The Lord's Empire

Chapter 1539 - Blood God Demon

The Desolate God could tell what Zhao Fu was thinking and lightly harrumphed as she said, “Don’t look down on how weak it is now; after it grows, you’ll see how powerful it is. It definitely won’t disappoint you; if you don’t believe me, I’ll let you have a look.”

The Desolate God pointed and the orb of blood turned into a blood-red spear. She waved a hand and the blood-red spear contained ferocious power as it shot into a wild beast nearby – it completely pierced into the beast’s body and killed it instantly.

Following this, something surprising happened – the blood-red spear then turned into blood-red water and fused into the beast’s corpse. The beast came back to life and seemed to be filled with lifeforce, as if it had never died.

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked and asked the Desolate God, “What kind of ability is this?”

The Desolate God gave a proud smile and said, “This is just a basic ability of the Blood God Demon’s many abilities. It can permeate into a creature’s body and control that creature’s body and even soul. It’s still weak right now, but when it becomes powerful, it can control even a few hundred million people. Also, you can try attacking it!”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu waved his hand and a sword light flashed out towards the beast, slashing it in half. However, what was shocking was that the two halves of the corpse did not produce a single drop of blood.

The Desolate God smiled and explained, “This kind of attack can’t deal any damage to the Blood God Demons.”

The Desolate God grabbed with her hand and blood-red water flowed out of the corpse and re-formed an orb of blood. It was slightly bigger than before, most likely because it had just absorbed all of the blood from the wild beast, while the beast’s corpse had withered up.

At that moment, the Desolate God lightly tapped with her hand, and the orb of blood started to change and turned into a two meter tall, well-built person of blood.

Because the orb of blood had fused into the wild beast’s body, it seemed to not only absorb the beast’s blood but also some of its power. The orb of blood originally did not give off any ripples of power, but now it gave off slight traces of power.

The Desolate God no longer controlled the orb of blood and instead gave an order, telling it to kill the remaining beasts.

The blood person obeyed and walked over the remaining bound beasts, which instinctively felt a wave of terror. They cried out in terror, but their cries soon stopped.

The blood person’s hands split into blood-red tentacles which stretched towards the beasts, and they stretched into the beasts’ mouths, eyes, noses, and ears.

The beasts quickly died and their bodies withered, creating a terrifying scene.

The blood person’s aura once again became slightly stronger and it retracted its tentacles. After killing the beasts, it returned to its original position.

Zhao Fu now saw the Blood God Demons’ potential. Even though this Blood God Demon was still quite weak, it would become powerful after developing. Zhao Fu smiled as he asked, “How many of these Blood God Demons can you produce?”

The Desolate God replied, “With my current strength, I can produce 12 of them.”

Zhao Fu felt somewhat disappointed as he felt that this was not many, and he asked, “Why only so few? Are you able to create more?”

The Desolate God rolled her eyes, “Do you think that the Blood God Demons gain their strength from numbers? They are all individually powerful, and even in the Godly Spirit World, even the most powerful Desolate Gods can create 100 or so Blood God Demons. You wanting to create an army of them is completely impossible.”

Even though Zhao Fu was disappointed, he could only accept this result in frustration and wait to see how terrifying the twelve Blood God Demons would become.

At that moment, a guard came up to report, “Your Majesty, there has been a report that the Devil Horn Empire has been secretly gathering forces to attack the Fishman World.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu immediately returned to the palace and gathered his subordinates to discuss this matter.

The Fishman World also received this information, and everyone looked quite nervous and even terrified.

Now that they had returned to the water, their bodies returned back to having the upper bodies of humans and lower bodies of fish.

There were hundreds of Fishmen within a large hall. They all had powerful and extraordinary auras, and all of them belonged to large factions. Facing the imminent attack of the Devil Horn Empire, they started an emergency meeting.

There was a blue-haired big man – he was the most powerful person in the Fishman World and his faction was the largest. He was the first to speak, “What should we do? Great Qin will not help us and it is even less likely for the Wind God Empire to help. We are not a match for the Devil Horn Empire, so should we fight to the death or surrender and keep our lives?”

A young man loudly spoke, “I feel that we Fishmen cannot show weakness; we should fight with the Devil Horn Empire. Moreover, we won’t necessarily lose. Even though Great Qin did not agree to send reinforcements, it will most likely tie down the Devil Horn Empire, so we still have a chance.”

A cruel-looking young man agreed, saying, “I also feel that we should fight. I don’t want to submit to anyone, nor do I want to leave the Fishman World.”

A beautiful woman with golden hair said worriedly, “If Great Qin attacks the Devil Horn Empire with its full strength, the Devil Horn Empire naturally will not be able to attack our Fishman World. However, attacking the Devil Horn Empire with its full strength will cause Great Qin to suffer great losses, and they are not so kind to do that for us.”

An elderly Fishman sighed and said, “That is true, we can’t completely rely on Great Qin. If Great Qin does not act, what should we do?”

A gentle and quiet-looking woman thought before saying, “We should withdraw or submit to someone. If we fight, the Fishman World does not have any hope.”

At that moment, the beautiful middle-aged woman who had brought the three women to Great Qin said, “Of the three largest factions in the area, Great Qin is undoubtedly the best choice. Moreover, Great Qin’s Emperor personally promised that they would help us relocate.”

Hearing this, some people felt quite delighted and agreed, but most people still hesitated.

They all had important positions in the Fishman World and stood above countless people. If they submitted to others, they would be beneath countless people, and they did not want such a thing to happen.

Moreover, after joining Great Qin, would their lives still remain as they wanted?

Also, with how licentious the Great Qin Emperor was, would he want their women? The Fishman World’s men were quite handsome and the women were quite beautiful, and their numbers greatly surpassed those of ordinary worlds.

That was what they were worried about, and many people spoke their views. Everyone was of a different opinion and they were unable to agree on a decision.

It was at that moment that the Devil Horn Empire suddenly launched its attack towards the Fishman World, and countless soldiers flooded into the Fishman World.

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