The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 959 - Perplexed and Smitten (19)

Not in the mood to waste her breath arguing, An Xiaoning said, “Are you going to scram or not?”

After some thought, Hu Xin answered, “I’ll leave immediately if Mr. Jin wants me to scram, but… I won’t if it’s just you who wants me to, Ms. An.”

An Xiaoning yelled at the door, “Two of you, come in.”

The two bodyguards immediately rushed inside and asked, “Young Madam, do you have any orders for us?”

“Throw this woman out of here.”

An Xiaoning must have been infuriated to the point that she wished she could rip Hu Xin apart, given that she used the word “throw.”

“I’ll see which one of you dares to touch her!” Henry barked. However, his intervention proved to be futile for the bodyguards would not obey him while he was suffering a relapse.

“I’m sorry, Young Sir, but you used to only obey Young Madam, and since that’s the case, we wouldn’t dare to defy Young Madam’s orders.”

Thus, Hu Xin was brought out of the room.

The moment An Xiaoning entered the room, she shifted her gaze onto Henry and walked toward him slowly.

“Stay away from me,” he hissed, staring at her with a look of disdain.

“You’re occupying my lover’s body and his time, yet you still have the cheek to tell me to stay away? Are you sure it’s you? Henry? Is that really your name? How Western,” An Xiaoning gibed, glowering and walking toward him.

He stood up immediately and tried to walk past the coffee table, only to be stopped by An Xiaoning, who grabbed him and pushed him onto the couch.

Before he could even react, she sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Regardless of whether it was the devil or angel occupying his body at the time, he was still Jin Qingyan. Both his personalities were him.

Henry tried to push her away, only to realize that he could not move her at all, as if she were a boulder. Was this woman on steroids?

Noticing the look of astonishment on his face, she snickered and asked, “Just who are you?”

“Why did you…”

“Henry, I’m warning you, if you continue to use this body to make such close physical contact with other women, I have a way to deal with you. Do you believe it?”


“You don’t?”

“I’m not Jin Qingyan. You’re not in any place to interfere with which woman I want to get close to.”

“You may not acknowledge that you’re him, but you’re indeed him, be it your soul or body. That’s just the truth. However, you’re just a small part of him that he’s been suppressing.”

“You said that I’m him, but how do you explain the fact that I don’t love you? In fact, I’m even repulsed by you. Don’t you understand that?”

“I don’t.”

Are her brains fried? Henry thought to himself.

“How did Jin Qingyan even fall in love with you? Was he blind?”

An Xiaoning smiled and blinked a few times before saying, “Is it really appropriate to criticize yourself like that?”

“I’ll repeat myself, I’m not him!”

“You are him, no matter how many times you try to deny it. It’s a fact that cannot be changed.”


She continued, “But of course, it doesn’t matter even if you refuse to accept that you’re Jin Qingyan and insist on being Henry instead. The world is not going to change because of what you think,” said An Xiaoning, who loved him deeply nonetheless, despite being repulsed by his other personality.

Jin Qingyan was then brought home forcefully by the bodyguards and Fan Shixin while An Xiaoning proceeded to discuss the deal with CEO Zhou.

An Xiaoning said, “I believe Chief Fan has had a thorough discussion with you just now. I’ll get Qingyan to call you once he regains his senses, alright?”

“Sure, but, Ms. An, CEO Jin…”

“He was possessed by a spirit but I’ve already gotten rid of it. He’s fine. However… CEO Zhou, I hope you’ll remain tight-lipped about Qingyan being possessed. I believe you’ve heard before that I’ll never show mercy to those who spread false rumors.”

“I know, I know. I wouldn’t dare to spark any rumors. Rest assured, Ms. An, my lips are sealed. I would still need your help if I ever stumble across any evil spirits in the future.”

“I’ll lend you a hand when necessary.”

After leaving the nightclub, An Xiaoning headed back to Wei Ni Estate.

“Where is he?”

“In the bedroom.”

“Alright, I’ll go upstairs to take a look. Is the door locked?”

“No, I got someone to stand by the door because Young Sir’s thumbprint would be required to unlock the door. That way, you wouldn’t have to climb over the balcony.”


As soon as she reached the bedroom on the second floor, An Xiaoning peeked inside and looked around to discover that Jin Qingyan was not around. She then asked Xiao Lu, “Where is he?”

“In the dressing room.”

She waved at Xiao Lu and said, “Xiao Lu, tell the Chief to assign some bodyguards to stay put outside the bedroom and the balcony.”


An Xiaoning strode inside the room and closed the door after her.

She could hear some rattling noises going on in the dressing room while she approached in her slippers.

The moment she looked inside, she thought to herself, How… stunning!

He had changed out of the outfit he wore to the nightclub and was now wearing a pastel yellow short-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts in the same color while putting on some eyeliner. The clothes and eyeliner pen all belonged to her.

He had rummaged through the entire dressing room, leaving clothes scattered all over the floor, as if there had just been a burglar.

He looked extremely amusing in her pastel outfit.

An Xiaoning walked toward him and snatched the eyeliner pen away from him. “That’s mine!” she screeched.

She then grabbed her makeup back and walked out of the dressing room. Henry had only used the eyeliner on one eye. Seeing that she had snatched the pen away, he hurriedly chased after her.

“You damned woman, I’m not done yet! Give it to me!” he barked. Just as he was about to stretch his hand out to grab it from her, An Xiaoning dodged and avoided him.

Noticing that he was about to approach again, she removed her shoes and leaped onto the bed. Staring at him from above, she said assertively, “Tidy up the clothes in the dressing room and I’ll let you use the eyeliner pen.”

“I’m not going to.”

“I won’t give it to you then.”

He tried to climb up onto the bed to snatch it from her, only to be kicked onto the ground by An Xiaoning.

After several attempts, he decided to give up and instead walked toward the dressing room quietly to clean up the mess that he had created.

An Xiaoning could not believe that he would actually force himself to do something against his wishes, all for the sake of an eyeliner pen.

After checking the dressing room, she handed him the eyeliner pen, after which he grabbed it and began applying it onto his eyes meticulously in front of the dressing table.

Indeed, he looked extremely aloof and menacing with some eyeliner on.

An Xiaoning removed her makeup and took out a sheet of facial serum mask from the drawer of the dressing table. As soon as she tore the packaging open, he snatched it away from her and said, “Let me use it.”

“You’ve just put on some eyeliner. Are you sure you want to use the mask?”

“I won’t be putting it on my eyes anyway, what’s wrong?”


An Xiaoning then took out another sheet of mask and placed it onto her face. Just as she walked toward the bed on which he was lying, he said, “Go sleep in another room.”


“You’re asking me why? Have you got any shame at all?”

“Why do I have to feel ashamed for sleeping next to my man?”

“I’m not Jin Qingyan!”

An Xiaoning had no reaction to his denial at all, perhaps because he had said it too many times that night. Hence, she completely ignored him and sat down on the bed. To her astonishment, he kicked her off the bed.

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