The Lord's Empire

Chapter 1540 - War

15 billion Devil Horn soldiers flooded into the Fishman World, splitting into four armies to simultaneously four Continents. The Fishmen people did not expect the Devil Horn Empire to attack so quickly, so they hurriedly went to gather their soldiers to defend.

However, even though the Fishmen people were part of the Water Race and fighting in water was advantageous to them, the Devil Race also had fish people and had nurtured many aquatic beasts. Their ordinary soldiers were somewhat stronger than the Fishmen people, and they were more ferocious and had more experience.

Both sides ferociously clashed together and cries continuously sounded out as the water was dyed red.

A Devil Horn soldier roared as his eyes became red and he grew many fangs. He continuously attacked, biting many people to death. Another Devil Horn soldier held a spear and stabbed through a Fishman’s tail before killing him.

A massive sea beast rushed forwards and opened its enormous mouth and bit down, biting ten or so people to death. Broken limbs scattered everywhere as blood billowed out.

The Fishmen people desperately resisted, but they were evidently not a match for the Devil Horn soldiers, and they were continuously forced back.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Massive auras burst forth from the bottom of the ocean – it was the Fishman World’s overlords.

One was a 10,000 meter long, black and white, ugly-looking snake, one was a monster with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a seahorse, one was a massive squid, and there was also a 10,000 meter long shark.

The four of them started to attack the Devil Horn army: The 10,000 meter long snake spat out poisonous water that dyed the water blue, killing all the Devil Horn soldiers that it touched.

The half-man, half-seahorse monster swung its spear and created massive waves that rushed towards the Devil Horn army, sending countless Devil Horn soldiers crashing back, and some were directly crushed into meat paste.

The massive squid gave off immense power as it rushed towards the Devil Horn army. Its tentacles, which were covered with spikes, ripped apart Devil Horn soldiers’ bodies, causing blood to fill the water.

The shark opened its massive mouth, charging into the Devil Horn army and devouring Devil Horn soldiers. Its tail continuously sent Devil Horn soldiers flying as well, either killing them or heavily wounding them.

The four overlords led a horde of sea monsters to attack, and this slightly turned the battle in the Fishman World’s favor. However, the situation was still quite grim.

Following this, some Kings from the Devil Horn Empire joined in the fight and killed the four overlords, signifying the defeat of the Fishman World.

The Fishman World’s soldiers started to retreat, and countless Fishmen commoners fell into terror and quickly packed their things to run.

Countless savage Devil Horn soldiers charged into Cities, and looking at the beautiful female Fishmen and the handsome male Fishmen, they gave wicked laughs and rushed at the commoners.

As they rushed in, they cut down the elderly and children, and some of the stronger male Fishmen tried to retaliate. However, they were caught, skinned, descaled, and hung on the City Walls.

The mangled Fishmen peopled gave off pained howls, creating a horrifying scene.

Some soldiers directly pressed female Fishmen onto the ground and started to ferociously violate them. They disregarded their pleas for mercy and took turns playing with the women. Some of the Fishmen were unable to bear it and died, but their corpses were still ravaged by the soldiers.

Some of the weaker male Fishmen were also treated in such a way. Their teeth were knocked out and vile things violated their mouths and anuses.

In order to live, some of the male Fishmen not only did not resist but even cooperated with the ten or so people ravaging them. In the end, they were covered with various liquids and lay on the ground, half-dead.

Some of the soldiers were not interested in such things and pillaged the Fishmen people’s valuables. At the same time, they dragged out the Fishmen in hiding and cut them down and tossed out their corpses. Later, some of the sea beasts would eat these corpses.

Apart from the sea beats, some of the Devil Horn soldiers liked eating the corpses because of the power they had gained from the forbidden technique.

Most soldiers found that the tastiest ones were the women and children. After capturing the Fishmen people, they would press them to the ground and start to eat – only then would they be able to preserve the freshness and taste.

Countless women and children cried out but were eaten alive, and the soldiers’ strength increased as a result.

At the same time, they could not help but marvel at how delicious the Fishmen tasted. Even though they tasted somewhat like fish, the taste was much better.

On the other side, Great Qin was attacking the Devil Horn Empire, but it did not launch an all-out assault. After all, the Devil Horn Empire had a large number of soldiers defending, so an all-out assault would result in heavy losses.

After all, the Devil Horn Empire was not the only enemy in the surroundings; there was also the second Wind God Empire and many other worlds. Great Qin could not go all-out with the Devil Horn Empire and allow someone else to gain an advantage from this.

The Devil Horn Empire made all kinds of preparations to defend against Great Qin. This made it so that Great Qin’s attack was not very ideal.

At that moment, Zhao Fu heard about the Fishman World being easily conquered, and he could only sigh. He ordered Great Qin’s army to retreat, as attacking no longer had any meaning.

Large numbers of Fishmen people ran in all directions, and because Yao Ming did not want to lose large numbers of people, he immediately gave the order to stop them.

However, at that moment, the second Wind God Empire, which had not done anything after conquering the Gold God World, suddenly acted, wanting to stop the Fishmen people who were trying to escape.

They were not so kindhearted as to help the Devil Horn Empire; rather, they desperately needed population, so they wanted to steal over a large number of people without suffering any losses. After all, the Fishman World’s main force had been destroyed by the Devil Horn Empire.

Now, the Wind God Empire came to pick up on free advantages. Because they had been preparing this entire time, they made great gains.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming looked quite furious. After thinking about it, he decided to give up on those people, because with the Devil Horn Empire’s strength, it was not able to fight against the second Wind God Empire.

Yao Ming could only give the order to surround the Fishman World, prevent people from escaping, and stop the second Wind God Empire from gaining any more.

The Fishman World had been conquered by the Devil Horn Empire and countless Fishmen had died. The ones who had escaped out had been captured by the second Wind God Empire, causing the remaining Fishmen people to look terrified.

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