Warlord of Chaos

Chapter 158 - Miraculous Art of Taoism

“Raphael, when did you become so strong?” exclaimed Moxinke.

He trusted Han Jin so much that he didn’t release his strength of fighting when his collar was grabbed. Actually, he not only trusted Han Jin by his sensibility but also his instinct.

A hint of a smile crept on Han Jin’s face. Although no one could keep their composure when undergoing unbearable pain, he had already come to his senses. The resentment he originally had towards Moxinke was also gone, as Han Jin was not a vengeful man. What’s more, he knew that without Moxinke, he never would have completed his cultivation of Dan!

He was still holding the blood-filled cup. Han Jin looked at it, raised his arm and emptied it. The dragon blood was not hot for him anymore, only a bit warm.

“Raphael, you look like a barbarian!” Moxinke walked to him, grinning.

Just then, a shout came from the side. Han Jin turned his head, only to find Sunier lying on a blue boulder and coughing badly. She was placed there by Moxinke after the battle. Each time she coughed, blood spat out from her mouth. The mask on her face was crooked, but the deacon who was looking after her didn’t dare take it off.

“Sunier!” Cessacioun shouted. Before he could do anything, he felt his eyes blur. Han Jin appeared next to her at an astonishing speed and stood there silently.

With a scroll of Holy Spirit Blessing offered by one of the deacons, the effect of which could last for three days, her wound could only be controlled but not healed. Even worse, the only teleportation scroll they had got destroyed. It would be impossible for them to get help from Isolated Cliff City within thirty days, let alone three. The faces of the young magicians were all filled with sorrow. They showed no traces of happiness when seeing Han Jin, who had just woken up out of a coma.

It wasn’t that they were ungrateful, but they simply hadn’t realized the price Han Jin had paid to help them. In fact, except Sunier, no one knew, not even Moxinke and Cessacioun.

Han Jin looked at the arrow stuck in Sunier’s shoulder in silence. Although it wasn’t attached with magic, it was maliciously made with countless tiny hooks covering the shaft of the arrow. If anyone tried to pull it out, they would only worsen the wounds.

“How is she, Raphael?” Moxinke asked in a hurry.

“She is all right,” replied Han Jin in a low voice, only to find that his voice was hoarse. The water bag was still in Cessacioun’s hand. Han Jin took it, lifted his chin and drained the bag in one breath.

“Is she really all right?” Cessacioun asked worriedly. He felt doubtful when he saw that Sunier was still coughing blood.

“Her lungs were hurt.” Han Jin looked up at the sky. “How long have I been unconscious?”

“Almost half a day.”

“Then it’s only natural.” Han Jin nodded. “It is only extravasated blood. She must vomit it out, otherwise, it will cause further harm for her in the future.”

“I see.” Moxinke and Cessacioun both vaguely nodded.

Han Jin waited for a few more minutes until Sunier stopped vomiting blood, then started to draw charms in the air. Unlike usual, when Moxinke and Cessacioun could only see a faint light as a magic charm was released by Han Jin, countless golden dots of light wafted out from Han Jin’s fingers, floating in the air and forming countless strange characters.

Moxinke and Cessacioun were both stunned. “Go!” Han Jin waved his hand and let out a stuffy roar.

The charm turned into a ray of golden flowing light and attached itself to the shaft. Han Jin waited for a brief moment before he grabbed the shaft and pulled it out little by little.

If someone else dared to do this, Moxinke would have given them a taste of his greatsword. But seeing Han Jin doing this, he gasped a cold breath. Sunier was lying there motionless as if she had felt nothing.

Not long after, Han Jin had pulled the whole arrow out.

“Wow!” Moxinke’s eyes were open wide. The shaft turned out to be as soft as a snake, while the wicked hooks were wafting in wind like soft red villus, covered in Sunier’s blood.

Han Jin threw the shaft away, which wiggled on the ground like a living thing. The golden flowing light vanished quickly. Curious, Moxinke kicked the shaft, but it had already turned rigid again.

A finger-thick wound appeared behind Sunier’s shoulder, from which a stream of fresh blood started flowing out. Han Jin swiftly moved his fingers and pressed his palm down. Countless rays of golden light floated into the wound, and the flowing blood started to slow at a visible rate. Finally, the bright dots of light covered the entirety of Sunier’s wound.

Han Jin let out a sigh of relief. Arts of Six Ding and Six Jia among Taoist scriptures were used to either cure or kill. Thanks to Han Jin’s interest in them, he learned all of them, though he was not very skilled in them. If he hadn’t learned them, he would be at a loss right now.

“Is everything all right?” asked Cessacioun softly.

“Yes.” Han Jin smiled. “Don’t worry.”

“My Lord!” an abrupt and hasty voice came from the side. “Please, help our headmaster!”

Han Jin turned around; it was Asa. The other young magicians had also grouped up, all with worried looks. However, they dared not to behave rudely.

In their eyes, Han Jin was no longer an ordinary mercenary, but an unfathomably strong professional who had killed two assassins with strange magic and the Hydra with merely one strike. They admired him despite the fact that Han Jin himself had also fainted due to exhaustion. Even their headmaster could not kill a top-grade holy animal with only one strike.

“Raphael. Could you help them… if it is possible?” Cessacioun asked. Both he and Moxinke liked Asa after seeing the quarrel among the group of young magicians. Regardless of his power, at least he was a true man!

Though he didn’t know what had happened, Han Jin still nodded.

“Fine,” he replied, knowing that Cessacioun would not ask for this without a reason.

Asa rejoiced. He cast a glance at the shaft and walked forward. Instead of following him, Han Jin walked in the opposite direction, towards Reg, who was reclining against a pile of timber. His face was as pale as a piece of white paper.

Reg was a friend, and friendship was rare but greatly cherished by Han Jin, who would not change due to any ‘worldly’ factors such as a beautiful face, a prominent position or anything else. Therefore, before helping the young headmaster, Han Jin wanted to make sure Reg was safe.

As a highly alert man, Reg opened his eyes when Han Jin was about five or six meters away. When he saw Han Jin, a trace of surprise and excitement flashed across his face. He struggled to stand up, but his body stiffened from pain. A tight frown appeared on his face; obviously, the movement had torn his wound.

Han Jin made a gesture with his palm, indicating Reg to lie still. Then he went next to Reg, putting his hand onto Reg’s neck.

Reg showed a weak smile. His body stayed motionless, but his eyes followed Han Jin curiously. He could sense the great changes in Han Jin.

Reg’s pulse was stable and forceful. Though half of his body was dyed red from blood, his wound was not deep. Han Jin let out a sigh of relief after checking this.

“Is Reg all right?” asked Cessacioun.

“He is okay. He is as strong as a bull.” Han Jin smiled.

“He is like a bull?” Moxinke smirked. No matter in terms of physical fitness, weight or height, none of them could be Moxinke’s match. “He is a calf at most!”

Reg wanted to retort, but even opening his mouth aggregated his wound. Thus, he only gave Moxinke a scornful glare.

Under the hopeful eyes of the young magicians, Han Jin walked up to Yalina. She was still lying in the branches and leaves as none of her students dared to move her due to her serious injuries.

Han Jin had tried to help her during the assassination attempt, but the thief was so fast that his dagger almost cut her neck in half. As for the wounds on her back, Han Jin could not see. Fortunately, the magician who attacked her was not very strong, so the sharp blade didn’t pierce through her body. If he was as strong as Moxinke, she would have died already.

Under her body was a pool of dark red blood. God only knew how much blood she had already lost. The skin and flesh at the edge of her wound on her neck had turned grey. Despite that, her face was still delicate; eyebrows frowned and lips slightly open, as if her heart was crumbling for something, or as if she wanted to condemn someone.

Han Jin didn’t dare to move her body either. He grabbed her wrist to feel her pulse; it was weak and scarce. Han Jin touched the skin and flesh at the edge of the wound carefully and felt a sense of dryness. He was shocked. An ordinary person suffering such a severe injury like this would have died already.

“Did you use any magic on her?” Han Jin asked.

“Yes… my Lord,” a deacon replied timidly. “I used a scroll of Holy Spirit Blessing on her.”

“Could you… save her, my Lord?” Asa choked, tears rolling down his face.

It was strange that the young magicians no longer called Han Jin ‘you’, but instead respectfully called him ‘my lord’.

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