The Lord's Empire

Chapter 1541 - Wind God

Given that the second Wind God Empire was waiting to catch anyone who escaped, they could either submit or carve out a path of blood. Right now, no faction would mercifully take them in apart from Great Qin.

The second Wind God Empire was incredibly cold and killed without thinking or any hesitation, and they did not place them in their eyes at all.

Many of the second Wind God Empire’s soldiers came from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain, so they naturally looked down on the people from the outer regions. The Wind Spirit World’s soldiers were affected by this kind of attitude and were also a bit arrogant.

Now, the Fishmen people only had Great Qin to fall back on, so they all tried to escape to Great Qin.

“Wife, take our child and run. If you can make it close to Great Qin, you’ll be safe. As the most powerful faction in the region, it can face even the Kingdoms from the inner regions. It will definitely save you.”

The strongest Fishman, the blue-haired big man, looked at a dignified woman with long, blue hair.

The woman looked quite reluctant and wanted to refuse so that they could live and die together, but looking at the five year old girl in her arms, who was continuously trembling in fear, she could only steel herself and nod.

The blue-haired big man breathed out and looked at the golden-haired woman and the gentle-looking woman and said, “I will try to tie down the second Wind God Empire; as for my wife and daughter, I leave them to you.”

All of the men decided to stay and hold back the second Wind God Empire to allow the women, children, and elderly to escape. Otherwise, they would not be able to run at all.

The golden-haired woman was now the most powerful of the women and had the highest status, and she was responsible for taking everyone away.

She nodded seriously and replied, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect your wife and daughter, and I won’t neglect them in the future.”

Of the three Princesses who had gone to Great Qin, one of them was the golden-haired woman’s daughter, and one was the gentle-looking woman’s daughter.

As for the final one, she was leaning in the embrace of a handsome-looking young man; she already had someone she loved.

“Darling, you have to take care; I’ll be waiting for you in Great Qin,” she said as she looked at the young man lovingly.

The young man said somewhat worriedly, “In actuality, I don’t want you to go to Great Qin because I’m afraid that Great Qin’s Emperor will want you. I’m afraid that even if I can make it to Great Qin, I’ll lose you. However, if I die, I want you to have a good home.”

The woman looked quite moved and hot tears streamed down her face as she tightly hugged the young man, “Darling, I’ll definitely protect my body so you can enjoy it when you come back; I won’t give it to Great Qin’s Emperor.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman who had gone to Great Qin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve seen Great Qin’s Emperor personally. He has extraordinary bearings and is incredibly domineering, and he is not someone ordinary Kings can compare to. Also, he did not seem very interested in us, and he did not seem as licentious as the rumors made him out to be.”

This allowed everyone who was feeling worried to let out sighs of relief.

A chubby man happily said to a beautiful-looking woman, “Xiao Lan, you must wait for me in Great Qin; your body is mine, and you can’t let anyone else touch you.”

The beautiful-looking woman rolled her eyes as she said, “Do you think I’m that kind of person? If you say that kind of thing, I’m going to get angry.”

The chubby man hurriedly apologized.

A beautiful and motherly-looking woman said seriously, “Lil bro, you have to be careful of your safety. We’ve relied on each other since we were young, and I don’t want to be separated from you and see you fall into such great danger.”

The refined-looking young man hurriedly replied, “Big sis, hurry up and leave with them; I don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re the most important person to me, and if you die, I don’t want to live either. I’ll only feel at ease if you’re safe.”

The woman looked quite worried and felt quite uncomfortable as she replied, “Alright, I’ll do that. You have to stay alive though.”

The refined-looking young man smiled and nodded seriously.

A fierce-looking young man held a bewitching woman as he said, “After you go to Great Qin, you have to serve Great Qin’s Emperor well. He’ll definitely like a little slut like you.”

The bewitching woman pouted as she said, “Everyone else is telling their women not to let others touch them, and yet you’re telling me to serve someone else; do you not love me? How come I chose a man like you?”

The fierce-looking young man laughed as he said, “Great Qin’s Emperor is the most powerful ruler in this area, and he will definitely treat you well. I just want you to live well.”

The bewitching woman thought about the luxurious and lavish lifestyle in the Great Qin palace and agreed.

An elegant young man smiled as he said to a cold-looking woman, “If I can make it to Great Qin, will you marry me and be my wife?”

The cold-looking woman slightly blushed and she lightly nodded. Both of them liked each other but no one had taken that step, and under such pressure, both sides took that final step.

“Be careful, I don’t want to be a widow,” the cold-looking woman said softly in concern.

The elegant young man said seriously with a resolute look, “No matter what happens, I’ll definitely go to Great Qin to marry you.”

The cold-looking woman felt a wave of warmth in her heart, and she lightly leaned against the man while the man lightly hugged her. There was an incredibly romantic atmosphere around them, making others watch on in admiration.


A massive wind blew and countless trees started to sway as the blue-haired big man’s expression fell and he yelled, “All of the elderly, children, and women, hurry up and leave; the second Wind God Empire’s people have nearly arrived. Men, we have to stall them for as long as possible for our loved ones!”

The men all looked incredibly serious as they roared. For their loved ones, they had to stop the second Wind God Empire.

Countless people formed a defensive line while the women, children, and elderly quickly left. With the men stalling for them, they did not dare to stay back and make trouble for them.


A massive aura flooded out as an enormous army dressed in green armor and giving off a Wind attribute aura appeared in front of everyone.

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