Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1444 - What’s There to Be Afraid Of?

“Ha, Xu Que, do you really want to compete with our Celestial Core Power? You’re making a mistake,” a Celestial King spoke angrily, but it could be seen that there was a trace of reluctance in his eyes.

This was the kind of reluctance that meant he wasn’t keen to gamble with his life.

In his view, betting his life against that of a young man at the Human Celestial Stage, even if the odds were quite good, was still a gamble he didn’t feel like taking.

The other nine Celestial Kings also looked extremely angry, especially the young-looking male who’d actively chosen to retreat and another whose eyes were burning with anger.

They’d already taken the first step and surrendered, but Xu Que had refused to accept it instead of appreciating it. How dare he say that he would fight to the end? This was undoubtedly a great shame to them.

“Son of a b*itch, do you really want to do this the hard way?” The young male couldn’t help shouting angrily!

“Do you, a nobody at the Human Celestial Stage, really think that you can do whatever you want just by controlling this terrifying Spiritual Qi?” Another Celestial King roared, genuine fire burning out of his body.

They still had a plan B. It was impossible for them to be locked in this stalemate. If it was them who finally exhausted their Celestial Core Power, they would end up in their graves.

It just wasn’t worth it!

Anyway, they separately all had a lot of life-saving secret skills to get out of this stalemate, although they would pay a heavy price.

If it hadn’t been a last resort situation, no Celestial Kings would ever pay such a huge price to escape from a boy at the Human Celestial Stage.

“In fact, I don’t think you people are wrong. After all, with the strength that you have, you really are strong enough to be arrogant. But, unfortunately, you’ve provoked the wrong person, who is me.” A cold smile touched the corners of Xu Que’s mouth, followed by a flash of morbid Qi from his eyes, and all of a sudden his whole vigor soared.

He looked straight ahead as he began to relieve the prohibition amulet from his body.

His cultivation had sprinted to the stage of the Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven. However, because he’d skipped four of the heaven tests that he should have taken at each stage change, the four tests would come down on him altogether.

In order to avoid involving other people, Xu Que had borrowed Xuanyuan Wanrong’s prohibition amulet to suppress himself into the Human Celestial Stage to avoid the tests.

When the prohibition amulet was lifted, he would go through all the heaven tests from the Human Celestial Stage to the Earth Celestial Stage, plus the tests that hadn’t been passed between the Earth Celestial Stage and the Celestial Stage of the Great All-Embracing Heaven. In total, it would be five tests.

Five heaven tests coming down all at the same time would be unprecedented. Xu Que had no idea what he would face.

Moreover, the tests he had taken in the past had been extremely difficult. In order to kill these ten Celestial Kings, Xu Que decided to risk everything.

“My goodness, man, are you going to start?” Buttface seemed to sense that Xu Que’s cultivation was fluctuating, which frightened him.

“D*mn, is this what you call an ace in the hole?” Duan Jiude had also heard about Xue Que’s prohibition amulet from Buttface, and so at the moment he was also scared.

He didn’t want to be involved in even one of these tests, let alone five. After all, this guy’s heaven tests would be way beyond those of ordinary people.

“You’re right! It’s time. There’s no need to waste time anymore. You can leave now if you want.” Xu Que laughed and was eager to begin.

“Man, don’t be impulsive! It’s five heaven tests we’re talking about. Are you sure you want to do that?” Buttface looked grave.

“I haven’t known anything for sure for a long time. But for now, I’d like to know if my body can withstand these five tests.” Xu Que smiled faintly, with a firm flash of glory showing in his eyes.

Whether it was for killing these ten Celestial Kings or challenging himself, Xu Que wanted to try out what the power of the five heaven tests would be.

The ten Celestial Kings were listening to this dialogue between Xu Que and the others. They were a little surprised and couldn’t help laughing. They didn’t understand what the five heaven tests meant for Xu Que.

However, they all kept silent, no one saying anything, with some expectation in their eyes, as if they were hoping that Xu Que would bring down the heaven tests.

The whole world knew that heaven tests, which were extremely vigorous, were also the natural enemy of terrifying Spiritual Qi.


At the time, Xu Que’s body suddenly made a loud noise, followed by a few muffled sounds.


It was as if certain shackles in his body had been broken, and suddenly the cultivation around his whole body started climbing.


Almost at the same time, a lightning bolt flashed in the sky, followed by thunderclaps. Obviously, this was a signal of the impending tests.

“Ha, ha, ha…” A Celestial King laughed out loud. “This boy has really called down the heaven tests.”

The other nine Celestial Kings also laughed.

“How stupid he is! Ha, ha, ha, although heaven tests can be very troublesome, they can also restrain terrifying Spiritual Qi.”

“Little b*stard, did you know that the threat of heaven tests is far less troublesome to us than terrifying Spiritual Qi.” The Celestial King of the Divine Farmer Clan was also laughing and acting extremely arrogant.

“Although there are risks for us with these tests, they’re not too dangerous, and we’ve been through them many times. You’ve made a mistake.”

“If you don’t die after the heaven test, we’ll torture you to death.”

The Celestial Kings were all laughing and enjoying themselves.

The young female Celestial King had started to smile again. “What a pity. Youth and ignorance will end up taking you to h*ll.”

Her eyes swept toward the direction of Tian Sha City, where she looked directly at Zixia Fairy and sneered, “I really can’t figure it out. You, a Celestial King, shamelessly caring about a nobody of the Human Celestial Stage, not to mention such a stupid b*stard?”

“Silly woman!” A black figure suddenly ran past the young female Celestial King, leaving her with a comment full of contempt.

The female Celestial King was stunned, and, before she could react, another shadow passed in front of her. All this one said was, “Stupid.”

“Shut up!” The female Celestial King became angry and prepared to take action.

However, the two passing shadows didn’t stop. On the contrary, they ran for their lives in the direction of Tian Sha City. They were Buttface and Duan Jiude.

This scene stunned the ten Celestial Kings and also confused the people in the city.

“What was going on?”

“Why did this man and dog run away?”

Leaving the terrifying Spiritual Qi behind, they ran back to Tian Sha City as if they were being chased by ghosts.

“Could it be that they couldn’t handle it anymore, leaving Xu Que alone there and fleeing?”

“Ha, ha, Xu Que, keep your eyes open and see clearly that your so-called brothers in the Exploding Heavens Faction have abandoned you.”

“They are obviously wiser than you, because they’ve made the right choice: to escape.”

“However, it’s a pity that they only care about their own escape and didn’t open the exit of the prohibition spell. When the heaven test is over, everyone in your Exploding Heavens Faction will be dead.”

“Xu Que, believe us. Soon the whole Heaven Continent will know how horrible it is to offend Celestial Kings.”

“Your ignorance has implicated everyone in the Exploding Heavens Faction.”

All the Celestial Kings laughed, one after another.

They had been really afraid of the terrifying Spiritual Qi, but now that Xu Que had started the heaven tests, they’d all breathed a sigh of relief.

Once the tests came, all the condensed Spiritual Qi would collapse. Then there’d be no threat to them.

As for the heaven tests, although they were a little afraid, this kind of fear didn’t involve the loss of life. At most, they were a little troublesome to handle and could cost them some precious Immortal Elixirs to recover.

After all, Celestial Kings had long been accustomed to passing heaven tests.

“It’s just a heaven test. What’s there to be afraid of?”

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