The Legend of Futian

Chapter 1332 - Renhuang Territories

The sword aura dissipated and a mighty one from the Celestial Sword Li Clan was killed outright on the spot. Those from all three forces were dumbfounded.

From their perspective, that person would absolutely not have been someone from some top notch force due to having even such errors happening with a teleportation process. Only lone cultivators would have made such mistakes, as grand matrixes of space of greater forces would have been stable, and there was no way such errors could have happened.

They naturally did not think that the person who just appeared out of nowhere before them had actually transcended regions, and happened to have a Renhuang class being interrupting their travel.

Furthermore, competition between cultivators at Heavenly Mandate Realm was extremely intense. The fighting was far more brutal than even what was back at Crimson Dragon Realm. That Supreme Imperial Realm was even more vast and there were even greater number of mighty ones. Even cultivators were practically limitless and there were few rules binding anyone. They needed to fight over any cultivation resources they were able to find, and more so when it came to items left behind by Renhuangs.

Ye Futian broke one such item and that disrupted all of their plans, which was why the ones from the Celestial Sword Li Clan and the Demon Slayer Clan, both wanted to kill Ye Futian and take whatever there was to take from him.

However, the attack with that one finger from him clearly indicated that he was anything but weak. He just killed a cultivator from the Celestial Sword Li Clan who was the same plane with him, and that meant that his attack would have been extremely overwhelming.

Li Ruoshuang’s expression remained bone-chilling cold, yet she was rather surprised nonetheless. She thought that taking on such might of the sword head on would have killed him outright.

It was apparent that she had underestimated Ye Futian’s powers.

Several swordsmen took to the sky and sword wills howled above Ye Futian’s head, as if they were about to rain down on him at any given moment. There was one Unblemished Saint elder stepped out and his might was frightening.

Ye Futian frowned hard. If that was an Unblemished Saint, that meant that the upcoming fight would have been tough.

It was a given that the elder intended to wipe him out right there and then, but there was no way he would have just sat around waiting to be dealt with. If he were to be backed to a corner, he would have had to unleash the will of Emperor Kua.

However, he was nonetheless a newcomer to the realm and he did not want to do so as soon as he had arrived. The recoil would have been bad as well after all.

The Halberd of Time and Space appeared in his hand and will of the great path pulsed on it, containing intense will of space. The eyes of the people around him flashed.

That ritual implement seemed to be very powerful, and it looked as if he still had some treasures with him.

Voom. Dazzling flash of the sword of the great path rained down from above in a straight line, targeted right at Ye Futian’s body. He disappeared from where he stood within an instant. Two swordsmen charged at the same time at him with their swords drawn, moving at blitzing speeds.

Sword auras came at Ye Futian like bolts of lightning. Overwhelming will of the great path emerged from Ye Futian’s hand, charging into the boundless sword wills in a straight line, heading for a mighty one.

The Halberd of Time and Space lashed out. Raging currents of sword aura coming from everywhere parted in the middle, as they were being destroyed in a frenzy.

That swordsman noticed something was afoot and intended to back away, but felt his will of the great path being blocked.


A crisp sound was heard and Ye Futian, who had been standing faraway just moments ago, burst through the current of sword aura right away armed with the halberd, piercing his brow at blinding speed.

However, that Unblemished Saint elder stepped out and charged. Towering flash of the sword rained down as he stepped out, with terrifying hurricanes of the sword whipped up in the sky.

Swords rained down one after another.

The speeds at which the blades move were unbelievably fast.

Ye Futian lifted his hand and lashed out with a palm print. Rumbling explosions were heard. The palm print continued to shatter as his body kept being pushed down.

That river of swords washed at him, threatening to bury him in blades completely.

A cold snorting noise was heard at that moment. That leading elder of the Yun Clan stepped out and came right above Ye Futian, bursting with a terrifying storm of lightning.

He lifted his arm and there seemed to be a god of thunder appearing behind him, extending its hand. Said god’s lightning palm print repelled the attacks and burst with boundless lightning within an instant, blasting on the current of the sword that was raining down. The sky was lit right away and devastating powers were all destroyed up in the sky.

However, countless sword wills in the sky coalesced into one single blade, which was then materialized into a giant sword, pointing at the ground below.

Hurricanes of the sword circled around that blade, with boundless sword auras surging into it.

That Unblemished Saint elder stood beside the sword and pointed downward, saying, “Kill.”

Their surroundings howled in rage as he said so. That giant sword wrapped in hurricanes disappeared right away, cleaving a line downwards.

The elder from the Yun Clan looked up and towering might of lightning was coalesced into a single beam within an instant, which then streaked through the sky like a blade. That terrifying lightning bolt seemed to be out to tear the sky apart.

Devastating light drowned the sky around them. Mighty ones backed away one after another. That terrifying beam razed the ridge all around them. The sword in the sky and the lightning then dissipated altogether.

The Yun Clan elder and Ye Futian both retreated to the side where the Yun Clan cultivators were.

“Li Ku, you’re an old man yourself and I’m afraid bullying someone a lot younger than you’re isn’t the way to do it,” that Yun Clan elder looked up at that mighty one from the Celestial Sword Li Clan and said.

Li Ku’s expression was cold and sword will was seen in his eyes. He then moved forward burning with intense killing intent.

Ye Futian killed two of their saints and was definitely anything but weak. It could have even been said that he was very powerful, which meant that he needed to be dealt with on the spot. He had no intentions of letting Ye Futian leave alive.

However, that elder from Yun Clan acted in Ye Futian’s defense, which put those from the Celestial Sword Li Clan in a difficult spot.

But then again, those three forces had always been competing with each other. They were of antagonistic relationship, so it was entirely normal for that elder to act.

“So you’re people of the Demon Slayer Clan is just going to sit and watch?” Li Ruoshuang said coldly as she looked at the mighty ones from the Demon Slayer Clan.

“Come to think about it, Yun Teng was right. That thing was already destroyed and there was no point killing the kid. We’ll just let the matter slide and have no intentions to pursue the matter further. Excuse us.” The mighty ones from the Demon Slayer Clan made up their mind on the spot, leaving immediately as soon as that one mighty one finished talking, without staying around for even a second longer.

That silver-haired young man who appeared out of nowhere was very powerful, which caused them to reevaluate their opponent, as well to weigh the pros and cons of cutting him down.

Furthermore, the Yun Clan stepped in on his behalf, so they saw fit to just give up right away.

By the way, they had no score to settle with Ye Futian to begin with, so it was better to just leave and pretend that nothing happened.

“Ba**ards.” Li Ruoshuang’s expression remained cold. Sword will circled about her as she cast a glance at the mighty ones of Yun Clan. She then said, “Yun Teng, he killed two of ours. Are you sure you are going to cover for him?”


Yun Teng replied coldly. Li Ruoshuang was superbly talented and was one of the best to be found in that region. As such, she showed no fear nor respect towards that elder at all.

However, it would have been difficult if she were to insist on taking Ye Futian.

Sword auras howled in the sky around them, making that space extremely stifling.

Li Ruoshuang glared at the one standing across her. She eventually waved the sleeve of her robe, turning around and saying, “Let’s go.”

Her group turned around and left right afterwards. It would have been difficult to kill Ye Futian in such a situation.

Ye Futian himself was of formidable powers as well, meaning that it would have been difficult to even just take him on.

The only option for the time being was to give up.

Ye Futian then cupped his hands and said to Yun Teng, after the ones from the Celestial Sword Li Clan left, “Thank you for saving me, senior.”

“That is nothing. I’m Yun Teng, of the Yun Clan of Luo City,” the elder smiled and said. He saw Ye Futian mumbling when the young man arrived, looking rather dazed yet was clearly formidable. All of that piqued the elder’s interests.

“My name is Ye Futian.” Ye Futian replied, “Elder Yun, is this Heavenly Mandate Realm?”

Yun Teng’s eyes flashed and he looked puzzled. He then stared at Ye Futian with inquisitive eyes.

That kid is asking if this is Heavenly Mandate Realm?

The elder then continued after that thought, “This is indeed Heavenly Mandate Realm. Are you here from other realms? Something wrong with your grand matrix of space?”

Ye Futian was rather relieved hearing what that elder said.

It seemed that he did not end up in the wrong place. He was worried that he was left behind in some other realms.

They were probably at the edge of Heavenly Mandate Realm, when some Renhuang class person happened to see them and intended to intercept them, and that person failed and caused what happened then instead.

“Indeed. I’m from Crimson Dragon Realm around these parts,” Ye Futian nodded and answered, while the grand matrix of space had indeed been disrupted, the others should have arrived at Heavenly Mandate Realm nonetheless, and they would not have been all that far away.

He was only hoping that they had better luck with things than he did.

It was fortunate that he only brought saints with him on that trip. While being at Saint Plane did not mean one would have been considered strong at Heavenly Mandate Realm, it would have at least meant that they were able to stand on their own. Nothing would have happened if they were to not run into any messy troubles.

“According to what I know, it is rather difficult for other realms of other regions to come to Heavenly Mandate Realm, which is a Supreme Imperial Realm. I could see that you are of considerable powers. So that is how it is then. I assume that you’re a descendant of a Renhuang at Crimson Dragon Realm?” Yun Teng smiled and said. Ye Futian looked like he was a total mess when he first arrived, with his hair and clothes looking very unkempt.

However, after he brushed and straightened himself, it was not difficult to see that he was of extraordinary bearing.

“I’m not.” Ye Futian shook his hand, “We’re on this pilgrimage to Heavenly Mandate Realm with the prince of Crimson Dragon Realm. Something happened with teleportation and we were all thrown all over the place.”

The elder nodded and said, “So that was what happened.”

“You’ve just arrived and is separated from your friends. How about we head to the Yun Clan of Luo CIty for bit. I’d get someone to help you find your friends and see if they’re around these parts. What do you say?” Yun Teng continued. People who were capable of traversing realm regions with the prince would have definitely been someone extremely talented, even if they were to not be a descendant of Crimson Dragon Emperor. They would not have had the right to be on such a trip otherwise.

Heavenly Mandate Realm was a Supreme Imperial Realm and powerful people were everywhere, but that did not mean that all of them would have been aloof, arrogant pricks. The Yun Clan of Luo City had always intended to become a Renhuang class force. People who came from Renhuang class forces of other realms would have definitely been very exceptional, even when compared to those from Heavenly Mandate Realm. It was just that they were unable to compare to those at the very pinnacle in the realm.

Ye Futian stayed silent for a brief moment before nodding and saying, “Alright, I’m sorry to have been of trouble to you, senior.”

He had just gotten to Heavenly Mandate Realm and he knew next to nothing. He too, wanted to find out more about the realm, as well as the parts where he actually was.

Yun Teng proposed to let him go as soon as he showed, so he assumed that the elder had little to no ulterior motives and would not have done him any harm.

He was getting ready to look for Yu Sheng, Xia Qingyuan, his teacher, his elder brother and the others.

“Let’s head out then.” Yun Teng nodded and everyone made a move. Ye Futian followed by Yun Teng’s side and asked, “Senior, what is that stone wall that I’ve just destroyed?”

“Probably something written by a Renhuang when they stopped by these parts to train. There are many Renhuangs here at Heavenly Mandate Realm, but to us which are not of Renhuang force, anything left behind by Renhuang would have been extremely valuable, and so we came to fight for it, which you just happened to have broken.”

Yun Teng then elaborated further, “The region that we are in now is where Luo City is, as well as the Celestial Sword Li Clan and the Demon Slayer Clan you just saw. All of us belong to Emperor Qi’s territory. According to what I know, Li Ruoshuang had intended to take that thing to be brought to Emperor Qi’s Palace as a gift, so as to earn teachings from the emperor. Your arrival broke her plans, and that was why she wanted to kill you.”

Ye Futian nodded, realizing that Renhuangs had their own territories in Heavenly Mandate Realm as well.

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