The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1569 - The Mighty Tang Wulin

“Boom!” The Golden Dragon Spear blocked the double fists. Tang Wulin’s body shook. He then took a step backward.

The Golden Dragon Spear was shaking violently from the impact. Tang Wulin stretched out his right hand and grabbed at the air once again. He really was grabbing at the air but not toward Yuanen Yehui!

A seven-colored radiance appeared once again. At the same time, the air seemed to warp for a moment. An illusory silhouette emerged. However, it was not pulled to the front of Tang Wulin.

At the same time, Tang Wulin’s counterattack was launched. Thousands of streams of dazzling blue-purple lightning burst forth from the center of his body.

It was the Blue Emperor Forest Lightning Hell!


The booming noise tingled one’s scalp and was accompanied by thousands of lightning bursts. The countless electric radiances formed a lightning forest which covered the entire gymnasium.

Use one’s strength to suppress the opponent, then use one’s realm to attack! Tang Wulin was well aware of his advantages. Based on speed, he was incapable of matching Xie Xie’s speed, but as far as cultivation bases go, he was a Title Douluo. Moreover, he was by no means an ordinary Title Douluo.

Although Xie Xie relied on the illusion of reality transformation to dodge most of the lightning, he was still electrocuted such that his entire body was shuddering. Xie Xie was astonished that Tang Wulin’s lightning not only appeared in the real world, but even the illusory space around him was affected as well.

The alternation between illusion and reality did not truly transport him into another world as there were many spatial rifts on the main plane. His Space-time Dragon allowed him to locate these rifts easily, so he could shuttle back and forth through these rifts. Yet, Tang Wulin’s lightning could seep into these spatial rifts which he did not expect.

A ring of golden halo spread out from underneath Tang Wulin’s feet at the moment. The patterns on the halo looked rather plain which were shapes of the Bluesilver Grass. The light patterns spread out while a golden radiance flickered in Tang Wulin’s eyes once.

Xie Xie felt the space in front of his body suddenly emptied out, as if something was surging out and was being drained from inside his body.

At the same time, the Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand pointed out once again. Rings of golden halos appeared out of thin air. There was a ring on the left and one on the right. It felt as if every direction was being occupied by the halos.

Yuanen Yehui who was struck by the lightning revealed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul avatar at present. She relied on her resistance to withstand the lightning assault to the best of her abilities, yet her whole body was convulsing from being electrocuted.

Meanwhile, those golden halos floated down. The halos which appeared thin and inconspicuous landed on her body. Yuanen Yehui felt as if her soul was frozen. She was utterly incapable of moving.

A radiance flashed once. A stream of deep purple electric radiance struck and lashed across the air. An agonizing scream was heard. Xie Xie stumbled out of thin air, his body shimmering in deep purple lightning.

At the same time, the silhouette was shattered into pieces with a loud boom. Tang Wulin grabbed at the air with his right hand. Seven streams of lightning transformed into seven-colored radiances which enshrouded him.

Actually, Xie Xie was utterly incapable of resisting Tang Wulin anymore. His entire body was convulsing and shuddering while he was foaming at the mouth.

It was the result of being struck by the Thunder God’s Whip, especially after the light element from Xie Xie’s Space-time Dragon was stripped away.

With his right hand, Tang Wulin yanked Yuanen Yehui out of the surrounding golden halos. The Golden Dragon Spear had turned back into a golden light before being retracted to the area between his brows. The spar had ended.

The group of people standing by the side to watch the battle had different expressions on their faces. However, everyone was astonished at the very least.

Undoubtedly, they were quite surprised to see the powerful abilities of Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie’s stellar performance at the beginning, and the tacit cooperation between the both of them. They complement one another perfectly. Moreover, their abilities were rather powerful, and they were no less inferior than the ordinary Title Douluos. They appeared to have suppressed Tang Wulin initially.

Yet, how did they lose in the end? They seemed to have lost in a rather baffling manner. It appeared Tang Wulin did not do anything but the tide was turned immediately after an outburst.

Only Yuanen Zhentian who had the most powerful cultivation base knew the critical issues behind the battle.

The golden halos were retracted. Yuanen Yehui had a rather unpleasant expression. “Captain, what was that? Why can’t I move at all? I spared no effort in trying to struggle free.”

Five seconds, it took a total of five seconds. From the moment she was enshrouded by the golden halos till Tang Wulin removed her in the end, the whole process took only five seconds!

Five seconds was sufficient for Tang Wulin to kill her a dozen times with his cultivation base.

Yuanen Yehui had always known that her cultivation base was inferior to Tang Wulin, but she did not expect the disparity to be so great.

She examined her conscience and reached the conclusion that she was already at her prime. Yet, there was utterly nothing she could do. She was controlled by force when Tang Wulin launched his Blue Emperor Forest Lightning Hell as his first attack followed by the golden halos.

It was true that she only became aware of the tremendous gap between them after engaging in a spar. The disparity was so great she found it unbelievable. In any case, she refused to believe it either.

Tang Wulin spoke, “That was my most powerful control skill. In fact, I’m not capable of fully controlling it till now. It’s known as the Indefinite Storm.”

The rings of golden halos had originated from the Godking Tang San and it was known as the Indefinite Storm.

Tang Wulin was finally able to utilize it with great effort after cultivating for a very long time and comprehending the laws.

Still, it was his first time ever to launch the Indefinite Storm. Yuanen Yehui was incapable of struggling free despite her cultivation base.

Xie Xie got up from the ground with great effort. He was still convulsing all over. He wiped away the foam from his mouth and looked at Tang Wulin with a hidden bitterness. “Big brother… How did you do that? How did you find me? Also, how was your lightning capable of penetrating the space to attack me?”

“That’s the law. It’s the control of the planar law.” Yuanen Zhentian walked over and looked at Tang Wulin with a shocked gaze.

Tang Wulin’s final outburst appeared to be simple. Yet in reality, it was a victory brought about by a pure law outburst.

At the very beginning when he was resisting Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie’s attacks, he was already mobilizing and changing the laws in his surroundings. The reason the Blue Emperor Forest Lightning Hell’s outburst could seep into the spatial rifts in the surroundings was due to the law’s effect.

The halo which spread out from underneath Tang Wulin’s feet was precisely his soul skill, the Blue Emperor Golden Array. Even after Xie Xie escaped into the spatial rift, his light element was being stripped away by force. It was executed via the guidance of law.

Tang Wulin did not win in his skills, but he won in his realm. He achieved victory through his comprehension of the laws.

His spiritual power was too powerful. He used his spiritual power and comprehension of the laws to guide himself. Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui truly did not stand a chance against him. In fact, they did not even manage to unleash their most powerful attacks. It was already a qualitative leap for Tang Wulin.

If one were to say that Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were capable of rivaling ordinary Title Douluos, then Tang Wulin would be able to rival a Limit Douluo with some effort.

“It’s quite an eye-opener!” Yuanen Zhentian looked at Tang Wulin with admiration. ‘How long has it been? A month? The young man has undergone a complete change again. He’s even more powerful than when he endured the three punches from me earlier.”

One should not look down upon the three punches endured by Tang Wulin back in the beginning. It appeared to be only three strikes, but they were considered as tough against tough. If it were a real battle, such a situation rarely occurred. Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was not that much weaker than his opponent’s since he was capable of resisting Yuanen Zhentian’s attack for a certain length of time.

“You’re too kind, senior.” Tang Wulin nodded with a smile.

He could not overemphasize his respectful manner due to his status as the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy.

Yuanen Zhentian spoke emotionally, “As youths, all of you are truly impressive! Tiandang was an outstanding genius back in the beginning.

However, there’s still some obvious disparity when compared to all of you now. Even Yehui is much more powerful than his father back in those days.”

Yuanen Tiandang blushed scarlet. “Father.”

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