The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 960 - Perplexed and Smitten (20)

The mask on her face almost fell off too.

An Xiaoning took out her rope. Upon the sight of the weapon, he panicked and asked, “What… are you trying to do?”

“What do you think?” She knelt onto the bed and inched closer toward him bit by bit.

Henry got off the bed immediately, leaving An Xiaoning alone on the spacious bed.

He opened the door and realized that there were guards on standby. He then headed to the balcony, only to realize that there were guards below too.

Boiling with fury, he returned inside the room and lay down on the couch.

An Xiaoning goaded, “Ah… how comfy is it to lie on this soft, spacious, and cooling bed.”

He rolled his eyes at her in response.

“Mr. Henry, would you like to have some liquor?”


“Mr. Henry, shall we have a chat?”

“I have nothing to say to you.”

After a moment of silence, she said on purpose, “Remember not to fall asleep. If you do, you’ll become Qingyan again once you wake up.”

He widened his eyes and said, “I definitely won’t fall asleep.”

“That’d better be the case,” she said with a smirk.

After switching off the lights, she closed her eyes.Time crawled by.

Henry refused to sleep, for fear that he would lose his identity once he was asleep. He did not wish to fall asleep so soon, since he rarely got the opportunity to come out. Feeling bored out of his wits, he finally broke his silence and asked, “Hey, damned woman, are you asleep yet?”

“Scoundrel, I was about to fall asleep.”

“Let’s have a chat.”

“Didn’t you say that you have nothing to say to me?”

He said, “Let’s ask each other questions that we must both answer. How does that sound?”

“I’ll ask you first,” said An Xiaoning.

“Go ahead.”

“Why do you detest me?” she asked, turning over to lie on her side while facing him.

“No reason, I just detest you naturally. In fact, I don’t even want to see your face.”

“You detest me so much and yet you’re still chatting with me. Must be tough for you.”

“My turn,” he asked in a tone that was much colder than Jin Qingyan’s.

Even when they first met, Jin Qingyan’s tone was rather mellow and gentle, unlike the way the aloof Henry was speaking.

“Go ahead and ask away.”

“Do you think Jin Qingyan loves you?”

His question was easier to answer than she had expected.

“Must you really ask? Those who have eyes to see can tell that he loves me. He loves me because I’m gentle, knowledgeable, uniquely beautiful, cultured, capable, opinionated, driven, brave… and many others. I have so many attributes that I can’t even count them myself.”

“Why don’t I see any of those attributes in you at all?”

“That’s why I said, those who have eyes can see. You’re blind, of course you can’t see them.”

“You’re really sharp-tongued.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“I hope you’ll answer my question truthfully. Otherwise, our conversation will just be pointless. Please answer my question again seriously.”

“In his eyes, all women are the same, except me. Will that answer do?”

“Forget it, it’s just a one-sided answer on your part. Your turn to ask me.”


“Why aren’t you talking?”

“What must I do to send you away forever? That’s my question and I hope you’ll answer it truthfully too.”

“You want to get rid of me? Dream on.”

An evil thought popped up in An Xiaoning’s head. She switched on the lights and got out of bed. “Since you’re unwilling to leave and insist on occupying Qingyan’s body, you have no choice but to perform his duties for him. I want it now.”

“What… what do you want?”

“I want to… do it with you,” she said, raising her brows.

Upon realizing what she meant, a sullen expression formed on his face immediately and he answered coldly, “That’s impossible. I’ll never touch you.”

“That’s not up to you to decide,” said An Xiaoning, who was planning to disgust him and force herself upon him. She planned to pin him down onto the couch, refusing to let him budge at all.

It had never crossed Henry’s mind that he would ever be weaker than a woman. However, he indeed could not move an inch at all.

Watching as she inched closer toward him with pouted lips, Henry clenched his jaw tightly with all his might. An Xiaoning raised both his arms above his head and held his wrists with one hand while using the other to caress his face.

It looked as if she was trying to compel a chaste male virgin.

All of a sudden, Henry passed out, perhaps because of the overwhelming nervousness, agitation, and helplessness.

An Xiaoning initially thought that he was merely pretending to have passed out. However, she soon discovered that it was indeed the case after testing him a few times.

She carried him onto the bed and removed the mask from his face before disposing it into the dustbin. She then wiped the eyeliner off his eyes with some makeup remover cotton pads before undressing him and tucking him beneath the duvet. She then folded the clothes properly and placed them back inside the closet.

She finally dismissed the bodyguards at the door and balcony, after which she rehearsed with Fan Shixin the answers that they would give Jin Qingyan the next morning.

An Xiaoning was no longer sleepy when she stood at the balcony.

She was filled with uncertainty after what happened tonight.

The main problem was, she had no idea when he would suffer another relapse.

Another headache for her was that she had no idea when Henry would completely disappear.

Although they seemed to be rather close on the surface, they were in fact miles apart and she had to put in a great ton of effort to close their emotional distance.

However, she was not afraid of making mistakes and taking plunges. Being a brave and courageous person, she had always been dauntless when facing the future.

Thanks to her sharp sense of hearing, she heard the sound of a text tone and frantically entered the room.

She picked up Jin Qingyan’s mobile phone to see that the message was sent by an unsaved contact.

An Xiaoning opened the message.

“Mr. Jin, I’m Hu Xin. I’m so sorry to have caused you such an inconvenience tonight, but I’d still like to thank you for your help.”

She deleted the message straight away and place the mobile phone onto the table as an icy cold stare formed in her eyes.


Jin Qingyan woke up at six o’clock in the morning. His brain felt foggy and his eyes were glassed over, for he could only recall up to last night.

Staring at his beloved woman, he felt a sudden sense of panic and hurriedly got dressed before rushing downstairs.

The initially sound asleep An Xiaoning opened her eyes at the instant that the door was shut.

She flipped over and continued to close her eyes.

He returned more than ten minutes later and proceeded to wash up before waking her up.

An Xiaoning pretended to have just woken up and squinted her eyes while looking at him. “You came home late last night. Why are you up so early?”

“I’m not tired. Hurry and wake up, let’s go have breakfast.”

“I don’t want to get up.”

He bent forward and kissed her. “Sleep in for a while longer then. I’ll go downstairs for breakfast.”


In reality, An Xiaoning could no longer fall asleep either. Thus, she closed her eyes and lazed in bed for a short while before getting up unhurriedly.

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