The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 961 - Perplexed and Smitten (21)

She headed downstairs to discover that Jin Qingyan was no longer around.

An Xiaoning dialed Fan Shixin’s number and hung up quickly. Soon after, Fan Shixin entered.

“Young Madam.”

“What did he ask you?”

“He asked me if you knew about his relapse and I said that you didn’t. He then asked me a few other questions, all of which I answered according to the way you told me to.”

“Alright, good job. Investigate on this girl called Hu Xin and give me all the information you can find about her. She used to work in the Black Genie bar.”


Bu Xianxian had already sensed that something was amiss with her night lotion when she was applying it last night. This morning, she discovered something unusual with her moisturizing lotion.

Staring at the lotion on her palm, she found that there seemed to be some discoloration. The lotion used to be milky white in color, but now it seemed a little grayish.

Bu Xianxian removed the lid of the lotion bottle and took a sniff of the content, only to find that it had a strong odor, though she was unsure if there was just a higher concentration of the key ingredients.

On top of that, she had also discovered a similar odor in the other bottles of cosmetic products.

Her instincts told her that there was something off about her cosmetic products.

Bu Xianxian had no idea just what went wrong with them and could not seem to find the problem despite checking through them carefully. She had no choice but to bring them to the cosmetics store to seek help from the store assistants.

After comparing her products to the ones on display, the store assistant said, “You seemed to have added something into your bottles.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“It’s obvious that something has been added.”

Bent on finding out the reason for the strange odor, Bu Xianxian brought the products to a lab where she paid for a lab test to be run on the products to find out what went wrong.

To her astonishment, the results showed that there were concentrations of a highly-poisonous pesticide found in the products.

She was ill at ease and filled with anxiety on her way home.

No wonder they’d smelled different than before. She sensed something fishy and decided to ask Shi Shaochuan to show her the surveillance camera footages.

Hence, they discovered the cause of the problem.

Bu Xianxian was overwhelmed with exasperation, and she wished she could just beat Shi Bao’er to death.

The matter had also came across as a shock to Shi Shaochuan, who did not expect that his daughter would commit such an outrageous act. He coaxed Bu Xianxian and tried to placate her by giving her a generous amount of 100 thousand dollars, which she could use to buy a new set of cosmetic products. She finally felt less upset.

The 100 thousand dollars were soon squandered away by Bu Xianxian after a single shopping trip.

However, Shi Bao’er’s actions had become a thorn in her flesh that never fails to get her riled up. She absolutely detested Shi Bao’er.

Fortunately, my face is alright. Otherwise, I’d definitely disfigure that damned lass!

She returned to the Shi family mansion with several shopping bags, enjoying the life of a wealthy man’s wife.

Shi Shaochuan had been idling about every day and was living on his family’s assets. He and Bu Xianxian would do nothing except eat and play all day. Although Bu Xianxian was not planning to live or be in a long-term relationship with him, she still thought that it would be better for him to find a job or have something to do. To be exact, she wanted to do something with her time.

“Shaochuan, shall we open a café?”

“I’m not interested in that.”

“But I am. Will you open one for me?”

“Do you know how much it costs to buy a storefront for a café in our city? I’m willing to give you some financial support if you’re okay with renting a space instead of buying it.”

Bu Xianxian gave him a peck on his cheek and said, “How much can buying a storefront cost? Since we’re going to spend the money, we might as well put it to good use by investing it in something.”

“But I’m not interested and I won’t be giving you the money to open one,” said Shi Shaochuan, who turned her down straightforwardly.

He was already feeling the pinch whenever he gave her one to two hundred thousand dollars on a regular basis. Why would I still open a café for her? Buying a storefront is no child’s play. How could I possibly bear to spend a few million dollars on her?

Bu Xianxian’s spirits were dampened by his blatant objection. “If I were your wife, would you sponsor me?” she asked.

“It’d be the same even if you’re my wife,” said Shi Shaochuan, who would stay firm on his decision regardless of who coerces him.

Bu Xianxian did not say much despite feeling like he was a petty miser.

Her goal was not to marry him anyway.

Noticing that she had gone silent, Shi Shaochuan asked, “Are you angry?”

“No. It’s fine if you don’t support me,” Bu Xianxian denied.

Shi Shaochuan and she had just gotten together a while ago and their relationship was still fresh.

Moreover, she had given him her virginity and would allow him to get intimate with her several times in a row. However, he had been rather interested in entering her from behind lately, because then she would not discover that he had removed the condom and ejaculated inside her.

He would be the one cleaning her up afterward anyway.

Did she think that I gave her those 400 thousand dollars for nothing? I have greater plans in mind, such as getting her pregnant and making her give birth to a son for my family. Doesn’t matter whether I marry her or not.

Bu Xianxian had no idea what he was thinking at all.

Jin Qingyan called CEO Zhou personally, and the latter did not mention a thing about last night’s events at all. The deal between them went through rather smoothly.

The secretary knocked on his door at about eleven o’clock in the morning.

“Come in.”

The secretary reported, “Director Jin, we’ve received a call from the front desk at the lobby. They claim that there’s a Ms. Hu looking for you.”

“Ms. Hu?” he asked with raised brows.


“Let her in.”

“Alright.” The secretary exited the office.

Jin Qingyan took a look at the time and tied up some loose ends. Just as he wrapped up, Hu Xin entered.

She was dressed in a denim dungaree dress with a white short-sleeved blouse beneath it, paired with a yellow fedora and a backpack on her shoulders. The barely-twenty-one-year-old looked extremely youthful.

“Mr. Jin,” she called gently.

Pointing at the chair opposite his desk, he said, “Have a seat, Ms. Hu.”

Hu Xin discovered a stark difference in his tone compared to the night before. He sounded exactly the same as he did when they first met.

She stepped forward and took a seat on the chair.

“What are you looking me up for, Ms. Hu?”

Hu Xin said softly, “I sent you a text last night, but you didn’t reply to me so I thought it would be better for me to come here and thank you personally. If I don’t, I’d be very uneasy.”

“A text? When did you send it?” He subconsciously unlocked his mobile phone, thinking to himself that he clearly remembered that he didn’t receive a text in the morning.

“Very late at night. I reckon you must’ve already fallen asleep then.”

Who does she think I am? Jin Qingyan smiled and said, “There’s an auto-deletion function embedded in my mobile phone that would automatically erase all messages received from an unknown sender or unsaved number. What did you send in the message?”

Needless to say, he was merely telling a white lie and he had already guessed who the person who deleted it was.

“This is the content of the text message,” said Hu Xin, handing him her mobile phone to show him the text message. However, she felt slightly disappointed to learn that he did not actually save her contact number, whereas she had always had his.

After glancing through the content, he said coldly, “It wasn’t that great of an inconvenience, you didn’t have to send me that text or make a trip down here personally. It’s no big deal at all.”

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