Warlord of Chaos

Chapter 157 - The Method of Dan

Han Jin could feel and see nothing but endless darkness, quietness, and chilliness. He had made the decision to perish together with the Hydra with his last attack. The moment the flying sword broke, Han Jin’s consciousness dispersed and gradually sunk into darkness.

Suddenly, a single spark appeared in the darkness. It was faint, like a tiny candle, and was negligible compared to the endless darkness.

However, the spark kept burning stubbornly. The bouncing tongue of flame grew larger and larger, before finally becoming a bonfire floating in the air.

Perhaps Han Jin had felt the warmth, or perhaps the bonfire’s light was too dazzling in the darkness, because his consciousness stopped sinking, and he could faintly feel something.

The lick of flame seemed to be alive as it was growing and expanding. After a long time, it had expanded into an immense sea of flames. The dominant darkness had already been expelled along with the freezing chilliness. They were all devoured by the flame.

Though Han Jin heard nothing, he could feel the roaring of the flame. The dancing sea of flames was so vast that no matter the direction, it seemed endless.

A strange feeling suddenly arose in Han Jin’s heart; it felt as if there were two of him. One was in the far distance, watching this burning world, while the other was a grain of dust among the sea of flame.

The moment he felt this, the grain of dust was sucked out from the sea of flame by a strong force and flew toward the other Han Jin who was in the far distance. When the two merged into one, a dazzling light flashed before his eyes, followed by a loud explosion. All his feelings came back to him; ache, soreness, and even the whispering of someone beside him.

Han Jin suddenly realized that the endless sea of flames was none other than the flame in his elixir field. It was also his fire of life!

“Do you want to feed him more? Is that still not enough?” came the voice of Cessacioun.

“You know Raphael’s appetite,” replied Moxinke. “I’m sure that if he wanted to, he could swallow the whole dragon. Believe it or not.”

“Well…” Cessacioun looked back at the young dragon that was as huge as a hill. “I think that’s a bit too dramatic.”

“Dramatic? Why didn’t you feel Raphael swallowing the whole Bear of Earth was dramatic?”

Moments after the voice faded away, Han Jin felt someone open his mouth and pour some bloody liquid inside it. Subconsciously, Han Jin wanted to spit the odorous liquid out, but he couldn’t even control his eyes, let alone his muscles.

However, his body seemed to be badly in need of this bloody liquid. His throat wriggled and all the liquid was swallowed down. A creepy feeling arose in him. “What happened to me? I intended to spit it out!”

“Look!” Moxinke was still forcing apart Han Jin’s mouth. “He drank it up!”

“He has drunk more than twenty cups, hasn’t he?” Cessacioun bitterly smiled. “I am afraid… it will do harm to him.”

“That’s impossible!” said Moxinke scornfully. “Who do you think is the least possible to harm Raphael in this world?”

“We all wouldn’t harm him. We are friends, aren’t we?”

“I mean, who is the least possible one! Don’t be so proud of yourself.”

“Steelberg,” Cessacioun replied. “Even if Raphael tells Steelberg to die, the boy will do it without hesitation.”

“You…” Moxinke started raging. “You want to irritate me deliberately, don’t you?”

“Of course not. I am just telling you the truth. Then, in your opinion who is it?”

“Sunier,” replied Moxinke.

“You asked me who is the least possible one to hurt Raphael. Sunier likes him, but compared to Steelberg…”

“Shut up!” Moxinke stopped him angrily and forced apart Han Jin’s mouth again.

Han Jin had no energy to even guess what they were feeding him. Though he could not control his own body, he could feel the changes inside him. Hotness! Unbearable hotness! The liquid he had drunk was not a liquid, but magma!

Dragons were top-grade holy animals, and they contained an enormous amount of energy. A dragon crystal contains energy which was calculated by the unit Taiyi. Ten thousand Xuan equals one Taiyi, while ten thousand Jia equals one Xuan. The energy Han Jin had accumulated only near one thousand Jia. The gap between the energy in him and the energy inside a dragon crystal was too huge. It was like the distance between Earth and Heaven.

Han Jin desperately tried to open his mouth and spit out the unbearable energy. But sadly, he could not.

His Dantian (elixir field) could no longer hold any more energy. Bursts of heat spread across his arms and legs, followed by pains so sharp he thought he was getting cut into pieces by countless swords. Each piece of his skin and each section of his blood vessels were undergoing an extreme tempering. He could even feel his hair, his toes, and every other inch of his body being tempered. Had the pain been concentrated in one place, he would have suffered through it with no problem. However, if every inch of his body suffered this extreme pain, he would rather be tortured to death.

Just when Han Jin was still trying to endure the pain, Moxinke’s voice sounded again, “Get some more dragon blood.”

These words nearly gave Han Jin a nervous breakdown. How he wished to shout ‘no’… However, he could utter no sound at all. The next moment, his lips were forced open again, and drops of dragon blood were poured into his stomach through his throat.

Han Jin felt his body burning as if some kind of force was tearing apart his skin, flesh and even blood. No matter how tough Han Jin was normally, he wanted nothing but to beg for mercy at the moment.

“What’s that?” Cessacioun suddenly shouted in surprise.

Wisps of mist rose from Han Jin’s body. His four limbs, chest, and cheeks were all trembling.

“It’s working!” Moxinke shouted excitedly. “Hurry up, more dragon blood!”

“Are you sure we should feed him more?” Cessacioun asked in hesitation.

“Don’t you see? His body is reacting to it! It means that we were right!”

Han Jin could no longer hear the conversation between Moxinke and Cessacioun. He saw the endless sea of flames again. He had no idea whether the sea had been enlarged or not, for that its end was still out of sight. The burning tongue of flame had turned bright yellow, pure and dazzling. It was as if it was something substantial and real.

Beside him, Moxinke was still immersed in excitement and continued to pour cups of dragon blood down his throat in succession. He had no idea what this blood meant for Han Jin at all!

Each cup of dragon blood was like oil poured into Han Jin’s fire of life. In that strange world, the spewing tongues of flames were approaching the sky and spreading down to the bottomless abyss. Finally, the countless tongues of flames all disappeared at the same time, simply because the fire had filled every inch of space. There was no longer any room for the tongues to dance, thus they all disappeared.

The young dragon was a descendant of a Golden Dragon. Owing to some special reason, it came to the Tarasha Mountains and unfortunately violated the territory of the Hydra, and thus causing this life-and-death fight. Dragon blood contains enormous amounts of magic, though far less than that in a dragon crystal, it was still beyond Han Jin’s absorbing ability. However, this kind of magic usually dissipated quickly. When the magic was gone, dragon blood could only be used as an alchemical material.

It was known to most people that dragon blood contains magic, but anyone powerful enough to kill a dragon would never bother with gathering the dragon’s blood. The real attractive part of a dragon was its crystal, scales, and bones, which were all far more precious than its blood. But now, for Han Jin, a middle-grade professional, dragon blood was the most valuable and useful thing!

Had there not been such an unexpected fight, Han Jin would have had no chance to taste dragon blood. No one liked to drink blood, and Sunier and Cessacioun, who knew about the special property of dragon blood, would be distracted by the crystal, scales, and bones instead.

Han Jin was truly lucky to be able to consume the dragon blood before its magic dissipated.

However, at the moment, he didn’t feel lucky at all. On the contrary, he was still struggling and in pain. The yellow light turned more and more intense and finally filled each corner. At the very beginning, Han Jin’s consciousness could still fly freely in his sea of life and pass through each tongue of flames, but gradually, the light turned brighter, while the movement of his consciousness slowed down, then finally stopped. He felt as if his life was being choked out of him.

As time passed, no one knew how much dragon blood Moxinke had fed Han Jin. Boom! A muffled sound of an explosion echoed in Han Jin’s sea of life. The crystal-like light exploded into fragments, then shrunk to one point, while Han Jin’s consciousness could no longer exist in his sea of life and was thrown out fiercely.

“We can’t let Raphael drink any more of the blood!” Cessacioun shouted. “Look!”

Tiny beads of blood were oozing out from Han Jin’s skin. Cessacioun wiped it and his hand was dyed red by the blood immediately. He raised his hand, glaring at Moxinke.

“But…” Moxinke became somewhat uncertain. But he still said, “One last cup!”

“Have you gone mad?!” Cessacioun jumped up to grab the cup from Moxinke’s hand, which was filled with dragon blood.

However, another hand suddenly reached from the side and grabbed the cup first. “Raphael? You are awake?!” Moxinke exclaimed.

Han Jin opened his eyes, glaring at Moxinke. What he really wanted to do was jump up and give Moxinke a good beating, like he had promised himself he would when he was suffering through the torturous pain.

“How do you feel, Raphael?” Cessacioun also exclaimed.

“Let me rest. I am too tired.” Han Jin slowly closed his eyes again. He was really tired; not only physically, but also mentally. Before he could rest, the hot pain in his throat reminded him that his body had lost too much water. “I need water,” He forced his eyes open and asked.

“Here you go.” Cessacioun took out his water bag immediately.

“You have a cup in your hand,” Moxinke said in a weird tone. “Just pretend it’s water. Don’t worry, you drank quite a bit of those already.”

An evil brought by nature might be defeated, but an evil one brings to oneself is hard to bear! Moxinke should have never mentioned it at this moment. It was like adding salt to Han Jin’s mental wound.

Han Jin’s eyes lit up, his black pupils shining with two rays of cold, golden light. Moxinke’s scream suddenly rang out, as his body was thrown over twenty meters away. Moxinke rolled on the ground before he could finally steady himself.

Han Jin hadn’t attacked him, but just grabbed his collar and threw him away.

Though Moxinke didn’t release his strength of fighting, it was still amazing that Han Jin could throw such a strong and tall man as if he was throwing a doll. How unfathomable his energy was currently!

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