo Yue nodded while listening. He did not have any objection towards Feng Jin’s plans.

After a while, Feng Jin suddenly said, “Oh right. After the night falls, the city gates mustn’t be opened for anyone, no matter who it is.”

Luo Yue tensed up. Those words had a profound meaning. Could it be that…

“Do you mean that… there are moles planted by the Tsing Yi Army in the city?” Luo Yue asked.

Feng Jin frowned and replied, “I’m not sure. After all, we captured many members of the Tsing Yi Army when we first entered Xiangyang. It’s hard to guarantee that those former members of the Tsing Yi Army have no kinship with the enemy. It’s always good to be cautious.”

Luo Yue did not approve of those words on the outside, but he kept it in mind.

The Xiangyang District today was a paradise in the chaotic world which they had devoted a lot of hard work to for six months. They would not allow anyone to covet it. Even if he felt that the members of the Tsing Yi Army who had surrendered had already been completely converted and that they would not rebel, nothing was absolute. It was better to be careful.”

“I’ve got it. I’ll definitely pass this message to the guards at each city gate.”

In order to ensure that the troops would have sufficient energy, they would change their shifts every other hour after the night had fallen. This was to make sure that everyone would be in good spirits.

In the dark night, the torches on the city walls of Xiangyang District were ignited, as if they were the only light in the world.

Jiaoping District was the closest to Xiangyang District. The journey would only take one and a half days if one travelled at top speed. It was already late at night when they arrived.

A minion said, “General, it looks like Xiangyang District is quite strictly guarded.”

General Pingtian was riding a tall and strong horse. The 5000 members of Tsing Yi Army who he had taken with him this time were all ‘elites’. Those who stayed behind in Jiaoping District were old and weak. They were not suitable for long-range raids. If he took them with him, they would definitely slow down the marching speed.

“If it’s not strictly guarded, why do you think that no one has conquered this alluring gem yet?” General Pingtian secretly snorted and continued in an aloof manner, “I ordered someone to check the details of Xiangyang District in the past and their defense was two to three times weaker than what it is now. Now that they’re ready in full battle array, they must be scared.”

The more anxious they were, the more it was necessary for them to put on a strong appearance. General Pingtian felt even more dauntless.

The minion flattered him. “General, your resourcefulness is unparalleled. No matter how much disguise Xiangyang District has, they can’t deceive your discerning eyes.”

General Pingtian snorted. However, the minion’s sweet bootlicking made him feel even better.

“Let’s wait for a little longer. We’ll attack them with fire arrows at the fourth hour.”

General Pingtian was different from the other chieftains of the Tsing Yi Army. Not only did he like to plunder money and beauties, but he also liked to try out various weapons. For example, the fire arrows were arrows which were tied with a coarse cloth soaked with oil. They would then be shot by using a bow. Once it had plunged into one’s flesh, the wound would easily fester and be infected.

He wanted to launch a surprise attack and throw them off their guard. Little did he know that Xiangyang District was already prepared. Was it amazing to have fire arrows?

The night was dense. Feng Jin snatched a few hours of sleep. At the third hour, the trooper obeyed his order and woke him up.

“How are the situations at the north and west gates? What’s the enemy’s state?” Feng Jin took the wet cloth handed to him by the trooper and casually wiped his face. The cold water and the night wind dispelled any traces of sleepiness. He could not help but rouse himself. He was now completely awake.

The troop replied, “The enemy has yet to show up at the north and west city gates.”

Taking a deep breath, he said, “We mustn’t let down our guard.”

The members of the Tsing Yi Army had different degrees of night blindness. They had difficulty seeing things at night, but one could not say that they were unable to launch attacks at night because of that.

The torches on the city gates were blazing and they could be seen from afar. This was the best guide for the Tsing Yi Army!

Many troops were also informed that the enemy might launch a sneak attack that night. Every single one of them was on high alert.

It was the fourth hour. This was the time when the people were the most soundly asleep. Even the members of the Tsing Yi Army who were waiting in ambush could not help but rub their eyes.

At that moment, a member of the Tsing Yi Army who had great eyesight saw the troops yawning sleepily on the city walls. They seemed unable to keep their eyes open. He suddenly said to General Pingtian in a pleasantly surprised manner, “General, it’s almost time.”

The bushes were dense outside the city, which provided excellent cover for the Tsing Yi Army.

They crept closer to the city walls slowly and were already less than 300 meters away. The troops on the city walls had yet to discover them.

General Pingtian was overjoyed. He ordered, “Nock the fire arrows!”

Due to the long shooting range, the archers had to move further forward.

However, they were already very close to the city walls. The archers could shoot the guards on the city walls down in no time.

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