Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1107 - Scouting

Inside the infinite void, Su Mo and Hai Mingjiang were flying rapidly.

They had already flown for a few days and were about to arrive Heaven-sea City.

“Pavilion Leader Hai, how strong is the Yin-yang Palace?” Su Mo asked Hai Mingjiang.

“Yin-yang Palace is a little weaker than the Nine Forces of the Humans but they are close. The Palace Master, Yang Dingtian is an Emperor-to-be expert.” Hai Mingjiang answered.

Sky-sea Pavilion and Yin-yang Palace were both located in Heaven-sea City and they were neighbors, so Hai Mingjiang was clear about Yin-yang Palace.

“Since Yin-yang Palace took part in destroying your Sky-sea Pavilion, Yang Dingtian should be Heaven-sea City.” Su Mo said in a low voice.

“Yes!” Hai Mingjiang nodded his head.

“How is Yang Dingtian?” Su Mo asked.

“Yang Dingtian was a famous handsome man when he was young and he hurt a lot of women. His Dual Cultivation Skill is fed on women’s spirit and he is stronger than me.” Hai Mingjiang answered.

“Stronger than you?” Su Mo frowned. In that case, it was not easy for them to kill Yang Dingtian.

After all, the Emperor-to-be expert was hard to kill and if he wanted to escape, they could not kill him easily.

“We should be careful. Since the Yin-yang Palace has joined the Netherworld Devil Sect, they must be ready for us. We must be careful!” Hai Mingjiang said.

“All right!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“Alas! It’s a pity that Sky-sea Pavilion is too weak now. Otherwise, with our intelligence, we can easily know what they are doing.” Hai Mingjiang sighed.

Although they still had a large number of sub-pavilions, without the headquarters, they could not run the intelligence system.

Otherwise, they would know more than present.

“Maybe this is their purpose!”

Su Mo shook his head and said, “Anyway, we should be careful. Let’s have a look before we do anything.”

“All right!” Hai Mingjiang nodded his head.

During this time, they approached the Heaven-sea City.

From a distance, looking at the tall, majestic walls of the Heaven-sea City, Su Mo, and Hai Mingjiang both stopped.

“Something is wrong!”” Hai Mingjiang frowned and said.

“Yes, something is wrong.” Su Mo nodded his head. Heaven-sea City had less people inside but no other thing changed.

The gate was open and people walked in and out as if there was nothing had happened.

This was totally abnormal!

The headquarters of the Sky-sea Pavilion had been destroyed and they should know that Su Mo would come to revenge.

And the Yin-yang Palace had nothing to prevent this?

The Yin-yang Palace should start a defensive formation and as neverous as the Yins. That was normal.

“If I was right, there should be many dangerous traps waiting us and they was not afraid of us.” Hai Mingjiang said somberly.

“Then what shall we do? Go back?” . Su Mo asked in a low voice.

It was Okay for him to go back without doing anything. He had had enough resources to break through to the Martial Royal Realm. At that time, no one would be his opponent.

At that time, he could deal with the Netherworld Devil Sect, Yin-yang Palace, and the Beitangs.

Hai Mingjiang was considering. He knew it was dangerous inside the Heaven-sea City, but he still wanted to check around.

After all, he had a profound hatred with the Yin-yang Palace.

“Let’s go in and have a look!”

Hai Mingjiang said in a low voice. “Even three Emperor-to-bes can stop us.”

Su Mo nodded his head. Indeed, they didn’t have to worry.

“To be safe, let’s change our faces.” Su Mo said.

“Nice!” Then they changed their faces and clothes before they headed for Heaven-sea City.

They just had to change the muscles on their faces and it was an easy thing for martial artists above the True Spirit Realm.

A little while later, the two men entered Heaven-sea City. They went to the headquarters of Sky-sea Pavilion and looked at it from a distance.

The headquarters had been razed to the ground, completely destroyed.

Hai Mingjiang felt angry and he was about to kill.

“Come on, let’s go to the Yin-yang Palace.” Hai Mingjiang turned to Yin-yang Palace.

“Pavilion Leader Hai, be careful!” Seeing this, Su Mo hurried to catch up with him and reminded.

Hai Mingjiang acted as if he was directly going inside the Yin-yang Palace and killed people.

They moved fast and arrived at the Yin-yang Palace in a few minutes.

Far away, standing on the street thousands of miles away from the Yin-yang Palace, they secretly looked up.

The Yin-yang Palace was a city in the city, with tall walls and covering an area of hundreds of miles.

There were a dozen guards stood in front of the gates and people went in and got out.

“What is going on?” Su Mo frowned. The Yin-yang Palace was really bold!

Were they so confident that they could resist all attacks?

In other words, there were more Emperor-to-bes from Netherworld Devil Sect inside the Yin-yang Palace.

This was very possible since they had destroyed the headquarters of Tianya Sky-sea Pavilion together.

“What are they going to do?” Hai Mingjiang shook his head. He didn’t understand either.

Both of them hesitated because they didn’t know if they should go to kill or they should wait to do some deeper investigation.

“Maybe we should check around.” Su Mo thought.

“How to do that?” Hai Mingjiang asked.


Then Su Mo told Hai Mingjiang what he was thinking and Hai Mingjiang immediately agreed.

After that, they left the Yin-yang Palace and went to the other side of the Heaven-sea City.

They found an inn and entered a room.

As soon as they entered the room, Su Mo pushed his Dark Force and conjured a Phantom Avatar.

“Go!” Su Mo waved his hand and the Phantom Avatar disappeared outside the window.

He needed the Phantom Avatar to probe the Yin-yang Palace.

How to do that?

By exploding of course. The Phantom Avatar would go inside the Yin-yang Palace and exploded itself, blowing the Yin-yang Palace to the ground.

In this case, they could see clearly that what the Yin-yang Palace was doing.

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