Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 644 - Let’s Talk About Love (3)

The room was silent, it was so quiet that the water dripping from the tap could be heard. Li Si and An Xi were both watching the man on the bed, awaiting his reply.

He was still smoking the cigarette, not uttering a word or even revealing the slightest hint of emotion.

Li Si knew that these matters couldn’t be rushed, no one could be forced into marriage. Marriage was supposed to be consensual, or it would not end well.

“Yan Zi, I’ll leave you to think about it. Have a good rest tonight. The drug addiction is going to act up every single day, and today is a good start. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll take my leave.”

Li Si then walked out of the room.

Li Si had left and Lu Yan finished up the last puff of the cigarette before he stubbed it out and got up to take a shower.

Miaojiang was divided into the VIP area and the commoner’s area and the difference between the two was as clear as night and day. An’an was staying in the VIP area, which had anything and everything one could ask for, but Lu Yan was staying in a totally different area. He was in the commoner’s zone and even the bathrooms were tiny. There was only one basin and a toilet bowl, there wasn’t even a decent shower area.

All he had was a basin of cold water. To shower, he had to stand in an empty spot away from the toilet where he began to remove his clothes, before drenching himself in the cold water from head to toe.

It was winter, but he was taking a cold shower.

He didn’t feel cold at all, the cold water trickled down his defined muscles and ran over his eight pack, resuming its path downwards.

After he wiped a soap bar all over his body, he scrubbed his body with a wet towel, finishing up in just a couple of minutes.

He entered the room wearing only a pair of black underwear.

There was still someone else in the room. An Xi hadn’t left.

Lu Yan walked over, glancing at her with his brown eyes. He then picked up a pair of long pants and turned around to put it on. “What’s the matter?”

An Xi continued to watch him as he turned back to wear his pants. His shoulder blades were distinct and just like a strong pair of eagle wings.

For many years throughout her years of service, she had been known as the beautiful medical officer in the armed forces. There were a handful of people who were wooing her, and those who were eager to matchmake for her. Many of her suitors were admirals, but she had never been attracted to them.

She didn’t know why, but she supposed that if any women were lucky enough to meet a man like Lu Yan, they’d probably make the same choice. No other men would attract them after having such a comparison.

This man has gone through a tumultuous life and was very experienced. Women were easily attracted to such men, yearning to be touched by his calloused palms, wanting to be held in his arms.

“Brother Ah Yan, pass me your dirty laundry. I’ll take them back and wash them,” An Xi said.

The living conditions there were considered awful for Lu Yan, one of the most powerful bosses in the underworld. After all, the man was used to a luxurious lifestyle and this was simply unacceptable.

For most of his life, he had a mass of servants waiting on him, serving all of his needs. His clothes were all custom-made and ironed until they were perfect, with zero creases.

He had already gotten used to this kind of life in high society.

One could never accept these awful conditions once they were exposed to a privileged lifestyle.

Lu Yan buckled his belt around his trim waist and picked up the dirty laundry he had left behind outside the room. He entered the bathroom and said, “There’s no need for you to do that, you can leave.”

He crouched down at the basin in the bathroom, starting to hand wash the dirty laundry.

He had rejected her.

She wanted to help wash his clothes and he had rejected her.


An Xi was obviously disappointed and a little morose after being rejected by him, but she still made sure to tidy up his bed and shut the windows before leaving the room.

After An Xi left, the entire room had fallen silent again. The only sound was of him washing the clothes in the bathroom.

Lu Yan was scrubbing his dirty underwear carefully in the basin, he then rinsed it with clean water and dried it on the rack.

He wasn’t meticulous and his clothes were all wrinkled when he placed them on the rack.

Lu Yan returned to his bed, closing his eyes and he prepared to sleep.

A few minutes later, he flipped on another side and slowly opened his eyes. He wasn’t able to fall asleep, his mind was filled with that youthful, beautiful face.

He stretched out his fingers and placed them on his lips, he could still feel the feeling of her lips against his earlier on.

He drew his brows together, unbuckling his belt again…


He hadn’t been intimate with women in a long time and was truly yearning for it.

An’an returned to her own room and was in the bathroom. She stood under the shower head and was having a hot shower.

The hot water drenched her from head to toe and the steam resulting from it made her face flush red. With soft fingers, she pressed them against her lips.

She had already brushed her teeth earlier on, she brushed it so hard that her gums had bled.

When she wiped them again with her hands, she kept wiping until it was swollen and red.

She wanted to wipe away the scent that he had left behind.

But she failed, that bitter, herbal taste was still around.

She couldn’t help but feel that it was kind of familiar.

It felt really familiar.

She had only kissed one other man in her life and the two of them were really similar. That tongue, especially, it moved around with such quick, desperate motions.

He seemed to not have gotten intimate with a woman for an extended period of time and was desperate for one.

Very lecherous.

Was it him?

Lu Yan.

She shook the thought away, thinking how ridiculous it was. She was in Miaojiang and Lu Yan was still in jail, in the Capital. Why would he even appear here?

It just wasn’t logical.

But somehow, her instincts told her that it was Lu Yan.

She couldn’t describe why and how, but everything about that man felt extremely familiar. She had lived with Lu Yan for more than a decade, he was the first man she had fallen for. She could never be wrong.

Not about this.

Her sixth sense told her that it was Lu Yan, but the logical side of her told her it was a mistake.

An’an switched the tap off and stepped on the carpet. After she wiped away the water droplets on her skin with a towel, she put on a nightdress before stepping out of the bathroom.

As she lay on the bed, she couldn’t stop moving around. She couldn’t fall asleep.

Her mind was filled with Lu Yan’s face.

Lu Yan, is it really you?

An’an bit down on her lips with her white teeth, she should have slapped him once more earlier on.

He used to reject her amorous advances, but his body was in fact, very honest.

In the darkness, he had pressed himself against her, breathing heavily.

His intentions were obvious—-he wanted it.

Her lashes fluttered and An’an closed her eyes.

The next morning.

In the dining room, An’an noticed Meng Che and she went in front, asking, “Young Master Meng, are there other guests living around in this place?”

When Meng Che looked at An’an, his eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but admit that women from the Capital were indeed beautiful. Lin Xuanji, Tang Mo’er, including An’an, they were all ravishing beauties and he couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

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